the tea party without lifting her head.


“Oh, it’s His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!”


Sharon and Fabien greeted him excitedly while adjusting their distraught hair.


Ian’s dull eyes scanned the infants one by one and finally went to Cecilia.


Cecilia looked at the Crown Prince with a bewildered expression.


“I was attracted by a friendly atmosphere and turned to this place without realizing it.” (Crown Prince)


He asked with a polite face and a nice tone.


“If you don’t mind, I’d like to take Young Lady Haley with me for a moment.”


The only person who did not avert his gaze was Filina.


The teacup in her hand shook awkwardly.


It was because Ian stood right behind Filina, and he put his hand on the chair where Filina was sitting with a natural gesture.


The long fingers that kept touching Filina’s back bothered her.


“‘Of course it’s fine! It’s Lady Cecilia, not anyone else’s!”


Sharon and Fabien turned to each other and began to laugh.
Ian, who smiled faintly, looked at Hestia who was next to him and asked, 


“Are you okay with that, sister?”


Hestia replied with an indifferent expression.


“Suit yourself.”


Ian smiled in satisfaction at her answer and looked at Cecilia.


Cecilia then stood up with a puzzled expression.
Ian said in a hushed voice.


“I’ll only be a moment.
I won’t take that much time.”


Cecilia nodded and stepped over to him.
Ian, who had been staring at her, looked down for a moment before turning his feet.


A neatly raised red hair and trinket came into his view.
Filina didn’t look at him, she just brought the cup to her mouth.


Ian, who had been gazing blankly at the figure, turned around.


Filina, who was swallowing a sip of warm tea, suddenly flinched her shoulders and quickly wrapped her hand around her neck.


“Lady Debussy, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”


At Fabien’s words, Filina smiled awkwardly and put down the teacup.


“It’s nothing.”


Contrary to her words, her expression was somewhat gloomy.


Filina was inwardly swearing at Ian.


It was because when he turned his body, he lightly brushed her neck with his fingers.


It was only for a moment, so no one else witnessed it.


Only Filina felt his touch.


The heat that had swept her skin was still there.


I kept quiet, deliberately pretending not to know about the goosebumps that had grown on her arms.


According to the original content, Ian will tell Cecilia that the engagement ceremony has been set for next spring.
At his sudden notice, she looked embarrassed and asked him to postpone the engagement ceremony.


“Please delay the engagement a little bit longer, Your Highness.”


“I’ve made enough concessions.
It’s too difficult for me too.”


“But ……………….”


“His Majesty asked that the ceremony be held this fall.
If I make this many concessions, shouldn’t you also adjust to me to some extent?”


Eventually, this day caused a small amount of friction between the two.


Cecilia inevitably began to avoid him unilaterally in order to delay the engagement, and he eventually agreed to give her an additional two years.


However, who knew if the story would flow as it did in the original story or move in a different direction.


Once Filina went to the military academy, she wouldn’t get involved with the main characters anyway.


So it was no longer a matter of concern.


“Let’s wrap up today’s tea party.”


Sharon and Fabien looked unsatisfied at Hestia’s words.
It was because they had not yet had a proper conversation with the princess.


“Lady Debussy.”


Hestia looked at Filina, who was nearby, and parted her lips.


“How about next time you and I will have a tea time together?”


Filina couldn’t answer hastily, and only smiled awkwardly.


Phyllina couldn’t answer carelessly and only laughed awkwardly.


“There’s no need to feel burdened.
It’s just a new hobby to share.”


Hestia lifted her shoulders lightly and then averted her gaze.


“I’m sorry, Lady Sharon and Lady Fabien, but we have to postpone the next meeting.”


Looking at each other with a difficult look at the Princess’s calm voice, they forced themselves to speak casually.


“Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to experience a new hobby.”


“Yes, it is.
Besides, I’m sitting with the Princess, isn’t that fun?”


Cold sweat seemed to be breaking out on their foreheads.


Filina let out a small laugh as she stared at them.
Hestia looked at Filina’s face with an interesting expression.
The tea party ended without any incident.


Filina was walking with Laura to the carriage to return to the mansion.


“Lady Filina!”


Just then, she heard someone hurrying up behind her.


Filina stopped and looked back.


Then she saw Cecilia running towards her from afar.


“What’s the matter, Cecilia? Why are you in such a hurry…?”


She let out a heavy breath and smiled awkwardly as Filina gave her a puzzled look.


“I’m very sorry that I didn’t get to speak to you properly today.”


Filina was dumbfounded at her words.


‘Did she just say she was sorry she couldn’t talk to me? not Hestia?’


Cecilia spoke again without hesitation, as if what she had said had not been misinterpreted.


“If it’s all right with the Lady, may I offer you another cup of tea at the Count’s residence?”


“I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.” 




But it wasn’t Filina who replied to Cecilia’s question.


Before she knew it, Ian was walking leisurely towards them and stood beside Filina.


“So this is why you looked towards the garden like a puppy who wanted to poo while talking to me.” (Ian said to Cecilia)


His glistening blond hair shone beautifully.
His golden eyes glanced at Filina, who was next to him at that moment.

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