ey entered the room and saw me, they took out weapons from their inventory, as if they had made a promise.


“Ah-! It's, it's my summon!”


“Huh? That…is a summon? That looks like a monster…”




The woman looked astonished, as if she didn't know that a summon referred to a monster, and Jo Giman, though not as surprised as her, was amazed in a different sense.


'Could this be the first time he encounters this situation in this iteration? Even if I assume he didn't approach Yeon Hee until the 6th iteration, that reaction…'


The unexpected movements I saw earlier kept me deep in thought.


I, I'll send him away for a while.”


'What? I can't go in right now!'


Yeon Hee struggled for a while to unsummon me, but since I refused, it naturally failed.


“It's okay.
No need to overdo it.”


“I-I'm sorry.”


“Aaha, it's really okay.
When you just achieved your 2nd awakening, it can happen.
I've been through it too.”


A suspicious-looking woman with light brown hair and small squinted eyes stretching sideways comforted Yeon Hee.


'Did I see her in the guild before? There were only a few female hunters in the guild who achieved the 2nd awakening…'


Then, suddenly, a woman came to mind, and I looked at her with a finger covering her eyes and a hat on her head.

'Oh, man…
It's Kang Yeon-soo, right? She really went through a major makeover.'


I joined the guild 1 year and 3 months from now, and she must have changed her appearance during that time.


'I thought she only had some cosmetic surgery, but…'


Anyway, knowing that the crazy Kang Yeon-soo was here, I felt somewhat relieved.
While she may have a fiery temperament, unlike Jo Giman, she carries a sense of justice in her heart, and that gave me some comfort.


“It's big.”


At that moment, Jo Giman opened his mouth.




“This Skeleton Soldier is unusually big.
But I've never seen Skeleton Soldiers this big before…”


'Damn it…
It's getting complicated from the start.
So, was he surprised at the beginning because of this?'


Perhaps I was very different from the Skeleton Soldiers he saw in the previous iteration.


'Even in dungeons of D-grade or higher, there are much bigger ones than me, but from Jo Giman's perspective, this is something that couldn't happen at this point.
This is troublesome.'


“What are you talking about? Even in Nargul's Dungeon, there are plenty of large Skeleton types.”


“That's true…
From the outside, it looks a bit different.
Never mind, Miss Yeon Hee.”


'This crazy guy is talking like 'this' to Yeon-hee.'


The tone of his words, knowing the true identity of this guy, disgusted me to the point where I couldn’t bear to hear it.
I didn't know how fortunate I was to be a skeleton right now.
If I were still human, my face would probably have turned red as if it were about to explode.




Yeon Hee had been clasping her hands together like a criminal and staring at the ground.


“Rather than that, let's talk about today's interview, Miss Yeon-hee.”


“Oh, yes.”


“You don't have to answer everything in detail.
I was thinking it might be nice to create a mysterious image as the first-ever Summoner Class.
It seems to suit your personality, Miss Yeon Hee.
What do you think?”


“Well, I don't really mind…
I just hope you keep it as minimal as possible for the interview…”


While listening to the conversation between Kang Yeon-soo and Lee Yeon Hee, my gaze remained on Jo Giman.
He was only looking intensely at Yeon Hee, with a determination to find something different.


'He's so suspicious…
Let's just consider it as a peculiarity that came from the regression.
That thing he used to say habitually.'


During my lifetime, I had been acknowledged for my abilities as a guide and spent quite some time in the same guild as Jo Giman, who suddenly had a habit of muttering to himself.


Among those mutterings, I often heard the word “Peculiarity.”


Now that I think about it, it must have been a phrase to describe situations he couldn't understand even though he was experiencing regression himself.
So, if he didn't find anything unusual about Yeon Hee, he might easily pass it off.

just go away.'


“By the way, were there any particular incidents in the dungeon yesterday, Miss Yeon Hee?”


'Yesterday? So, she summoned me after a day.'


Maybe there was a cooldown for summoning a broken summon.
But why did that snake-like bastard even care about Yeon Hee's dungeon exploration?


“Yes? No, there weren't any significant incidents…”


“Even if it's something trivial, it doesn't matter.
I just wanted to check if there was anything uncomfortable for Miss Yeon Hee.
Like being unexpectedly attacked by monsters or something…”


'Ah, it's because of Yeon Hee's face…
She is someone who should be in the hospital at this time, but she's perfectly fine.'


Seeing that bastard sneaking glances at me, another memory about him came to me.
He was a forgetful and absent-minded person, but when it came to Yeon Hee, he showed an unusual obsession and checked things meticulously.


“Oh, now that you mention it…”


“Yes, please tell me.”

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