ation was something I had never heard of.


A slime on a tree? In the first place, such creatures prefer dark and damp places, it was unexpected to see one outside in the bright daylight.


my presence has already affected the future.
But what’s meant to happen will happen, right?’


After briefly considering the meaning of the things I was doing, I felt my mind grew cold.


‘Haa! You find this amusing, don’t you?’


My task was to prevent what needed to happen from happening.
Let’s focus on what needed to be done right away.


Currently, I could move without any specific commands, but the extent of my actions was limited to shrugging my shoulders, nodding my head, and raising my arms.


Although I felt a slight increase in my action range as my level rose, it was not a significant change at the moment.
I urgently made a sound, pointing upwards.




“Huh? What’s up there?”


‘That’s right! Check it quickly.
How simple is that?’


However, after briefly glancing upward, she shrugged her shoulders.


“There’s nothing there.”


‘What?! No way?’


I raised my head again, squeaking, to look up, and that cunning slime creature had stretched its body and hidden on the tree branch.
I could clearly sense it, but it was invisible to human eyes.


I used to think it was nonsense that slime intelligence was at the level of a five-year-old child, but now it seemed true.


Probably because I made a sound and pointed, it seemed to have hidden its body.


‘Damn it, I have to move quickly.’


Despite my anxiety, she firmly held onto my arm, and no matter how vigorously I shook my arm in front of her face, she was just giggling and not showing any signs of moving immediately.


’I can’t even flinch because my strength is low.
For now, I need to find a way to stop it…”


‘I can’t stop all of that guy’s acid with this bony arm, so the only thing I can do is…’


While organizing my thoughts, the slime started its movement.


‘It’s starting.’


The slime swung its body once, then spat out its acidic fluid.
Soon, it would spray the filthy acid onto Yeon Hee’s face.


– Pshhew!


– Thunk-! Crunch…


“Kyaaah! What, what is it?!”


I quickly extended my right arm above her head and simultaneously summoned three crude wooden clubs from my inventory.
With my left arm, I shielded her head.


Actually, I tried to push her head away, but my feeble strength could only make her slightly tilt her head forward.


Luckily, all the acidic fluid hit only my arms and the wooden clubs, causing them to sizzle.
I hurriedly pointed upwards for her to see.




“Huh? A s-slime?!”


She hastily moved back and started to nock an arrow.


The slime quickly moved toward the tree side, not missing the chance.


– Thud


– Crunch-!


– Gurgle…


An arrow pierced through half of the tree branch and hit the slime’s body.
However, unless the core was removed, physical attacks barely inflict any damage on slimes.


‘First, let’s knock it off the tree.
Will this work?’


I tightly gripped the wooden club, which was fizzling with acidic fluid.


Dagger Throw Lv.1

– When throwing a dagger, Attack Power +5%, Accuracy +20%
– When throwing any object, Accuracy +15%


‘Not bad.’


I wondered why the goblins didn’t use it when the skill effects were so good.
I threw the wooden club in my left hand toward the tree branch.


– Crack-!


‘One more time.’


– Swish


– Thud-!


The wooden club barely missed the tree branch, and the slime fell along with it.


– Thunk-


Health: 5/7 (-2)


“Hmph, did it take 2 points off just from getting hit by the acidic fluid in my arm? My body is really weak.
Maybe it’s even worse because it hit my bones?”


I found myself in a situation that people commonly refer to as “getting hit in the bones,” but it was more like a passive ability for me.


“Good job January! Now finish it off! Just hit the black ball moving inside its body!”


I nodded.


She aimed another arrow at the fallen slime.
In response, the slime quickly moved its core to the other side.


It was amazing how it, a creature with no eyes, could accurately detect the direction of attacks.


The core, having dodged the arrow, hovered in the same spot for a while, so I used the club held high in the air to [Strike] it.


Magic: 0/6 (-1)


Even though my magic was depleted, the effect was clear.


The liquid that made up the slime’s body scattered on the ground after the core was hit, and the usual messages appeared:


– You have defeated a Slime (Normal).
– You have gained a small amount of experience points.
– You have obtained a low-grade mana stone.
The mana stone will move to the summoner’s inventory.
– The skill [Wall Climb] has been activated.


– You have stolen a random skill from the Slime (Normal).
– You have obtained the skill [Acid Spray]!
– Your level has increased.
Please choose three attributes to raise.




Unconsciously, I clenched my fist and cheered inwardly.


Until we escape from the dungeon, we couldn’t let our guard down, but at least considering the current situation, I undoubtedly changed her future.


‘Okay, I’ll invest in my stats later.’


A small mana stone floated up from the slime’s remained and flew towards Yeon Hee.
I picked up the core of the slime that had fallen to the ground.


‘This is worth 1,000 won too.’


I handed the slime core to Yeon Hee.
She put the core in a leather pouch and suddenly hugged me tightly.




“Thank you, January! If it weren’t for you, I might have been seriously hurt! You even warned me in advance, and I…”




‘Wait, aren’t you hugging too hard?’


Just in case, I checked my status window again.


Health: 6/7 (-1)


My health decreased by 1 even though my level increased and my health was restored.
There was no doubt that it was damage caused by being hugged by her.




“Huh? Oh no! Sorry! I almost got you in trouble! Are you okay?”


I didn’t bother to react and just stayed still.


‘I’ll have to adjust the timing and act like a monster.
I am a monster.
I am a monster.’


I repeated the mantra to myself while observing her reaction.


However, it seemed like she didn’t care much about my reaction and was examining my right arm, which was splattered with acidic fluid.



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