Assistant Chen Qi had been waiting outside in his car for a long time.
As soon as he received Lian Qing, he drove directly to the appointed barbecue restaurant.

As soon as Lian Qing got into the car in a daze and fell asleep.
His assistant woke him up more than half an hour later, he yawned and took the mask and put it on, then followed the assistant into the barbecue restaurant.

Sister Cheng and Sister Sha had been waiting for them in the private room for a long time.
Lian Qing politely said hello, sat down, and poured a cup of tea for himself, this gave him a little more energy.

Looking at his sleep-hazy appearance, Sister Sha said with concern, “Is it hard to film these days?”

“Yes, it is.” Lian Qing poured a cup of tea for his assistant and replied: “The director is a little anxious.
The sleep time these days is relatively short.”

Sister Sha was an insider, so she naturally knew how exhausting it was to shoot.
She could only give the Little Monk a piece of freshly roasted meat and said with a smile, “It's hard, eat more meat and recharge.”

Lian Qing looked up and smiled at her, then lowered his head and ate.
After getting rid of a piece of meat, he was still full of ideas and said, “It's really not as delicious as Brother Cheng's.”

“There's nothing I can do, he is really very professional in terms of roasting meat.
I wanted to ask him out, but he was too busy.” Sister Sha said, stood up to cook, and asked Sister Cheng to help spread out the new meat.

Although it was not as delicious as Zhao Cheng's barbeque, the meal still comforted Lian Qing's body and mind.
After dinner, he drank Coke with satisfaction.

At this time, Sister Cheng said, “I wanted to take advantage of these two days to pick up a variety show for you, but I am not optimistic about it.” At this point, she paused for a long time.

She wanted Lian Qing to take the high-end route, so she didn't want to connect him with low-end variety shows.
However, Lian Qing had just started and was not a celebrity at present, his popularity was still insufficient.
She talked with several promising program groups about the appearance rate and other issues but failed to reach a conclusion.
Therefore, they could only give up for the time being.

“After the drama is broadcast in two days, if you have a good response, I will arrange it for you.
Now, why don't you just follow Sister Sha and study with her these two days? Just because she is a little free now, she can take you with her.”

Lian Qing naturally had no problem.
It was all arranged by the two sisters.

So for the next two days, Lian Qing basically followed Sister Sha.
He didn't need to do anything but watch how Sister Sha usually worked.

It was at this time that Lian Qing found that Sister Sha was so multitalented and powerful! Shooting movies, accepting interviews, and recording songs, she was an expert in all of them!

He later learned from his assistant that Sister Sha had even won the Movie Queen Award, which was the highest recognition of an actress in the circle!

Lian Qing became starry-eyed.

When Sister Sha found out, she couldn't help shaking her head and laughing: “Little Monk, don't worship Sister.
Sister also rolled in the mud in my early years.”

Lian Qing didn't know much about Sister Sha or the whole entertainment circle.
Sister Sha helplessly handed him a bottle of mineral water and said, “As long as you work hard, you can become just like Sister in the future…
No, you can become more powerful than Sister!”

Lian Qing nodded stupidly and pointed to the bottle of cold coke behind Sister Sha: “I want to drink that…”

“Get lost!” Sister Sha chided jocularly.
She picked up the coke and threw it to the Little Monk.
That's what the cast sent them to relieve the heat, but she needed to control her weight and never drank it.
Giving the Little Monk mineral water was only a subconscious act because she only drank water at ordinary times.

Lian Qing said thank you with a happy heart.
He opened the Coke and drank it.
He looked so happy that he almost became a flower.

Sister Sha could not help saying, “Drink less coke, it's bad for your health.”

Lian Qing nodded very clearly: “I know, Coke kills sperm.
However, it is highly improbable for me to marry or have children in the future, so just kill it casually.”

Sister Sha pulled out the cushion behind her waist and hit him directly on the head.
Of course, she was single-handedly caught by the agile Little Monk.

“Supernatural Records” was scheduled to be broadcast at noon on Saturday.
There was not much publicity in the early stage.
Fortunately, the two leading actors were very popular.
These two days, many stars helped forward a wave of publicity.

Lian Qing, reminded by Sister Sha, also forwarded the content of the official blog of the crew, with the words: Let's watch “Supernatural Records”.

Sister Sha directly forwarded his Weibo with the following words: Little Monk, Jiayou.

Zhao Chengyi also forwarded and matched the words: Little Monk~~~~~

That string of coquettish waves flying up in the air made millions of fans feel scared.

The publicity of the stars was however very effective, moreover, the settings released in the preview were moving, and the special effects were not dregs which naturally attracted many people.

In addition, this online drama had made a name for itself ever since it started shooting.
Many people wanted to know what kind of online drama it would be, and whether it would really refer to the opinions and feedback of the audience.

These directly led to a high click-through rate on the day of the broadcast of this drama.
At the same time, the crew also released small interviews with all the characters.

Lian Qing only knew that their play had a good response after scrolling through Weibo in the evening.
In the two episodes aired today, many people gave the following comments: the plot is compact, not sluggish: The special effects in the later period can be rewarded with chicken legs; The actor's acting skills are basically above the passing line; The character setting is also very interesting.

The Daoist priest protagonist's temperament is slightly irritable but henpecked; A two-sided female lead who is gentle and soft on the outside and savage on the inside; A timid second male lead with yin and yang eyes who always steps forward bravely at crucial moments; Buddha can no longer be Buddha, but when he is worried, he will blush and want to scold others but suffers from speech deficiency Monk male number three.

Due to various factors, on the first day of broadcasting, many netizens who watched the drama gave a score of about nine points.

This result made Lian Qing feel a little happy, and he also noticed that the small interview came out.
He saw that there was a segment of his own, so he clicked on it.

After watching the small interview, he discovered that he had been pitted by the young lady who interviewed him- Root! Source! Not! Deleted! Reduce!

His face stiffened as he opened the comment area.

[Danger! High energy up ahead, Little Monk ha ha ha ha…]

[I was originally attracted by the drama, but after watching it, I accidentally came to this interview, and I O O X X]

[hhhhhhhh 3333]

[The little monk plays the role of the Little Monk 333 in the play.
Every day when they eat with the protagonist, others eat meat, but he can only be a vegetarian haha…]

[Imagine the Little Monk who loves meat at ordinary times, hypnotizing himself when he sees others eating meat: That's not meat, don't look! That's not meat, don't look!]

[Holding the Little Monk who *belongs to rabbit hhhh]


Show/Hide Note


[I watched it several times.
He was angry and wanted to swear at others in the play, but he blushed for half a day and choked out the words – bad guy!]

[That paragraph is very funny.
Ha ha…]

[Really extremely meng.
I feel like it's the Little Monk himself's personality 333]

[Ai ma, are you devious or not? This is a small interview with the crew 333]

[The acting skills are not bad.
It won't make people feel like they've lost interest.
But Little Monk, don't be too honest during interviews.
Ha ha ha…]

[Little monk: It was the sister who told me to tell the truth 3333]

[Congratulations on the addition of another divine beast in the entertainment industry! This video is enough for me to laugh for a year hhh]

[Little sister: Why did you take this role? Do you think it is similar to you?//Little monk: My agent took it.
Looking for the agent's psychological shadow area hahaha…]

[And the following paragraph: With the thought that the agent would invite me to have barbecue after the shooting was over, I wholeheartedly worked hard to finish the shooting quickly, so I forgot to be nervous 6666]

[The little sister interviewer is also very despairing – people answer the same questions very conventionally.
Why is this person suddenly so thoughtful? Ha ha ha…]

[The lady really asked what everyone thought: Aren't you afraid of your agent beating you?]

[Little monk: Not afraid, she's no match for me! Ha ha ha ha…]

[Agent OK: Can't afford to offend! Can't afford to offend! Slip away, slip away! 333]

[No, no, no, I think we should seek the Little Monk's psychological shadow area.
He exchanged a bottle of drink for the little sister for a promise to delete the clips that could annoy the agent.
Outcome? Ha ha ha.
The entire TM was released 666]

[Little sister should be rewarded with chicken legs!]

[We should file a complaint over this matter–]

[Bribery of one bottle of drink is clearly not enough!]

[At least two bottles hahaha…]

[My laughter has already turned into: 盒盒盒盒]

[Me too hhh]

[What do you think of this character?//Little Monk: No thoughts, hahaha…]

[Little Monk OS: I didn't take the role, so I don't have any impression 3333]

[I have no fault Ha ha ha…]

[Little sister's despair every time she asked a question 333]

[Little Monk OS: We usually finish speaking in person, so I have nothing to say hahaha…]

[Even if I want to say that I can speak to them face to face when I leave the room, why do I speak to the camera? Baahaha…
No, my mother came to ask me if I am crazy 333]

[It seems that the little sister is really desperate: can't you do a little something as a token of appreciation?]

[The little monk said with a face full of reluctance: Jiayou? God TM needs to use a probing tone to cheer 6666]

[The last segment of the cameraman's laughter is very compelling in its wackiness.
Ha ha ha he he…]


Lian Qing put down his mobile phone quietly, gloomily stood up and ran to the window sill, bowed to the moonlight, and said, “*Amitabha Buddha!”


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Buddha, bless and protect Sister Cheng so that she may not see this interview segment! I, disciple Lian Qing will offer you a table of delicious vegetarian dishes later!

The author has something to say:

Disciple Lian Qing will taste fish and meat all over the world for you!

Buddha: Get lost, I don't have a disciple like you!


Lighting a candle and reading 8 hours long sutra for the Little Monk before he goes to meet Buddha.

And the temple says: Amitabha!

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