At that moment, the instructor’s voice came from the auditorium that Leon had passed the test.

It seemed that Hugh’s spell was broken.
Filina pulled out both of her wrists that had been caught by him with annoyed gestures.

“You really make me angry, what is it?”

Filina said, glaring at Hugh fiercely, but Hugh asked, pointing towards Leon.

“Is he your lover?”

“…what are you talking about?”

As Filina mumbled as if it was ridiculous, Hugh smiled as if it was a satisfactory answer.

“If he’s not your lover, why are you so angry?”

“Because what you’re doing is annoying.”

She couldn’t say that Leon and her had been friends in her previous life, so she was just angry.

Hugh only raised his lips softly as if it was interesting to see such Filina.

“Still, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, aren’t you getting too angry?”

Filina frowned at his words.

“Where the hell have you been? You told me to come find you if I want to use my divine power.”

Hugh’s eyes twinkled at Filina’s piercing voice and pressed his face into hers.

“Did you find me? Do you want to use your divine power properly?”

Filina pushed his forehead away with her fingers, she said.

“First of all, I have a lot of questions.
You gave a brief explanation of the divine power, but that’s not enough.
I want to know more.”

As she said with a firm face, Hugh replied as if nothing had happened.

“It is easier to understand by doing it than by hearing it in theory.
What are you thinking about? All you have to do is go to the forest of hallucinations with me.”

“The forest of hallucinations?”

Ad Filina mumbled with a puzzled face, Hugh smiled, folding his eyes in half.

“There is nothing urgent.
After the promotion exam, each person is given a vacation.
During that time, I also have something to manufacture at the magic tower, so let’s do it later.”

Hugh glanced towards the training ground and continued.

“I almost died of boredom being confined to the forest of hallucinations.
Who knew I would miss the air so much?” 

He furrowed his eyebrows and whispered in a low voice.

And the name of the cadet who will take the next promotion test was called.

“Sir Fieldman, are you in your seat?”

As the instructor looked around to find Hugh, Hugh raised one hand and entered the hall.

“Here I am, handsome instructor.”

Hugh let out a playful voice and entered the examination place.

The cadets were all astonished at his daring speech.

“Sir Fieldman, this is the Military Academy.
Be polite.”

The instructor exhaled in a hard voice and gestured towards where the monsters were contained.
Then another instructor at the hall loosened the chains on the gate.

At the same time, the monster inside the cage started to inflate its body like a balloon.
Its body grew to the fullest without knowing the extent.

Then the monster that came out of the cage reduced the size of its body in an instant like a deflated balloon.
Then, the monster of an appropriate size was seen.

The weapon Hugh chose was a long spear.
The wizard was holding a spear in the middle of the auditorium, so it really didn’t suit him.

Did he know how to use the spear when he didn’t go to class properly?

It was better to pick up a sword like everyone else.

The monster once again greatly expanded its body.
While he could not predict what kind of attack he was going to make, the monster’s body suddenly exceeded Hugh’s height in an instant.

The monster became a huge ball and started rolling towards him.

Hugh smiled leisurely and ran to the other side.

The monster tenaciously followed the direction in which he was moving, and Hugh jumped high with a light footstep, and in an instant he landed on the monster’s round body.

An absurd smile flowed from Filina’s lips as she looked at the scene.
Everyone’s face and the same expression.

They could see Hugh’s smiling face, as if riding on an amusement ride.

His one hand was in his pants pocket and he walked leisurely like enjoying a day out to the direction where the monster was rolling.

Hugh had a record of making three wild boars dance in front of cadets in the entrance exam for the swordsmanship academy.

Everything about him was unusual.

Filina shook her head as she sighed with an absurd look on her face.

Hugh, who had been playing for a while on the monster’s body, jumped off with a light gesture.
Then he kicked the monster towards the sky with his feet.

The eyes of the cadets went up, following the monster that flew high into the air.

Hugh threw the spear in his hand straight into the sky.

It landed exactly on the body of the monster that floated up, and it made a popping sound in the air, like a balloon popping with a needle.

The instructor muttered in a low voice.

“Hugh Fieldman, you passed the promotion exam.

The monster that fell to the floor was struck by the spear that Hugh threw and collapsed.
The cadets who watched the game were bewildered by the game that was over in an instant.
That’s right, except for the time Hugh played with the monster, the test was finished in a really short time.

It also ended in vain by throwing a spear at the monster as if playing a game.

Everyone who watched it looked surprised, but only Hugh was tidying up his hair without any agitation.

They couldn’t help but be amazed.

Perhaps, for him, military academy was just a game to relieve boredom.


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