all fans of Brother Cheng!”
Zhao Cheng alone is very good.
Lian Qing thinks that it's not proper for him to rob other people's fans.
“No, no, no, it’s good to climb!” Zhao Chengyi patted Lian Qing on the shoulder and smiled: “Just because fans climb the wall, doesn't mean they don't like me anymore.
So, just let them climb, as long as they still like me!”
“Are you really okay?” Lian Qing still hesitated.
He always felt that if Zhao Chengyi's fans liked him, it would make him feel like he was robbing others.
“It's really nothing!” Zhao Cheng’s heart was filled with laughter but also somehow reconciled.
This child is very good.
He smiled and said, “If you feel uncomfortable, just call me brother more?”
Lian Qing obediently called out: “Brother Cheng.” Zhao Chengyi was older than him, and later he would be a senior in the same studio as him, so it's natural to call him Brother.
“Alas, good boy!” Zhao Cheng smiled happily, looked up at the bullet screen, and said to the livestream, “You will continue to like my old love even after climbing the wall, right?”
[Yes, yes, even if we climb the wall, our first wife is still a big orange, and you are the second wife, little monk hhh]
[Empress and Imperial Consort]
[You all have thick skin hhh.
I'm different.
Both of you are my treasures, one on my palm and one on the back of my hand, regardless of size!]
[Second wife feels like wronging the little monk, can't they all be my first wife? Hhh]
[Greedy upstairs 666]

Lian Qing couldn’t adapt to the situation.
Today's netizens were all like this…
He was short of words and couldn’t describe it.
He suddenly approached the mobile phone and whispered, “Brother Cheng and I are both men, and we can't be wives, and empresses.
Besides, isn't this…
a bigamy crime?”
Sister Sha, the Assistant and Zhao Chengyi, who had listened to him with their ears up early, burst out laughing, “Ha ha ha ha ha…”
[Ah ah ah, a close-up view of the skin is good, handsome, and explosive!]
[His eyes are so beautiful.
I'm suffocating!]
[For the love of my heart, I will commit the crime!]
[No, no, no, little monk, times have changed.
Boys can also be wives 3333]
[Little monk knows a lot about law, hahaha…]
[My God, I laughed until my stomach ached watching the live broadcast! My mother asked me why I was kneeling to watch my mobile phone – because I had no strength to stand hhh]
[The little monk is my pistachio hhh]
[Sister Sha and her friends started laughing again, hhh]
[What can I do? I like the little monk very much! Can I hold you, little monk?]
[Can I kiss you, little monk?]
[Want to hold the little monk close and raise him 333]
[The little monk is really cute.
There is really no one else.
[I don't care.
I'll give you the big orange.
I'll pick up the little monk and run away!]
[The second choice is only for children.
Adults like me are all-embracing hhh.]
[I still want to kiss the little monk.
The little monk comes here to kiss 333]
Zhao Chengyi smiled and said to Lian Qing, “The netizens are asking you to go there to kiss and hug.
How about that? Do you want to give it?”
Lian Qing waved his hand repeatedly and refused ruthlessly: “No!”
“Ha ha ha ha ha…”
Zhao Chengyi then pulled Lian Qing to interact with netizens.
However, Lian Qing was not very happy, and he quietly pulled Zhao Chengyi's sleeve soon.
Zhao Cheng bowed his head and asked softly, “What's wrong?”
Lian Qing pointed to the meat on the table that had not been baked yet, and said in a low voice: “I'm not full yet, brother, can you help me grill some more meat?”
He wanted to do it himself, but he was not familiar with this stove, and it would certainly not be as good as Zhao Chengyi’s..
Zhao Chengyi responded quickly and said, “By the way, do you have a Weibo, little monk? Shall we be friends?”
Lian Qing nodded, “Yes.” After a pause, he said, “But I don't have a mobile phone, so I can't follow you back.”
Zhao Cheng looked at Sister Sha unconsciously.
Sister Sha opened her mouth and said, “I will ask someone to send one to you later as part of the company's welfare.
Little monk, do you remember your account number?”
He nodded and typed a series of accounts on the mobile phone that Sister Sha handed him.
“The ID name is Monk Lian Qing…” Zhao Chengyi added the ID to his following, checked his microblog, and smiled
“I always feel ten years younger every day when I stay with you!”
Sister Sha smiled and said, “It's easy to smile with wrinkles.”
“The wrinkles are not so bad, but I'm afraid that the laugh lines cannot be avoided.” Zhao Cheng said that and shook the mobile phone he used for the live broadcast.
“If you like the little monk, check my latest following and find the way to the little monk Lian Qing.”

“Today's live stream is over.
Thank you for your gifts, support, and love.
I'll go to the grill first to avoid starving our company's new mascot.
I hope he will continue to be our pistachio.
Bye-bye, everyone.”
Zhao Cheng said that and then nudged Lian Qing gently with his elbow.
“Little monk, say goodbye to everyone.
After that, I'll barbecue for you.”
As soon as he heard that there would be meat to eat, Lian Qing's eyes lit up, his smile was bright, and his neat white teeth showed.
He smiled and waved to the live stream: “Goodbye!”
Zhao Chengyi patted his face and reached out to turn off the live broadcast.
He said to Lian Qing, “You can't just eat barbecue.
Go eat some vegetables and fruits to neutralize it.”
“I've been eating vegetables and fruits for nearly twenty years…” Lian Qing looked reluctant.
He didn't feel anything before he ate meat.
But once he tasted meat, when there was meat, he didn't want to eat anything except meat!
Zhao Chengyi still wanted to persuade him, but he saw Sister Sha waving her hand at him.
Sister Sha smiled and poured Lian Qing a cup of fruit and vegetable juice: “Drink it, or we won't give you meat.”
Lian Qing: “……” I feel aggrieved.
He has not been able to eat meat easily in the past 20 years.
Why should he eat anything else?!
The guest was the uncle.
Lian Qing felt aggrieved as he drained the cup in one gulp.
“Well, isn't it delicious?” Sister Sha smiled.
Lian Qing shook his head honestly and said, “It's not as good as the juice I made for Xiao San'er!”
Sister Sha’s hand shook and the cup fell to the ground.
Zhao Chengyi had nothing on hand, but it's OK.
He was shocked and said, “What are you talking about? You have 3 mistresses?!”
Lian Qing quickly clarified: “I am not, I do not! I have always been a monk who abides by rules and regulations, and I have been honest for 20 years! Xiao San is my junior brother's nickname.
His name is Lian Sang, and he is three years old this year.”
“Huh, I was scared to death…
I thought you monks were so powerful that you even had three sons!” Zhao Chengyi exhaled.
Sister Sha shook her head and said with a smile, “This little monk, you’re very good, but you are too honest!”
“Isn't it good to be honest?” Lian Qing retorted.
Sister Sha and Zhao Chengyi looked at each other and smiled.
Zhao Cheng smiled and gave him a piece of freshly grilled meat and said, “Good, it’s nothing bad.
The entertainment industry is short of honest people like you now!”
It looked naturally dull.
In fact, it was naturally black.
People love and hate it, but they don't like it very much.
If the little monk could become popular, Sister Sha’s studio would be a great help.
At that time, he, as a shareholder, would also benefit.
Of course, the most important thing was that this child was really his little pistachio! In such a short night and half a day, he was laughing almost the entire time.
Lian Qing, the little monk who ate the meat smoothly, smiled contentedly and bent his eyes.
His mouth was bulging like a little hamster.
Watching his sweet eating, Sister Sha and Zhao Cheng couldn't help picking up chopsticks and clips of meat one by one.
Assistant: “Hmm, cough!”
Sister Sha: “…” Put down the chopsticks silently.
Zhao Chengyi: “…” Put the meat clip back quietly.
Little monk Lianqing: “Sister, do you have a is your throat uncomfortable?”
Assistant: “…
ah, a little.” It hurts!
Lian Qing: “Then go back and buy some Malva nut to soak in boiling water.”
Assistant: “…” Well, at least the little monk didn't let her drink plain boiled water
The author has something to say:
To tell you something, the life of the little monk used to be on the mountain — two points and one line in the school.
Life was simple, and only the teachers and younger brothers, teachers, and classmates, the proprietress of the shop at the foot of the mountain, and a few villagers had interpersonal relationships.
These made him simple.
The condition in the temple on the mountain: nothing, no TV, computer, or mobile phone.
The only way for the little monk to connect with modern society was to learn knowledge in school and what his classmates had said to him, shown him, or played with him.
Two years ago, he surfed the Internet, and also had computer lessons in school, or the students asked him to play with their mobile tablets.
Therefore, he did not know much about the internet language and the Internet.
In fact, you can treat him as half an ancient man, really!
Lie flat and be praised with more than five words
The little monk who eats meat , indulge in pleasure and forget about Shu

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