The next morning, Lian Qing woke up under the influence of the biological clock.
He looked vaguely at the ceiling and recalled his dream last night.
The first half was real, but the second half after he left was unknown.
He was baffled at the thought that, maybe what Sister Sha said to him yesterday had affected him.
How could his master let him go down the mountain because of his big appetite?! How could his younger martial brother still doze off when seeing him off?!
It took him several minutes to persuade himself, and Lian Qing slowly got up to wash up.
Because he was not familiar with the environment here and was afraid that Sister Sha would suddenly come to him, he simply played with the computer equipped with the hotel in his room.
When he was in high school, there was a computer class in his school, so he still knew some simple operations.
He also has a Weibo account, which was registered by his former deskmate.
However, because he did not have a mobile phone he hadn’t logged into the account for two years.
He logged into his zombie-like Weibo account.
The last microblog on it was posted two years ago.
It was a group photo of him and several classmates.
Looking through the accounts of some of his former classmates that he followed, he found that there were not a lot of posts.
He guessed that everyone didn't use the software frequently, so he quit his account and played a minesweeping game.
When Sister Sha came over, she entered the room and saw the computer on the desk, which had the minesweeping game interface.
She was quite surprised and said, “Don't children your age like playing king and chicken? Why do you play minesweeping?”
“I haven't played those games.” Lian Qing has never played hand games or online games.
The only things he knows are computer minesweeping and playing cards.
Oh, he played QQ 

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vegetable stealing with the help of his classmates in junior high school.
Unfortunately, few people seem to play that game now.
After several years, he had already forgotten the account number and password.
“It’s okay, I'll teach you later.” Sister Sha closed the door and asked, “What are your next plans?”
Lian Qing's face was a little confused.
After thinking about it, he said, “I should find a job that includes food and lodging first, and then I will plan slowly.”
Sure enough! Sister Sha smiled and said, “In that case, why don't you come to work for me? I'll pay 5000 yuan at the end of the month, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation.
Let's talk about the share of future earnings in detail.”
Five thousand, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation! Lian Qing was a little moved, but…
“Sister Sha, what kind of job is it? Is it to be your bodyguard?” He thought about it.
Maybe she had seen his skill.
He was not boasting.
Last night, those bodyguards in the outer circle of the recording scene couldn't beat him.
“Bodyguard, my ass, you can’t afford to be a bodyguard with that face!” Sister Sha hated iron for not becoming steel 

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and said, “I want to sign you to my studio as a star!”
Lian Qing foolishly pointed at himself: “Me, become a star?”
Sister Sha nodded decisively.
“But I can't sing, dance or act……”
Sister Sha shook her head and said with a smile, “Those can be learned, and I will arrange for someone to teach you.
Little monk, you have a beautiful face, long legs, and excellent physical fitness.
With a little hype, you're sure to catch fire!”
“If you follow your Sister Sha, food, clothing, housing, and transportation will not be a problem.
I will not treat you unfairly, and I will sign the contract with you according to the best terms.
Anyway, you already call me Sister.”
Food, clothing, housing, and transportation are serious problems for Lian Qing, and also problems he urgently needs to solve.
He was not afraid that Sister Sha would pit him

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 because he had nothing.
In addition, although he hadn’t had much contact with Sister Sha, Lian Qing could read people very well – Sister Sha's character is absolutely trustworthy.
Because of this, he was afraid that he might accidentally defraud Sister Sha in the future.
“Well, Sister Sha.
I'll sign a contract with you to be a star first.
If I can't make a profit, if I don't become popular, then I'll be your bodyguard then!” Lian Qing said very seriously.
Sister Sha froze for a moment and then grinned.
She patted Lian Qing's shoulder and said, “OK, Little Monk, let's put your things here first and go out for lunch first.
We will make arrangements later.”
Lian Qing responded, waited for Sister Sha to put on her mask and sunglasses, and then opened the door.
Outside the door, there was a man beside Sister Sha's assistant.
The man was wearing a mask and a cap.
When he saw them coming out, he complained, “Sister Sha, why didn't you bring me along with you when you took the little monk out to dinner?”
Sister Sha angrily rolled her eyes through the dark glasses and said, “Zhao Chengyi, you…
forget it.
Let's go.”
“Thank you, Sister Sha.
Sister Sha is really beautiful and kind-hearted!” Zhao Chengyi shamelessly complimented Sister Sha, whom he usually avoided as if she was a tigress.
After the compliment, he still remembered to say hello to the little monk.
“Little monk, how are you? Did you sleep well last night?”
“Not bad.” Lian Qing answered lightly and quickened his pace to follow Sister Sha closely.
Zhao Chengyi was too familiar with him, and his overly enthusiastic attitude always makes Lian Qing feel very stressed.
Sister Sha turned her head and asked him, “What do you want to eat?”

Lian Qing without even thinking, “I want to eat meat.”
Sister Sha smiled and said, “Is it that after eating meat once, you no longer want to go back up the mountain?”
Lian Qing shook his head and said, “I still want to go back, but I have to wait until I have eaten all the delicious meat…”
“Good ambition! So little monk, Sister Sha, let's have barbecue.
I want to have barbecue!” Zhao Chengyi came over and described the taste of grilled meat with a smile, “The marinated meat is put on top of the grill, and the moment it comes into contact with the hot oil “zi” 

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 , …
Finally, the grilled meat is covered with a layer of sauce, and the moment it enters the mouth it is fragrant and spicy.
The meat tastes amazing ……”
“Zhao Chengyi, you were poisoned by the food program, weren't you?” Sister Sha rolled her eyes and said, “I'm the host.
I'm the final say on what to eat!”
Lian Qing spinelessly swallowed his saliva, reached out and gently pulled Sister Sha’s sunscreen shirt, and whispered: “Sister Sha, why don't we eat barbecue?”
“Outrageous!” Sister Sha looked at him helplessly, turned to her assistant, and said, “Come on, search which barbecue restaurant nearby is better.”
Lian Qing immediately smiled and said in a sweet and sticky voice, “Thank you, Sister Sha!”
Looking at his sweet smile, Sister Sha couldn't help smiling.
The ignored Zang Chengyi’s mouth shriveled.
He was a powerful member of Sister Sha's studio but was not as good as the little monk in Sister Sha's eyes…
Although the little monk was very cute and interesting, there was nothing wrong with him, although he also wanted to hit it off with the little monk…
The three of them, together with Sister Sha's assistant went to the barbecue shop together and asked for a small private room.
After the waiter had finished bringing all the dishes, the assistant closed the door of the private room.
Sister Sha and Zhao Chengyi took off masks and other things.
Sister Sha picked up the cup containing barley tea, stood up, smiled at Lian Qing and Zhao Cheng, and said, “In the future, everyone will be a family.
Let's drink tea instead of wine.
Both of them stood up with their wine glasses, touched them with Sister Sha, and drank them all at once.
Then Zhao Chengyi consciously took over the barbecue task that the assistant was not skilled in.
He spread the meat on the stove and said, “Sister Sha, you are too fast.
You signed the person just after one night.”
Last night, he had this kind of premonition, because the little monk was really good-looking.
In addition, he had a wonderful sense of variety.
If he were the boss, he would definitely want to sign this person.
Last night, not only Sister Sha but also their guest, Jia Ge, who had his own studio, had been looking at the little monk with sizing eyes.
He had been thinking it wouldn’t be long until he met the little monk in the entertainment industry.
But he didn't expect Sister Sha to move so fast.
However, it was all right.
He smiled and said, “Little monk, you will be my younger martial brother in the future.
If you have something to do outside, you can give them Zhao Chengyi's name.
I will cover you!”

Lian Qing was only thinking about barbecue, but he didn't hear it clearly and answered in a random way.
Those big eyes stared at the barbecue as if there was no room for other things except meat.
The sound of the sizzling barbecue and the smell that came into his nose really occupied his whole body and mind.
Zhao Cheng thought it was funny, so he picked up a half-cooked piece of meat and moved east and west.
It's an interesting scene.
Little monk Lian Qing not only stuck his eyes to the meat but also moved his head with the meat unconsciously.
The arc of moving was not big, but Zhao Chengyi had been paying attention to him.
He dragged the meat slices back and forth, smiling at the little monk's eyes and head.
“Come on, Zhao Chengyi, don't bully the little monk.” Sister Sha contentedly recorded the scene into a video and then uploaded it to her Weibo, before immediately stopping Zhao Chengyi's unscrupulous behavior.
Only then did Lian Qing realize that he had been tricked.
He quickly straightened his back and looked down at the dishes in front of him, just like a good baby in kindergarten.
Zhao Chengyi forced himself not to laugh.
He knew that his laugh would definitely hurt the little monk's self-esteem.
 The first piece of meat that was grilled, he put it into the little monk's bowl with the sauce on it and said in a friendly way, “It's delicious, try it.”
Lian Qing looked haughtily at the oily, pink sauce-stained piece of meat and swallowed.
Two seconds later, he still couldn't resist, picked it up, and blew on it, stuffing his mouth with a bite.
Immediately afterward, his eyes lit up and he raised his head and gave a thumbs-up to Zhao Chengyi.
Zhao Chengyi laughed, chucking the meat for Sister Sha and his assistant as he said proudly, “Isn't it delicious! I'm telling you, I'm really good at grilling meat, and there's no one else in the entertainment industry.
If someone else were to grill it, they would definitely not be able to do it ……”
Sister Sha also smiled and said, “Chengyi's craftsmanship is really good.
I used to wonder if he had ever been a barbecue master.
It's really impossible for others to grill like him.
The temperature is just right.”
Zhao Cheng smiled unashamedly and took the compliment in stride.
He divided the meat on the stove into bowls and laid out new ones.
Then he sat down and ate the meat while saying vaguely, “Isn't it delicious, little monk?”
Lian Qing's mouth was bulging.
He smiled and nodded heavily.
It's delicious!
Halfway through the meal, Zhao Chengyi and Sister Sha stopped, leaving the assistant and Lian Qing still eating.
Zhao Cheng looked at the little monk's hamster like eating with envy, took out his mobile phone, and said to Sister Sha, “Sister, how about I open the live broadcast?”
Sister Sha was moved and understood that he meant to help the little monk attract some fans.
She nodded, and then said to the little monk, “Let's do a live broadcast later.
You don't have to be constrained.
Just act normally.”
Lian Qing still knew what live broadcasts were, like the Spring Festival Gala! He nodded nonchalantly and continued to eat meat!
Zhao Chengyi then opened his Livestream and said hello to the camera.
“Hello, everyone.
I'm Zhao Chengyi.
I'm going to broadcast a barbecue live today.
This is my specialty!”

After saying that, he looked at the bullet screen and smiled: “Who am I with? My boss, Sister Sha.
And the new artist Sister Sha signed today, Lian Qing.
Yes, he is the little monk in the video I sent last night.
He is called Lian Qing.”
While talking, Zhao Cheng turned the camera, first filming Sister Sha, then avoiding the assistant and filming the little monk.
Lian Qing was unaware of anything and was eating a big mouthful of particularly fragrant-looking meat.
Zhao Cheng smiled and said, “Little monk, say hello to everyone.”
Lian Qing looked up at the camera blankly.
Sister Sha reminded him: “Just introduce yourself.”
Lian Qing then swallowed the meat in his mouth, wiped his mouth with a tissue, and looked up at the camera.
Sitting upright, with clear eyes and slow intonation: “Hello, everyone, I'm Lian Qing.
I'm 20 years old, 178 tall, weight unknown, and 三围: Sanwei unknown …”> 
“My hobby used to be climbing up trees to sleep, but the trees in the city don't allow casual climbing anymore.
My Favorite food used to be rough steamed buns with salted vegetables in them, now it's meat ……”
Sister Sha looked demented; Zhao Chengyi made an effort to hold back his laughter but was still unable to.
“Pfft hahahahaha ……… 三围: sanwei are unknown ……
the city does not allow climbing trees……
what the hell ah! hahaha”



 QQ– Tencent QQ, also known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese technology company Tencent.
QQ offers services that provide online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat software

Hate iron for not becoming steel – fig.
frustrated with somebody for not meeting your expectations

Pit someone – screw someone over/ defraud

zi – the sizzling sound made when meat is paced on fire causing the juices to spurt

三围sanwei-. BWH, abbr.
for a woman's three measurements, namely: bust 胸圍|胸围[xiong1 wei2], waist 腰圍|腰围[yao1 wei2], and hip 臀圍|臀围[tun2 wei2] 


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