t Zhao Chengyi didn't sing a farewell song last time when he broadcast live?

Lian Qing always felt that he might have been deceived, so he asked several friends who had already suppressed their laughter for help: “Netizens said that I should sing farewell songs to end the broadcast, is that right?”

His three companions nodded in a neat and uniform manner, very assuredly.

It seems that netizens were not fooling him…

A farewell song…
Lian Qing could only remember the song he learned in music class in primary school.

He coughed softly and said, “Outside the pavilion, beside the ancient road, the grass is green…”

“Pff hahaha……”

“Ha ha ha……”

No, I have a stomach ache.

A few people laughed and Lian Qing could not understand.
He was deceived.
He looked at his friends with a wronged expression and complained, “You lied to me!”

In response, he was greeted with a more frightening howl of laughter.
Even the heroine, the beautiful flower, laughed without image.

Lian Qing looked at the screen again, only to see the full screen of “hehehe……” “hahaha……”

He pursed his lips and humped, put the mobile phone into the hands of Brother Cheng, who was still laughing wildly and turned to go out.

Brother Cheng held back his laugh and tried to shout out a sentence: “Don't go.
I have chicken legs in my lunch box at noon.
I'll give it to you!”

Lian Qing paused, turned around and walked back in a huff, glared, and asked, “Really?”

“Really!” Brother Cheng blushed, trembling, and put the mobile phone into Lian Qing's hand, smiling and coaxing the child: “Everyone has no malice, we just think your singing is cute.
Come on, say goodbye to everyone.”

When the other party gave the chicken leg to him, Lian Qing happily took the phone and looked at the screen.

[Ah ah, don't go, Little Monk.
I like you ah ah]

[It's over, he's pissed off 333]

[Brother Cheng likes to spoil the Little Monk.
It's like my brother coaxing my son 3333]

[Strange Uncle Cheng Ha ha ha…]

[What if the child is angry? Don't worry, just give him a chicken leg 3333]

[To be honest, the Little Monk sings very well.
Especially 'outside the pavilion', the song has a faint sadness when it started.]

[I really want to hear it out…]

[Unfortunately, everyone couldn't resist laughing 3333]

[Little Monk, I like you.
Jia you!]

[I like you too, Little Monk]

[Confess, don't be angry, stroking face 333]

[Excuse me do I line up to confess to the Little Monk? Or just confess directly?]

[I also want to confess to the Little Monk.
May I ask what procedure I should take?]


The second half of the screen was full of fancy confessions, which made Lian Qing feel a little shy and warm.

He stammered and explained: “I was just…
I was not angry…
I was too hungry…
I was in a hurry to eat…
I took the opportunity to run away.” He just pretended to be angry and wanted to run out to eat quickly.

On the screen, everyone laughed and comforted him and told him to go to dinner quickly.
Lian Qing did not procrastinate, but said directly, “I hope you will continue to support “Supernatural Records” and the actors, thank you.

After turning off the live broadcast, Lian Qing ate a boxed lunch with braised pork and chicken legs at noon as he wished.

From that day on, he officially became the group's favorite.
From directors and actors to crew members.
The big guys liked to tease him when they had nothing to do.

The common group favorite incident had made the atmosphere of the whole cast unprecedentedly good, and the work had been much smoother.

In a flash, it was another three days.
This week's episode was finished, but Lian Qing was stopped by Brother Cheng before leaving the show.

Brother Cheng said, “Little Monk, do you have time tomorrow? If so, how about recording “Happy Weekend” and promoting our show together?”

Lian Qing didn't answer immediately, but said, “Let me ask my agent.
She arranges all my work.”

After that, he took out his mobile phone and called Sister Cheng and asked directly: “Sister Cheng, can I go to record “Happy Weekend” with Brother Cheng tomorrow?”

Sister Cheng replied decisively, “Yes! I will arrange it for you now.”

“OK.” Lian Qing replied to Brother Cheng.
After that, he asked, “What is “Happy Weekend”?”

Brother Cheng: “……”

He said helplessly, “It's a domestic old-style variety show, which mainly allows guests to interact with the host, play some games, etc., and make the audience laugh.”

“Do you win a prize in the game?” Lian Qing remembered the small gold medal he helped Sister Sha win.
Sister Sha said at that time that she would share half of the money with him but he was too embarrassed to ask for it.

“Yes.” Brother Cheng said uncertainly.

The Little Monk's eyes lit up fervently.


The song is {Heroes' Song by Liu Huan} here's the link to the one with English subs and the one for the live performance.
Just imagining the Little Monk singing this and I can completely understand why everyone reacted like that LMAO.

The farewell song is [送别] and the literal translation is 'Song of Farewell' written by Li Shutong. 

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