Whing~ whing~whing!~


“Why are there so many mosquitoes in the conference room?”


“There’s no end to them, and even the electronic mosquito repellent isn’t doing any help.”


“Aah, it’s itchy! These mosquitoes are killing me.”


“What happened to that red-horned devil mosquito, Team Leader Yoo?”


It was Conference room of the Hunter Management Division of the Disaster Safety Bureau in Gwangjin-gu Office.


Yoo Jong-soo, the head of the gate management team, quickly replied when she heard Kwak Sang-woo’s question


“The red-horned devil mosquito from the Children’s Grand Park gate was tracked down and it was confirmed to be dead.”


“So you’re saying that you didn’t kill it, instead you confirmed that it was dead?”


it was found dead near the pedestrian walkway in front of the district office, apparently it was killed by a pigeon.”


Yoo Jong-soo then showed him the red-horned devil mosquito corpse which she had collected previously.


Kwak Sang-woo examined it carefully with his two sharp eyes.


“It’s really unusual for a creature like that to be killed by an ordinary pigeon.”


“I think so too, but it’s a good thing anyway, if it had bitten any of the citizens, something terrible would have happened.”


“Has there been any report of casualties during that time?”


” I’ve checked the Emergency Departments of every hospital in the district, as well as the police and fire departments, but there have been no reports of anyone being bitten by the red-horned devil mosquito.”


Kwak Sang-woo gave a nod in relief.


“Anyway, let’s put that aside for now, an urgent notice just came in stating that a grade 5 disaster gate has appeared at Yangpyeong Dumulmeori.”


Immediately, the expression of all the Hunter management department staff, including Yoo Jong-soo, hardened.


A Gate!


Some people even call it a dungeon. 


There are different disaster levels for a gate depending on thir degree of danger.


A special-grade gate refers to the worst kind of gate which contains terrifying monsters that could endanger the very existence of the nation, but fortunately no special-grade gates have been found in South Korea so far.


Below the special-grade gates, the disaster grades are assigned from level 1 to level 9 based on their level of danger.


Currently, no level 1 gates have been found in South Korea, and there are only two level 2 gates.


The Disaster grades of level 5 and below are managed by the National Security Agency which works directly under the President, and not by local governments.


Currently, there are three such gates in Gwangjin District.


Among them, the most dangerous one is the Disaster Grade 7 gate at Children’s Grand Park.


Therefore, it should be managed by the local government and not by the National Security Agency.


So It is natural that Yangpyeong Duunmulmori Gate, which has been classified as a disaster grade 5, should be managed by the national security agency.


When the National Security Agency requests for cooperation, all government departments as well as local governments must cooperate unconditionally.


“We have also received a request for cooperation.
The content states us to send five C rank hunters or higher rank hunters by today.”


Hearing that Yoo Jong-soo looked puzzled.


“We will immediately contact all the hunters registered in the district, but I don’t think it will be easy for us to send 5 C rank or higher ranked hunters by today.
Everyone has their own schedule.”


“We have to do it no matter what.
If we don’t have enough hunters, try contacting private guilds as well.”




After hearing Yoo Jong-soo answer, Kwak Sang-woo looked at the document again and  then spoke.


“They’ve also asked us to send an awakener who is good at catching mosquitoes.
But I’m not sure if there’s an awakener like that.”


“An awakener who is good at catching mosquitoes?”


“Yes.Apparently, the mosquitoes at the Yangyang Dumoulin Gate are really bad, so it doesn’t matter even if they’re F-ranked hunters, as long as they can catch mosquitoes well, I want you to send them.”


Hearing that,Yoo Jongsoo smiled bitterly.


“Where can I find a hunter like that? Honestly, if there’s a hunter who’s good at catching mosquitoes, I’d like to recruit them right away.
Lately We are flooded with complaints due to the mosquitoes that have been coming out of the gate at the Children’s Grand Park.”


“You’re right, it’s not the time to worry about that, and right now even we are having enough problems with mosquitoes that it is disrupting our work.”


“You are right,I got 12 bites today alone.”


Everyone was complaining about mosquitoes.


The Children’s Grand Park is located within a short distance from the district office, and mosquitoes are constantly coming out of the gate.


Kwak Sang-woo sighs as he agrees with the seriousness of the situation.


“Among the non-attribute awakeners who have visited today,There is a person who can use a mana mosquito net.”


The One who said this was none other than Ahn So-young.


Everyone else in the conference room is suffering from the annoying mosquitoes, but strangely enough, only she’s fine.


“A mana mosquito net? Are you saying that  Such an ability exists?”


“I have it spread out around me right now.
It’s just that there’s only one minute left now.”


The mana mosquito net lasts for 20 minutes.


During that time Ahn So-young was experiencing a whole new world.


Because not a single mosquito bit her.


“Tell me more about that, Ms.
Ahn So-young.”


“Yes, Chief.”


Ahn gave a detailed report on what had happened prior to the meeting.


* * *


“That will be 19,800 won, sir.”




Jun-young bought a bunch of popsicles in addition to the pay-as-you-go bags.


He only picked out the 1+1 and 2+1 deals and as a result the bag was filled with popsicles.


Today’s daily mission gave him 10,000 won.

And He used that money to buy a special treat for his family.


Then, he headed home with a big smile on his face.


‘I’m sure Eun-ah will love this.’


His youngest sibling, Eun-ah, is crazy about popsicles.


Of course, not only Eun-ah, but everyone in the family enjoys eating popsicles together in one place.


‘That’s why I have to buy at least 10 popsicles.’


With a proud smile, Jun-young stood in front of a villa.


Somang Villa No.


That is his home.


“I’m back!”


He shouted while holding the bag full of popsicles high in the air, expecting that his mom and sister would be cheering.


‘No one’s at home.’


Oh, come to think of it.


It was already past noon after he went to the district office and community center.


By now, his mother, Lee Gyeong-sun, and his younger sister, Kang Eun-ah, would each be working part-time jobs.


Mom is working to support the family, and his sister is working to pay for her college fees and to earn some pocket money.


However, Jun-young, who has a naturally weak physique and low stamina,can’t go anywhere and work properly.


If he overdoes even a little, he will collapse, and so his family was requesting him to stay at home while saying that him staying at home will be helpful to them.


Of course, they don’t want him to get discouraged, so they always show him a bright smile,but the fact remains that he felt like he was burdening them.




Is that why?


The momentary excitement he felt due to his awakening subsides.


It feels like the feeling of soaring high in the sky has gone now.




He stopped smoking six months ago and now he is craving to smoke again.


It’s not just a craving, it’s like he was going to die if he doesn’t smoke right now.


But Jun-young shakes his head resolutely.


‘The popsicles will melt at this rate.’


He puts the popsicles in the freezer one by one, to calm his nerves.


‘Anyway, since I’ve awakened, it feels like my stamina is slightly improving.’


Unfortunately, because it was a question mark ranked attribute, it was considered a non-attribute.


‘Even if I am considered as a non-attribute hunter, there’s still hope.’


He can be recognized with two general abilities, Mana Mosquito Net (C) and Rub If Bitten (A).


‘If I can qualify as an assistant hunter, I won’t be able to make a lot of money, but at least I’ll be able to contribute to the family.’


Jun-young often talks about becoming a millionaire, but he doesn’t really need that much money.


He just wants to be able to support himself without causing any trouble for his parents.


For now, that’s all he wants.


‘Fortunately, I have a steady income of 300,000 won a month thanks to my daily task.’


That’s really helpful.


Now I don’t have to rely on my parents for pocket money.


That should take a little weight off their shoulders.


And even if I can’t make enough money as an Assistant Hunter, as long as I level up, my physique will improve, and then I can do other jobs.


I feel like my body is renewed even though I’ve only levelled up once.


Of course, that was only in comparison to yesterday, and Junyoung was already quite exhausted.


Even though his physique had improved through his awakening, he is still weak.


By reaching level 10, he should be able to have the physical strength of an average 20-year-old man.


That would be great.


‘Ah, looks like the mosquitoes are here again.’


I see those agile mosquitoes that I saw near the city hall earlier as well.


‘I can’t leave them alone.’


How foolish of them to enter the home of a vampire’s natural enemy.


(tl:running sfx)








I’m exhausted, but strangely enough, it doesn’t take any effort to kill mosquitoes.


It seems that the strength to kill mosquitoes remains in any situation.


A man who is weak but is strong against mosquitoes.


That man is Jun-young.


‘Woo-hoo, it’s done.’


I’m just disappointed that there’s no special reward for killing mosquitoes since I’ve already finished today’s daily tasks.


Since it will be annoying if they come in again, it would be better to put mana mosquito nets in various places.


There’s still some mana left.


The 2 points of mana that I spent at the ward office earlier have been restored and now I have a full 120 mana points.


‘Mana mosquito net! Mana mosquito net! Mana mosquito net——.’


[The duration of Mana Mosquito Net is greatly increased as the target is in a fixed location rather than a moving target].




I made a surprising discovery while I was spreading the mana mosquito net over the windows, the front door, and other places through which the mosquitoes might enter.


[Front door]

-Caster: Kang Junyoung

-Duration: 2 hours


[Kitchen Window]

-Caster: Kang Junyoung

-Duration 2 hours


It is roughly like this.


Needless to say, the mana mosquito net doesn’t disappear when the front door or window is opened.


At first, it looks strange, like a beam of  red spider web, but it soon becomes transparent.


Therefore, normal people won’t realize that there is a mana mosquito net spread around  there.


Of course, the mosquito net is in the form of transparent light, so anyone can pass through it without any resistance.


‘Except for the mosquitoes that is’.


This means that mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers cannot pass through the mana mosquito net.


‘But then what about creatures like vampire bats instead of insects?’


Junyoung is not a natural enemy of insects, but of vampire species.


According to the description, not only insects, but any animal, plant, or monster related to vampires cannot harm Junyoung.


However, it is still unknown how effective the mana mosquito net is


‘I’m worrying about it too much.’


There’s no way a vampire bat is going to appear in the city.


For now, it’ll be sufficient to prevent mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers.


‘I need to wash up and get some sleep.’


I’m feeling too exhausted.


I think I’ve done too much today.


At times like these a two-hour nap is a must.


Immediately afterward, Jun-young took a shower, laid down on his bed, and then fell asleep.


How many hours had passed?




Suddenly, his smartphone started vibrating.


Junyoung pressed the answer button while he was still half asleep.




“Excuse me, is this Mr.
Kang Jun-young speaking?”


He heard A high pitched feminine voice.


The voice sounded familiar.


“Who is this?”


-Hello, I am An So-young, the head of the Hunter Management Division of the Disaster and Safety Department of Gwangjin District Office.


Hunter Management Division of Gwangjin-gu Office?


If it’s Ahn So-young?


Kang Jun-young’s half-closed eyes suddenly wide opened.


“Are you the official from earlier?”


— Yes, that’s right.
I am grateful that you used your ability to help me when I was bitten, and also for the mana mosquito net you spread on me afterwards.


“No problem, but is that why you called me?”


-That’s not it.
In fact, I called you to give you a really good news.
The general ability verification test for Mr.
Kang Jun-young is scheduled for today.




I’m sorry to bother you, but if you’re free now, could you come to the district office right now?

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