Chapter 5: Izekiel’s Shirt Looked Good

Meanwhile, the first thing Hernan did after returning to the imperial palace was to call Gatt, his aide.


“Yes, Your Highness!” Gatt answered immediately.

Hernan fiddled with his cloak and said with satisfaction, “The effect of the cloak you lifted was quite effective.”

In Hernan’s head, the face of Linzel, who was praising his cloak, came to mind.
Her face, which was smiling prettily, as if she had no thoughts.

He had never felt so much curiosity about the opposite sex.
Even in puberty as a teenager, he was indifferent to women.
He was so indifferent that there were even rumors that he was gay.

However, for the first time in his life, he became rationally curious about a woman named Linzel.

He was also hoping that she would smile at him.
Was it because she fell in love with him at first sight?

If not, was it because she wasn’t afraid of him?

‘You’re not scary.
You’re rather cute.
You’re reacting to every word about the cloak……..’

It was something he hadn’t even heard from his mother.
Hernan didn’t hate to hear that.

A faint smile was drawn on his face.

“It’s a relief,” Gatt replied, glancing at Hernan’s smiling face.

“In that sense……there are things you need to arrange again, Gatt.”

“What is it this time?”

Gatt couldn’t figure out what Hernan would ask him to get.

This was because he knew well the Hernan who bravely walked around on the battlefield, but he didn’t know very well the Hernan who had a face that looked like a screw was missing.

Hernan spoke in a serious voice.


What?” Gatt mumbled.

Hernan continued, “I need you to get me some clothes that will make my face stand out.”

Gatt was dumbfounded because he couldn’t figure out what clothes Hernan wanted.

Hernan only thought of Linzel, whether Gatt could follow or not.

‘Is there anything you like beside the cloak?’

‘Your face?’

When he asked her to tell him what she liked, she answered with his face without hesitation.
Linzel hurriedly took care of her honest confession as if she was embarrassed.

But Hernan didn’t mind her honesty.

To speak out the good parts of others without embellishment.
He thought it was a good thing.

At least, it’s much better than hiding your true feelings and aiming for a spot to stab the other.

By the way, if she liked his face, how could he make it appear to her…..

Hernan covered his face with both hands.

Then the words of excuse that Linzel gave came to mind.

‘Rather, it makes His Highness’s face stand out…… Shirt! I like your beautiful shirt.
Cough, cough.’

Come to think of it, the shirts Izekiel wore were especially popular and pretty.

It went without saying that wearing a trendy shirt would make your face stand out.

Hernan muttered to himself, “Izekiel’s shirt looked good.”


Izekiel Kleman.
As the first prince of the Kleman Empire, he was a fashionable person.
Izekiel was fashion-conscious and liked accessories.

The fact that the clothes and accessories he wore were sold out was familiar to the people of the empire.

Izekiel was different from his brother Hernan, who thought of clothes only as a means to cover up.

Izekiel was visiting his favorite shop.

was a high-end shop available only for those with a guaranteed status, and it offered dresses, uniforms, daily clothes, accessories ….and so on.

Even if Izekiel was extremely busy, he always made sure to stop by the shop himself.

It was because he wanted to check the things he would wear with his own eyes and hands.

While talking to Anette, the madam of the shop, his face hardened in a grim manner.

Attractive wrinkles formed on his straight forehead.

“……What? Who bought one of the red cloaks I reserved?”

Izekiel had a habit of buying several items once he was hooked on them.
Buy several in advance in case they get worn out or broken.

What Izekiel had been wearing these days was a red cloak.

The material was excellent, the fluttering shape was pretty, and above all, he liked the dark red color of the cloak.

So, he reserved several before they were sold out……..but someone bought one of them.

It was unbelievable.

Was there anyone who would buy the things the prince had reserved?

Izekiel’s silver eyes looking at Anette were cold.
He was genuinely annoyed.

Anette answered while breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Yes, Your Highness.
I’m afraid so.
However, the insufficient quantity will be stoked up again tomorrow, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Anette had nothing to say.

The date Izekiel was supposed to come was tomorrow.

Therefore, she thought it would be okay to hand over at least one of the items that came in advance to someone else.

She could meet Izekiel’s demands by tomorrow.
And the status of the “other”, who requested the red cloak, was too high.

It was a decision that Anette couldn’t help.

“Who coveted my cloak?”

“I– Your Highness, the information of other customers is kept confidential.
I’m sorry.”

It’s a secret.”

Izekiel blinked slowly as he pondered over the word secret.

The coldness in his silver eyes had disappeared.

Izekiel’s eyes drew a seductive curve.
Thanks to his rampant smile, his dimples dug deep into his cheeks.

Izekiel moved closer to Anette, who was standing opposite him.
The distance between them became so close that their breaths could touch each other.

He naturally grabbed a handful of Anette’s hair that was draped over her shoulders.

“Hey, Anette.
You know how much I like you, don’t you?”

Izekiel looked into Anette’s eyes with his own enchanting silver eyes.

“I think I like you even better if you tell me who the other customer is.”

Izekiel lifted her hair and gave it a short kiss.

“Can’t you do that?”

Anette’s face began to turn red.

‘No, no, no! Don’t fall for the beauty of His Highness!’

Anette tried to control herself, but her lips were already more than half open.

Anette, who was single, was very weak to the beauty world, and Izekiel was a master at using that beauty.

“……His, His Highness Hernan…..! Huh! I really shouldn’t tell you this….!”

As soon as he heard Hernan’s name, Izekiel’s face contorted for a moment.

“Hernan? My younger brother, who only knows how to use his muscles?”


Anette was silent, and Izekiel considered silence as affirmation.

“That’s a big deal.
Anyway, thanks for letting me know, Anette.”

Izekiel let go of her hair.
Because he got the answer he was looking for.

“You couldn’t help it.
It was another prince’s request.
I’ll understand just this once.
Well, the promised date was also tomorrow.”

Thank you.”

“Then I should buy a shirt that I wear often today……Are you well stocked?”

Anette’s face grew redder at Izekiel’s voice.
Not because she was excited, but because she was embarrassed.

“Well, well……..that´s …….”

“Why? Did Hernan buy that too?”

It was a joke.

The answer that came back was shocking.

“Yes, Your Highness……”

The smile vanished from Izekiel´s face.

“You mean he bought not only my cloak, but also the shirt I used to wear?”

It was a strange thing.

Izekiel’s favorite shirt had a deep neckline.

If you didn’t cover the front and lowered your waist, you could see even the more intimate places.

Hernan’s expression hardened whenever he saw Izekiel wearing that shirt.
Then he used to curse him with his eyes.

‘Why are you wearing such ridiculous clothes?’

There was such a clear message in Hernan’s eyes.

That guy bought that shirt.

Izekiel was stunned and his nose was stuffy.
Even in the midst of shock, he became curious about Hernan’s intentions.

It felt like something interesting was going on related to Hernan.
Izekiel had a hunch that Hernan had a good reason for doing something absurd.

Izekiel’s silver eyes were filled with color.
He was a man obsessed with fun.

Especially if it was a fun thing related to Hernan, who only knew swordsmanship, he was even more interested.

Izekiel’s heart began to beat fast.


After parting with Hernan, Linzel went to Letty’s room.

She needed to check if Letty was okay.

She sat down several times while walking down the hallway, because she was out of breath.


Her condition seemed to have suddenly deteriorated.
She was fine when she met Hernan.

Still, Linzel managed to walk to Letty’s room (technically, the room next to her own) and opened the door.

As soon as she opened the door, her body poured forward.
Linzel sat down and gasped for breath.

Her lungs hurt to the point of tearing.

“Letty……I’m dying.”

I groaned.

Then Letty, who was sitting at her desk reading a book, approached her sister.

She lowered her posture and examined my face thoroughly.

“Linzel! Are you okay? Should I call a doctor?”

Linzel shook her head.

Her body was getting better little by little because she didn’t move.

“If you’re not feeling well, let’s go to your room.”

“……Letty, are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

And Letty’s complexion did look good.
The woman who had been crying silently last night was nowhere to be seen.

‘Linzel, I really want to live.’

Letty’s voice, who was hoping for life, lingered sadly in her sister’s ears.

Letty began to gently rub Linzel’s back.
It was a warm touch.

“Did you meet his Highness Hernan a while ago?”

Linzel couldn’t believe the fact that she met with Hernan was already in Letty’s ear.

She didn’t deny it.

“Yes, and he seemed to be a better person than I thought.”

“Is there a reason?”

“Hmm, He wasn’t as scary as the rumors, and should I say he was rather cute.
And above all…..”

Linzel remembered Hernan’s handsome face.
His face, which she had observed in depth, materialized in front of her eyes.
There didn’t even seem to be any pores on his skin.

……..She had to admit that he was born with crazy good looks.

To be honest, Linzel really liked handsome men.

Well, she didn’t just look at appearance from the beginning – she had a story of her own.

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