or Lian Qing, his car would have hit someone! I don't know how much trouble it would be! Moreover, after his car crashed into a tree, neither he nor the driver was seriously hurt.
But if you run someone over, and then bump into a tree with someone, that girl would not live!]

[Indeed, according to the trajectory of the out of control car, this was likely to happen.
So the Little Monk really saved the girl!]out-of-control

[A handsome person with a beautiful heart! The Little Monk attractiveness index and moral quality are both ultra-handsome! I'm a fan!]

[Grabbing my heart and scratching my liver to see the scene of the Little Monk miserably shrieking for his things 3333]

[The Little Monk's agility is so nimble! Certainly very handsome!]

〔 Ah ah, guess what my brother sent me! #video#]

The video sent by this netizen was somewhat fuzzy.
In it, Lian Qing was squatting on the ground and looking through the things in his two shopping bags.
A tall man stood in front of him his back turned toward the camera extending a hand to him.
His voice was low and worried: “Are you okay?”

The Little Monk in the video said in a soft voice: “Not good, the egg is broken…
the noodles are also broken…”

As soon as this video was released, it immediately received numerous likes and comments.

[The egg is broken…
Ha ha ha ha…]

[Facepalm, it must not be the egg I was thinking 3333]

[BGM would fit here… One Plum Blossom! Baahahaha…]

[*The snowflakes are fluttering~ fluttering, the north wind is blowing~ blowing.]

*Lyrics to the song One Plum Blossom.
Listen to it it's so beautiful.

[Ai ma, I laughed out loud hehehehe…]

[My God, the Little Monk's appearance is so pitiful, but why do I just want to laugh hhhh]

[It feels like he is going to cry, but I just want to laugh.

[Touch the Little Monk, it doesn't matter.
I don't shun your broken egg #dog#]

[Upstairs, are you the devel ah!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[Same nine years, why are you so good?! 23333]

*同九年,汝何秀!A common reply on Weibo to show that you like a comment that is top-tier or a suffocating act of  god-like operation

[Draw your sword love rival! I also want the Little Monk with broken eggs! 23333

[Report upstairs, the Little Monk is everyones3333]

[I think we should set up numbers for the Little Monk]

[No, I can't stop laughing! The Little Monk with broken eggs ha ha ha ha…]

[Me too, I'm laughing like a sand sculpture 3333]

[For this beauty, this character, this lovely strength, this monk does not get angry, heaven cannot tolerate this!]

(天理难容嗷 ) Lit: Heaven cannot tolerate this – Fig: Intolerable behaviour

[Little monk, give me fire fire fire!!!]

[Ah, ah ah, crowdfunding to buy a car of eggs for the Little Monk 1/1000]

[The crowdfunding one, don't run! There are also noodles! 2/1000]

[Say nothing else 3/1000]

[How to send him a broken silk banner 3333]

[Guiding that one with the banner, Shaman Studio, don't mention it 2333]


Lian Qing didn't notice the new situation on the internet.
After watching the interview, he withdrew from Weibo and waited all night with great anxiety.
The result was that until he went to bed, Sister Cheng did not seek him out regarding the matter with his interview.
This reassured him a lot, thinking that maybe Sister Cheng didn't watch the interview!

What he didn't know, however, was that Sister Cheng had already seen the interview.
However, she thought the Little Monk's answers were pretty cute and could win people over as fans.
So she restrained herself from finding him, for fear that if she had educated him, later when he would accept another interview, he would be *dumb as a wooden chicken, not daring to speak.

*(呆若木鸡) – Lit: Dumb as a wooden chicken – Fig: dumbstruck

As an agent, she also knew that the Little Monk also attracted the attention of many netizens because of two other things, and his fans were also on the rise.
Even that night, the Little Monk went on the hot search together with “Spiritual Records”.

#The Little Monk saved people#

#The egg is broken, Little Monk#

#Spiritual Recordst#

#Little Monk Tai Chi#


Sister Cheng watched with her own eyes that the Little Monk's relevant hot search ranked higher and higher until they successfully squeezed into the top three.
She could not help feeling that it was the mascot of Shaman, the little koi! He just happens to have been caught on camera by other people while doing good deeds.
Even the comments of netizens are all one-sided love and praise! With this wave of hot searches, coupled with the broadcast of “Supernatural Records”, the number of fans of the Little Monk might be doubled!

Because of Lian Qing, “Spiritual Records” received higher attention.
After the show was broadcast, there were only two episodes of applause.
In less than a day, several main supporting characters had gained a large number of fans.

In particular, Lian Qing, whose interview style was strange, and who had been on the hot search because of saving people, had been favored and paid attention to by many netizens.

Of course, Lian Qing didn't really feel this.
He didn't even know that he was on the hot search.

It's just that when he entered the cast the next day, he felt that the people's attitude toward him was more enthusiastic, nothing else.

At the noon break of the day, the director took a mobile phone and said with a smile, “Comrades, how about broadcasting live to promote our play?”

The author has something to say:

The little monk clarified online: The egg is broken, but my egg is not broken!


The Little Monk's schedule: Tai chi with the old people, save damsels in distress, cry over broken eggs, and make people happy. 

Poor Xiao Heshang, always being teased and made fun of #hug jpg# 

PS: Did y'all realize what egg the netizens were talking about hehehe 

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