Filina sighed deeply at Hugh’s playful voice.
Then she turned and walked to the door.




The sound of the door locking through the silent space rang particularly loudly.


She then approached Hugh again.


“Tell me quickly.”


First, she wanted to listen to the story about the potion.


Potion was the only weapon that could save her life.
But she felt a difference from what she experienced about the effectiveness of the potion that Hugh had previously said.


“Sit down first.”


Hugh said, tapping his hand on one side of the bed where he was sitting.


Filina was reluctant to sit on the same bed with Hugh, but she had no choice but to sit down because she felt like the story was going to be long.


“You were going to go get potion ingredients with me before.”


Filina nodded and replied to his plain voice.


“Yes, but you couldn’t take me because you weren’t feeling well.”


In the first place, it was a bit absurd that the man who was the tower lord was in bad condition and failed to move space magic.


At that time, Hugh’s face was also quite embarrassed, so he couldn’t say much.


“Actually, I wasn’t feeling bad.
My condition was no different than usual.”


Suddenly he was telling the truth.


asked Filina, frowning.


“Then why couldn’t you move the space with me?”


When asked, Hugh said calmly, stretching up one corner of his mouth.


“The problem was you, not me.”


Filina wrinkled her nose at his words.


“……I was the problem?”


She didn’t understand what Hugh was talking about.


It was because of her that space didn’t move?


When Filina looked at him with a face asking what he meant, Hugh continued nonchalantly.


“Then after you went back, I took the rabbit that was hiding in the grass and moved into space.”


Filina looked dumbfounded.


Why did a rabbit go through?


“I thought I had failed, of course.
Until then, I thought I had a problem.”


“……but it turns out, it was because of me?”


Hugh smiled and nodded as Filina uttered an absurd look on her face.


“Right, it didn’t make sense that I would fail the easy magic of space movement in the first place.
I almost broke my pride, but I was relieved.”


Hugh was in a bad mood that day because he was hurt by his failure in magic.


It was such a vain reason.


“What was wrong with me? I didn’t do anything.”


asked Filina, distorting one eyebrow.


“There’s something I need to check before I answer.”


Hugh suddenly took one of Filina’s hands.


The place he grabbed was the hand that Filina hurt while training.


“Hold it in even if it hurts for a second.”


Hugh laid his hand on the palm of her hand.


She felt a slight pain in the injured area.


“It hurts.”


Filina frowned and tried to pull out her hand.
But Hugh remained motionless, and rather clasped her hand tighter.


“How did you get hurt?”


It was not a question to be asked calmly, pressing on other people’s wounds.


Filina replied with an annoyed look.


“What do you mean, what happened? Of course, I got hurt during training.
Let go of me.”


“Are you sick?”


“Are you kidding me? Let go of me before I curse you right now!”


It was only then that Hugh loosened her hand that he held tightly.
The wound was widened and red blood formed.


She shot back at him with a nervous expression.


“What the hell is this? What are you going to check with this wound?”


Hugh looked down at Filina’s hand without saying a word.


His face looked so serious that she couldn’t open her mouth any more after being annoyed.


Then Hugh murmured in a small voice.


“…… as expected, it’s still the same.”


asked Filina, distorting her eyebrows.


“What’s the same?”


Hugh looked up at her question and made quiet eye contact with Filina.


He spoke with a plain face.


“I put a healing spell on your hand.”


“Healing magic?”


Filina, who tilted her head in wonder at his words, pointed to her hand and said,


“What’s wrong with my hand now? I didn’t get any better.”


Rather, the wound had been opened more because Hugh held her hand forcibly.


Hugh wriggled his lips and opened his mouth.


“That’s because my magic didn’t have any effect on you.”


His words were followed by a brief silence.


Filina blinked quietly, and asked in a calm voice.


“Magic doesn’t work on me?”




“Then, what’s the potion you made for me?”


Hugh explained with a calm face.


“It’s definitely part of the magic.
The process of fusing materials is also possible only when all the ingredients are put into the magic.
Furthermore, sorcerer’s blood is used.”


In the end, that meant that the potion was magic, so Filina didn’t get the effects.


It was a completely empty story.


Because she did experience the effect of potion properly.


As if he had read Filina’s thoughts, Hugh added timidly.


“By the way, the sensation you felt was not the potion’s power.
Perhaps the opposite effect occurred.”


He meant that the source of power that Filina had felt so far was not from the potion.


It was a different power and mistakenly thought it was the potion’s effect.


So what were the strange forces that she had experienced so far?


Filina asked with a look of incomprehension.


“What’s the opposite? I definitely felt the power of the potion during the test and when I fought against the demons.”


“But the basic rules of potion didn’t work.”


The rule he was talking about was that it didn’t work until a certain amount of time after taking potions.
In addition, the effect was also proportional to the dose of potion.


“It didn’t make sense that you didn’t feel any aftereffects after drinking the potions in the first place.
No matter how compatible you were with the potions, it’s normal to feel a very brief sense of abnormality afterwards.”


Hugh squinted his eyes.


“As soon as the potion enters your body, it becomes like water, so there’s no way you’ll feel the aftereffects.”


Filina opened her mouth with a confused face at his words.


“No, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.
Then how are you going to explain the power I’ve experienced so far? Is there anyone who can’t accept magic?”


Hugh, who was looking at her still, had a crooked face and was brainwashed.


“……Well, such people do exist.
Conservative people who really don’t match me from beginning to end.”


He suddenly said with a tearful expression.


“I hope you don’t belong in that group, Filina.”


“……Who the hell are the people you’re talking about?”


She asked, frowning.
Then Hugh raised his lips smoothly.


“The priests who live in the temple.”


The voice from his mouth distorted Filina’s face.


“Are you kidding me?”


Hugh shrugged his shoulders as she spoke with an absurd look.


“I never played a joke.
I’ve never seen anyone that magic won’t work on them except for priests who use divine power.”


“……I don’t believe in God.
If there was really a god in this world, my life wouldn’t be this painful.”


Filina’s voice was filled with dark resentment.


Hugh tilted his head and laughed softly.


“Yes, I don’t believe in God either.”


A thin smile smoothed over his lips.


No matter how much the influence of religion decreased, most of the imperial people still worshipped God.


In particular, the more aristocratic the atmosphere was.


This was because there were still nobles who tried to control the behavior of the imperial people through religion.


So Hugh found Filina’s reaction refreshing.
He could feel the noble anger on her face.


He opened his mouth with a rueful look.


“I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but there is no way I can explain what you are now, unless you are a sacred force.”


Hugh’s words made her adjust her thoughts for a moment.


So his words mean that the power she had believed to be the effect of the potion was actually sacred power?


……that strong power was entirely hers?


‘I don’t believe in God, how would I have the power of the god…’


Furthermore, she has never had this power in her five lives.


A false smile broke out between Filina’s lips.


It was absolutely ridiculous.


Looking blankly into the air, she suddenly turned her head and asked Hugh.


“So you’re saying I’m free to use that power without drinking potion?”


“Don’t ask me that.”


Hugh said indifferently with an irresponsible face.
Filina rose from her seat, wrinkling her eyebrows.


She said as she moved to the table next to the bed.


“I found out because of you, so you have to take the least responsibility.”


She put her fist on the table, and stared earnestly at the flat wooden board.


Then, with moderate force, she punched the table.




The sound of the wooden board banging against her hand was heard.
The sound was neither too loud nor too quiet.



Filina, who was quietly looking at the normal table, turned her head and looked at Hugh.


“Why don’t I have any power?”


If what Hugh said was true, shouldn’t a table like this be broken easily with one finger?


Hugh, who looked bewildered at her words, shook his head and opened his mouth.


“If the sacred power is activated at any time like that, how do you intend to live from now on? Do you want to destroy everything?”


Filina, who was looking at him, nodded convinced and walked to Hugh again.


Hugh said in a sophisticated voice.


“In fact, there’s only one difference between divine power and magic.
It is sometimes referred to as the front and back of a coin, or black and white.
It seems completely different, but there is actually a lot of overlap.
So if the magnitude of the power is the same, it can’t affect you in any way.”


Filina, who was listening to him in silence, still recited with a confused face.


“To be honest, I don’t believe it at all.
Out of the blue, divine power?….
I’ve never had this kind of power before…….”


Hugh frowned as if it was hard to understand what she said in a distressing voice.

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