{ Episode 6 – First Mission }


“Hey, did I do something wrong? Please let me go.”


Just die.”


She tied the yo-yo around my neck and violently tightened its strings.


“Just die, damn it.”


“Kuh, heh..”


It hurt a little, but it wasn't much of a big deal.


Because I had suffered a lot since when I was young.


'By the way, I think she was talking to someone a while ago.
Was it Dice?'


While I was thinking that I accepted her attack with a smile, then seeing me smiling like that, she frowned and asked me.

“…Are you a pervert?”






I was a bit surprised by the instant response.


The existence in front of me right now was Spade, the strongest villain in Dominating Hands.


The 7 top-ranked heroes were horribly killed by her. 


And the number of normal heroes killed by her was so far unmeasurable.


A terrifying person who was even nicknamed a ‘Slaughter Machine’ by the media because of her brutal and heinous murder methods.



Even without such prior information, I would be overwhelmed by the terrifying smell of murder and blood emanating from the person staring at me.


'But why?'


'Why does She feel not scary at all?'


“What’s wrong, relax your expression.”




I untied the yo-yo string that was binding me.


With a smile, I put my hand on Spade's shoulder and said to her.


“As a man yourself, there’s nothing to be angry about being seen naked by a man, right?”


As I patted her on the shoulder and said that, Spade looked down at me with a blank expression for a while and then looked down at her chest.


‘…Why am I making fun of her so much?’


Seeing that, I smiled bitterly but soon came to my senses, removed my hand from her shoulder, and muttered to myself.


‘Have I gone crazy because I've been through so much?’


All of this was weird.


Because it was clear that the aura that was emanating from her was making my neck numb.


'But Why?'


'Why do I keep wanting to play pranks on her?'


“Excuse me..”




After thinking for a while, I cautiously spoke to Spade, who was staring blankly at her chest.


“Have we ever met before?”




At my sudden question, she raised her eyebrows and looked at me.


“You’re too familiar.”




“Are you from an orphanage?”


I poked it cautiously, but she only put on an expression of incomprehension.


Anyway, nice to meet you.”




“As guys, let's be friends.”


I asked her to shake my hand as I quietly licked my lips, at that she smiled at me, took my hand, and…




“…How about this!?”


…The next moment, I was strangled by her, pinned to the wall of the training room.


“Why don't you do it in moderation?”


I have no intention of making fun of you.”


“I don't know what you have to do with Dyce, but I…”


'I might die from this.'


'Should I beg her to save me right now?'


Those thoughts ran through my mind.
But what came out of my mouth were completely different words.


“Let me down.”


“Because you are in danger of dying, You can’t see anything…”


Spade, who was looking at me with a dumbfounded expression, soon started to add strength to the hand that was choking me with a snort.




At that very moment, something unexpected happened to her.




After staggering for a moment, she suddenly sat down and knelt.


Before long, her neatly folded hands touch the floor.


“What, what.
What have you done to me…”


Just like that, she fell completely to the floor.


“It’s strange.”




I looked down at the spade with a twinkle in my eyes, then scratched my head and asked.


“Why are you hypnotized already?”




For some reason, she had already been hypnotized by me.


“What are you talking about…?”




I’m not sure what the hell it was.


Did she and I ever meet?


Could it be related to the unknown familiarity I felt earlier?


However, no matter how much I looked back, I couldn't remember anything, so I shook my head and decided to focus on the situation in front of me.


“First, let’s start with a hundred push-ups.”




It was time to avenge the humiliation of just now.


“You… I will kill…”


“Two hundred more.”


“F*ck… You bastard…”


“Add a hundred more squats.”








“f*ck this… Stop it…”




“I won’t kill you… please just stop…”




After that, the fight between me and Spade continued for a long time.


Get some rest now.”




Finally, after a few hours, I was able to knock Spade to the ground.


“That’s nice, Spade ssi.”




The Spade, who was sweating all over, exhausted and out of breath, flinched for a while and then started attacking me again.


“You are very stubborn…”


For a moment, I felt like she was sober.


‘Why am I using honorifics? No, what the hell am I doing from the start in the first place?’


Using hypnosis to manipulate others at will was an act that I vowed to never do as a hero.


But, what the hell am I doing right now?


'It’s like a villain, not a hero…'


‘But I’m a villain, right?’


But when I thought about it, I was right as the villain.


So what's the point of acting like a hero?


In retrospect, wasn’t the act I just did pretty good as a villain?


‘…Am I alright?’


Even if I thought about it in my head, the reason I felt slightly uncomfortable was probably because I still had some reluctance.


It was only natural since it was only been a few days since I turned from a hero to a villain.


'Well, from now on, even that reluctance will have to be thrown away.'


I kept my beliefs aside because I had no intention of missing out on an opportunity to avenge Justia by acting frustrated.


“Today’s business is a secret between the two of us.”




“You know what?”


After quietly thinking, I gently grabbed the chin of Spade, who was still lying down, and whispered in a low voice.


“It feels good to have number one in the ranks of my slaves.”




“But slaves are kind of… Well, Friends.
How about it?”


That way, I was able to make a second friend after becoming a villain.


“Let's have a drink later.
You can buy that for the newbie, right?”


“Go away…
F*ck you..”


“Yes? What?”




We are friends, right?






‘As expected, it's a bit strange.’


As I got out of Spade's training room and headed to the lobby where Dice was, I suddenly frowned and thought to myself.


‘Why did she get hypnotized?’


My ‘hypnotic’ ability doesn’t work for someone I don’t know at all.
To be effective, I must either know a little about the person or the person must allow me to hypnotize themselves.


However, Spade was the only person in ‘Dominating Hands’, whose information did not exist at all.


She was the one who escaped the International Hero Union's investigation, the Secret Intelligence Service's investigation, and even the pursuit of the talented person who possessed the concept of 'Investigation'.


<Detection (LV2)>

◆Name: [REMOVED]

◆Gender: Female (REMOVED)

◆Possessed Concept: [REMOVED]






Even with the ‘Detection’ skill, which had recently raised one more level, I couldn’t find out her information.


But, then how could I control her with hypnosis?


Had she really been hypnotized by me in the past without my knowledge?


If that’s not the case, maybe…


‘…is this a villainization's effect?’


The only possible reason I found was ‘villainization’.


A kind of growing pain that all villains go through when they fall.


In fact, it was a story that was so unreliable, that it was treated as a ghost story in the mainstream academic world; A person experiences changes in their abilities and personality when they become a villain.


I had seen it clearly


When the ‘Villain’s Way’ system was awakened, that penalty phrase appeared about villainization.


‘Come to think of it, earlier, I used honorifics for a while without realizing it.’


I’m not good at using polite words.


I use them for adults, but I haven’t used them much with my peers.


But when I was dealing with spades, honorifics came out very naturally.


'Is this also the effect of ‘villainization’?'


Well, it doesn’t really matter what happens now.


Thanks to the concept of ‘hypnosis’ I had in the first place, my mind won’t be shifted or broken by becoming a villain.


If the additional effect was conducive to revenge, it was rather a welcome from my side.


“Hey, Dice.
I came to say hello to everyone.”


Arriving at the lobby with such thoughts in mind, I spoke to Dice, who was still sitting on the sofa.


“Hey, Ha-neul”




However, the expression on her face was unusual.


“Have you, by any chance, also remembered?”




'What remember? What is she talking about?'


“Is there anything that came to your mind when you first saw me? Anything?”


Mysterious? That much?”


I was a little confused about how to answer, but I replied while scratching my head.


“…That's it.”




Hearing those words, she smiled and shook her head, and muttered something.


“By any chance, could you use honorifics for me?”


Then, suddenly, Dice made such a request with an awkward expression


“…Like what?”



I was confused about what she asked but before I could say anything, she covered her face and burst into laughter.


“I can do it if you want.”


“Just do what you’re comfortable with.”


After saying that, she looked at me with her nostalgic eyes and smiled.


“Well, that's great.”


I was embarrassed to say honorifics, so I replied that it was good and sat down on the sofa she pointed to.


‘…Is she aware of what happened in the training room?’


Breaking out in a bit of a cold sweat, I decided to 'convince' Spade a bit more next time.


“Okay then, let’s get down to business.”


“…Is it about the first mission?”


The date is tomorrow.
It will probably be your debut mission.”

With that awkward smile on, Dice, who had completely returned to her normal poker face, snapped her fingers and looked behind me.


“Ah, but before we start talking… I have someone to introduce.”




I inadvertently turned my head to follow her gaze.


– Tok, Tok, Tok…




At that moment, I opened my eyes wide when I noticed someone was coming upstairs.


“Hiya, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the executive level.”


“Yeah!, why are you… here?”


I suddenly asked because a person I was so familiar with, whom I thought I would never meet here, was talking to me.


“Tada! Are you surprised?”


The current vice president of the academy, and the new black agent of the Hero Union.


“Anyway, you got ahead, oppa? You became an executive in one day.”


“Are you really Kim?”


Kim Ira, who was my sidekick, was waving her hand with a happy expression in a white coat.


“Even if I look at it like this, I’m in quite a high position.
I’m in charge of the ‘Jack’ of Dominating Hands, who oversees infiltration operations and development of support tools.”


“…'Your Self-praise and pride', Jack.”



[TN: Chit is not the actual word, it was '칫'.
It is a word, which usually women use a lot, when they are a little dissatisfied, but want to talk cutely.
The most similar word in English will be 'That’s too bad'.
But It was not making sense here that is why I did not change it.
Another similar word I could find was 'click/clicking of the tongue' but it was not exact, that's why I did not replace it.]

I felt like being hit in the back of the head with a hammer.


She was a villain….


…And was also part of the Dominating Hands?


'Since when have you been deceiving me?'


“Huh? What’s wrong? Need a hug of emotion? That’s nice too, but I’m busy with work right now, so I’m sorry…”


I stopped thinking for a moment and stared at her, then quietly got up from my seat and walked in front of her.


“Mm, hey! hey! what! What's wrong!”




I grabbed her ear and began twisting it as hard as I could.


“Do you know just how worried I was?”


“Ah! Ah! Auch!”


“You did something dangerous like that?”


“Ahh! It hurts! It hurts!!”


She was the one who I always treated like a younger sister.

I was so worried that she might have done something wrong, and what the future would be like.


But deceiving people behind the back like this…


“When did you become a villain?”


“…Oh, I was scouted when oppa was sentenced to death.”


“Then, did you infiltrate under orders?”


“No… that was my own act.


Having said that, she scratched her head and wandered.




There was no sign of lies.
Apparently, she didn’t deceive Justia and me.


“…Thank you, I was going to take responsibility.”


“Huh? What?”


Thanks to this, I felt a little relieved.


I  let go of her ear with a sigh and muttered.


At that Kim Ira asked me.


“Responsibility? What…”


“Hey, I’m sorry, but we have to start briefing soon.”


I was contemplating whether to put a honey chestnut on Ira’s forehead as she opened her eyes wide and dug into it, but for some reason, Dice’s slightly sharp voice pierced through.


“Ah, really? Well, I’m busy too, so let’s get down to business quickly.”




And just like that briefing of the first mission started.





“The content of the mission is simple.”


When Dice flicked her fingers lightly, the huge monitor hanging in the lobby started to project the image of a place.




A familiar place appeared on the monitor.


“International Hero Academy.”


“Among the aspiring heroes from all over the world, it’s a place where only the best students gather.”


The place where I first built a relationship with Justia, where I stayed for three years and served as vice president.


How could I forget that place…


“We have only one purpose.”


As I gazed at the scenery of the academy, immersed in memories, Dice said in a low voice with shining eyes.


“We are going to break into the freshman entrance ceremony, scheduled for tomorrow, and kidnap a student.”




Hearing those words, my mind went blank for a moment.


'No matter how powerful Dominating hands is, isn't it a little too dangerous?'


“You know that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranked heroes will all attend on that day too?”


“Why are you asking that? Do you think we can’t do it?”


“…It's not the option.
We will have to.”


I hesitated for a moment, but then I nodded and understood.


Because this wasn’t a social gathering for people with special abilities, it was a league of villains.

While I was thinking that, Dice pointed her finger at me and said.


“The staff will be taken care of by us.
Your mission is to disguise yourself as the academy’s first-year homeroom teacher and kidnap the target.”




“Because among us, the one with the best ability to kidnap is none other than you.”


There was nothing wrong with that.


However, there were still a few questions left to follow.


“Everything is fine, but how can I infiltrate with my face? It's not like I can cover it with a mask or something.”


“That's why I brought the 'Jack' here.”


In response to my question, Dice pointed to Ira, who was lounging on the couch.


“I’ll disguise you like a charm!”


“…Wait, you? How? You can only use your transformation ability on yourself, right?”


“Oppa is really naive sometimes.”


After saying that, she whispered with a mischievous expression on her face.


“Hiding or faking their exact abilities is a basic requirement for the villains.”


“You… you could transform other people too.”


“Yes, but unlike transforming me, there is a time limit!”


Only then I did understand the strategy to some extent, and I turned my gaze to Dice again.


“So who am I disguising as?”


“Oh, that’s it…”


Then, Dice quietly beckoned to the henchmen wearing black masks waiting in the distance.


“Ah, aaa! ouch…!!!”


Moments later, a man with a gag in his mouth was dragged into the lobby.


“Ugh!! Eup! Ugh…”


– Kwajik…!!!


After staring at the man for a while, Dice shot a card with a light gesture.




“The new professor, who was supposed to be in charge of the first class, just died.”


Dice, who looked at the man who had died because his neck was pierced by a card, without an expression, gestured to her henchmen to get rid of him, and continued the story.


“Mum mum…”




I glanced at Ira next to me, but she was just waving her legs and eating potato chips.


Looking at it, I thought it must be something that happened often.


“Originally, I was going to disguise you with this guy’s face, but as you can see, it’s too ugly.
I don’t think you will win the trust of the target.”




“That’s why I created a fake identity.
A temporary professor who will temporarily take care of the students in place of the missing new professor.”


Thinking that I should gradually adapt, I listened to Dice again.






Looking at the fake ID that floated on the monitor, I frowned slightly.


“That, no way…”


“Yeah, that’s right.
It’s a face that will make you look 10 years older than you are now and slightly correct unnatural parts.”


“…It's nice that I'm not becoming a completely different person, but isn't there a risk of being found out?”


Upon hearing that, Kim Ira opened her mouth with a slightly downcast expression.


“Actually, turning someone else into someone else has the side effect of making the time limit too short.”




“A face modified based on the subject's face has a longer time limit. And well, the fingerprints and body shape will also be changed, so you don't have to worry about being caught.”


I quietly nodded my head at her explanation, which was quite understandable, and after a brief pause, I asked Dice the last question.


“So, what will I get from completing this mission?”


Then, she quietly tilted her head to the side.


“The reason I came here is to get revenge on Justia and all the people who put me into this situation.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Once I belong to this place, I will follow orders…
but shouldn't there be a benefit?”


When I finished explaining, she, who had been flicking the bloody card she had summoned before, opened her mouth with her eyes fixed on me.


“Didn’t we tell you about our target?”


“…No way.”


“Lumia Obse.
Child of Prophecy.
He is our target.”


Hearing that name, I felt a fire burning in my chest.


“And it's a fact I found out recently.
The sympathy between him and the academy is quite deep.”




“There is evidence that they helped a lot in manipulating the records of your academy days.”


Saying that she handed me one file.


“Even in the case of Justia’s expulsion, the vice principal’s hand was touched.”


I wanted to ask how she got this information.


“I don’t think anyone will say anything even if he leaves for a while during the height of the uproar.”


But now there was more important work to be done than that.


“That’s enough?”


“Yeah, it’s a win-win! In the future, the reward will be this kind of information… Um?”


So, while I gave up on asking for help and asked for cooperation, I suddenly fixed my eyes on the corpse that was being moved far away.


“What’s the matter?”




I think I just saw something wriggling in that corpse.


‘…Is it because of my mood?’


I rubbed my eyes and looked again, but I couldn’t see anything.


It seems that fatigue still remains in the body.


“What, did you see a ghost?”


“No, nothing.”


I got up, thinking I should go back to my room and close my eyes for a new tomorrow.


“Then, please take care of yourself.”


“I will.”


'Please, it would be nice if there were no variables.'





The next morning, the International Academy:


“…no way.”




I was successful in infiltrating the academy, but I had no choice but to close my eyes.


“Ah, ah, hello!”


‘You, why the hell…’


It was because I found a girl who was so familiar to me, and I never expected to meet here.


“Nice to meet you, Professor!”


‘She is going to enroll in the Hero Academy…’


Justia's younger sister was greeting me with her look and voice that I missed so much.

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