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Director Li’s said *painstakingly, “I'll tell you the truth.
Last night, I disclosed on my Weibo that Shuang Chi Zhen ren would be dropped and as a result, I was scolded by many book fans.”

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Sister Sha: “Then you can find an actor at the top ah!”

She hoped that Director Li would remember Lian Qing and have a good opportunity to cooperate in the future.
But it should not be now.
The little monk couldn’t do anything yet.
Letting him act would be improbable.
She was afraid he would be blackened by those fans after the broadcast!

“It's easy for you to say, except for some unknown people, who would dare to take the role casually?” Director Li reluctantly said, “For the famous one this much of a role with too few scenes is inferior.
As for less famous ones, I haven’t found a match.”


“I think your little monk is very good.
His posture is good, his appearance is not bad, and his sword dancing style is masterful! Besides, this character was originally designed to be highly aloof, and there are few appearances.
As long as your family’s little monk has a cold face and moves around a little more, it's good enough!”

Sister Sha was still hesitant.
As a character, there were not many appearances.
There was a high possibility of being scolded for the performance, but in case of success, the increase in fans would be suitably powerful.

She looked at the little monk and asked, “Do you want to act?”

Lian Qing replied with blank eyes: “Act what?”

“Act, a very powerful cold-blooded noble warrior.”

Lian Qing's eyes brightened and he nodded once then nodded again: “Yes!”

“But if you act this role, you may be scolded.”

“It doesn't matter!” Lian Qing said, “I have thick skin!”

Sister Sha and Director Li broke into laughter one after the other.
Who could be so brazen?! This was not a foolish little monk, oh!

Then Sister Sha said to Director Li, “Let him act, but please give me some time so that I can teach him how to act.”

“No problem No problem!” Director Li excitedly said, “I will send someone to contact the people in your studio now, but who is his agent?”

“Cheng Lan, the same agent as me.”

“OK, I'll send someone to contact her.”


When Director Li went out to find someone, Sister Sha whispered to Lian Qing, “These days, you should carefully watch how we act and get familiar with wires and such things.
In addition, tonight I will ask someone to find a teacher to teach you a quick way to act.
You must learn from him!”

Lian Qing nodded hard, “I won't let you down!”

Sister Sha smiled, “Can you say that you won't let me down so casually? My boyfriend will misunderstand if he hears this.”

Lian Qing thought for a moment and said, “I understand.
I will study hard and make progress every day!” He almost cried out to win honor for the country.

“Pfff, you're truly a schoolboy! Stop talking.
The director called for me to go on, and you should watch carefully here.
Don't run to the corner.
There is no fan, it's hot!”

“Well, jiayou, Sister Sha!” Lian Qing made a serious gesture of “jiayou“.

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Far away, he also heard Director Li say, “Your new action is very well designed…”

“Thanks to the little monk, I just saw him do his sword dance and got some inspiration.
Sister Sha, you are like this.

That night, because Sister Sha had to shoot a night scene, Lian Qing followed her.
The crew gave everyone a boxed meal and Lian Qing got one as well.
As soon as he opened it, he smiled.

In the box, there was a big cut chicken leg on the top, with a layer of ginger and garlic powder on the yellow skin.

Even at that moment, he had a big appetite and quickly ate the boxed lunch.
On the contrary, Sister Sha and her assistant around him did not do anything.
When Lian Qing finished eating, he saw that they didn't move.
He immediately worried: “Sister Sha, Sister Mo, why aren’t you eating? Are you sick?”

He thought that it must be hard for Sister Sha to be hanged by wires in such hot weather when she was still filming in ancient clothes.

Sister Sha shook her head: “I want to lose weight…
I can only eat a salad.”

Assistant Xiao Mo also sighed, “I have no appetite for the moment.
I'll eat later.”

Lian Qing: “…
How pathetic you are!” He then looked at the untouched lunch box in front of Sister Sha and asked, “Can I take it?”

“Eat.” Sister Sha said weakly.

Lian Qing then happily extended his hand to the boxed meal.

Ten minutes later, Sister Sha watched in shock as he scraped the last grain of rice from the lunch box.
Although the boxed meal of the crew was very ordinary, it was better because of its large portion.
The little monk had so much lunch at noon, how was it that he could still eat two boxes for dinner? This appetite was too extraordinary!

Sister Sha suddenly felt worried.
She thought that it was good that the little monk was easy to feed and could eat anything.
Otherwise, she would be eaten out of her studio.

At this moment, she was more convinced that the little monk's master found an excuse to drive him down the mountain because he could eat too much.

She asked, “Are you full?”

He nodded, “Very full.”

“You won't eat midnight snacks, will you?”

Lian Qing: “?!!”

Sister Sha sneered: “You have eaten so much for dinner.
You are so full.
I think you can save your share of midnight snacks later, right? Roast chicken wings, roast mutton kebabs…”

Lian Qing swallowed his saliva quietly and said, “Sister Sha, actually…
I'm not very full.”

Xiao Mo, the assistant, pushed her boxed meal to Lian Qing and said with concern, “Let me give you mine too.
You should be satisfied!”

Lian Qing: “?!!” He doesn't want to eat a boxed meal! He wants to eat roast chicken wings and roast mutton kebabs!



Thank God the ML is rich otherwise how would he be able to provide for this little monk's bottomless pit of a stomach ah!

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