ent with double the attack power (?) compared to my previous one gave me a slight boost in excitement.


– Clang-


“It’s only 2 silver… Disappointing, goblin friends.”


'Where did she learn such an old-fashioned phrase…'


Standing next to Yoon Hee, who was grumbling and pouting, I extended my hand toward her when she reached out.


“Shall we see what skill January got? Here we go-“


As she held my wrist and nodded, she suddenly raised her head, looking puzzled.


“Dagger Throw? Did they even have a skill like that? But why aren't they using it?”


Probably 100 out of 100 hunters would react like this.


“Well, they may not be aware of what they have because their intelligence is low.
By the way, wow, you really stole their skills! Amazing!”


After fidgeting for a while, she began to cut off the goblins' ears with a knife.


“Look, January.
If you cut off the tips of the goblin's ears like this and bring them out, you'll get money as a subjugation reward.”


Familiarly, she cut off the goblins' ears, placing them into a brown leather pouch, and tied it shut with a string before putting it into her inventory.


“Can you do it?”




In my previous life, what had I done the most as a guide? It was gathering these subjugation marks and dismantling the loot.


When a certain number of monsters accumulated in the dungeon, the gate would burst open, causing the monsters to spill outside.
To motivate hunters to subjugate these monsters, this system was put in place.


By bringing these marks to the office at the entrance of the dungeon and getting them verified, we would receive the settlement a few days later.


‘Maybe it was 3,000 won per goblin…’


It might not be much money, but every little bit counts.


“Let's go, January.”


We moved from place to place again and searched for the lake.
There were many monsters near the lake, so Yoon Hee was trying her best to restrain herself from talking as much as she did in the room.


Being cautious of the monsters gathering due to the noise was one thing, but the most frightening thing in the dungeon was, without a doubt, people.


Although the Goblin dungeon was the lowest-rank dungeon, the hunters who entered were not that remarkable.
Nevertheless, it was precisely because of this that unexpected incidents sometimes occurred.


Like the six men fighting right in front of us.


In the dungeon, one of the main reasons for fighting was the [Rune], which had a minuscule chance of dropping.


Although all of them seemed to have decent skills, they were covered in wounds and blood.
However, no one had suffered a fatal injury.


In the midst of those men was a leather bag, and beside it, a stone the size of a baby's fist, with a reddish hue.


‘Rune of vitality…’


A familiar design with three circles overlapping.
It was a rune that would increase one's health by a certain amount just by putting it in the inventory.


The gazes of the six men were fixed on that stone, and they remained vigilant of each other.


'Were they trying to kill the person who consumed the Rune, hoping it would drop?'


The loot inside the dungeon was always determined based on combat contributions, so until it was bound to someone, anyone could take it.


However, once it was bound to someone and that person was killed, there was a probability of the equipment or rune dropping.


Unlike equipment, which had a high probability of evaporating upon the owner's death, runes had a high probability of dropping, which was why such incidents occasionally happened.


What was lying on the ground might have been dropped after they were attacked while admiring the Rune.


'Yet these fools risked their lives over a low-grade Rune from the Goblin dungeon…
Their minds are really shattered.'


Still, like those fools, I was also tempted.
I already had a gold-plated skull, so this shouldn't be that bad.


Naturally, my eyes met with Yoon Hee's.


(January, can you do it?)


Her whisper, with many omitted details, made it clear what she meant.


– Nod-


Mana: 1/6 (-2)


Spending two mana, I activated stealth and dashed forward without hesitation.


Stealth consumed one additional mana every 30 seconds, so speed was crucial.


Yoon Hee had already secured an escape route and was slowly moving backward.


– “Why the hell are you bastards making such a fuss over a simple rune?”


-“Haha, if you just left it alone, none of this would have happened.
It's better to drop it before getting into real trouble.”


– “Damn it!! You have to die for a rune to drop, but you seem eager to send me to an early grave! Who the hell do they think you are?”


– Splash-!


– “Kek-heh…”


– “Cough-cough…
You bastards!”


One of the teammates, who seemed to be the owner of the rune, threw a small vial towards the enemies, and a light green smoke rose from the shattered vial on the ground.


'Poison? Perfect timing.'


Having already reached the rune lying on the ground in front of my bag, I quickly picked it up and sprinted straight toward Yoon Hee.


– “Huh? Where did you go? My rune?!”

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