As Filina exited the stadium and returned to her seat, the attention of the cadets followed.

The people, who laughed at her at first, seemed to be in awe as they patted her friendly on the shoulder.

Since she had taken care of the demon they had been struggling with so far, she had released them of their troubles.

So it was a natural reaction.

After that, the promotion test for the cadets continued.

Bessie chose a bow and armor to kill monsters with her neat skills.
Filina had no doubts about the fact that Bessie would pass her promotion exam.

All of the tests of the 2nd Order were finished, and the cadets of the 3rd Order entered the stadium.

As time passed, the number of people passing the promotion test was significantly decreasing.

When everyone’s test was over, a comprehensive evaluation would be conducted based on the records so far.

The result of adding up the attitude of the cadets in class, the score for each team, and the attendance rate was reflected in the evaluation.

Through this, the cadets’ scores and positions were re-evaluated.
And according to the evaluation, the cadets were given leave.

If the score maintained the same, a stay of 1 night and 2 days were permitted.

If the score increased, they would be given 3 days and 2 nights vacation, but in the case of the 1st Order, since they no longer belong to the ranks, they were able to spend 3 days and 2 nights just with maintenance.

Conversely, there were cases where they passed the promotion test, but their score declined.
At that time, cadets were granted only five hours of outing.

The test results came out after 8 pm.

A large piece of paper was hung in front of the dormitory door.
Many cadets flocked to check the results.

Filina and Bessie stood behind the building and waited for all the cadets to leave.

As time passed, it seemed that the number of people was gradually decreasing, and Filina moved quickly to check the results.

“Wow, Sir Debussy.
You’ve changed your position to the 1st Order! Congratulations!”

Bessie, who was next to her, found Filina’s name and congratulated her.
Bessie remained in the 2nd Order.

“It doesn’t make sense.
Of course I thought Sir Bessie would rise…”

Filina looked at the result sheet with a bewildered expression on her face.

Affiliation of the 1st Order was written next to her name.

If it were others, they would have been happy to be recognized for their skills, but Filina had no desire to be recognized.

She thought she was rather suited for the 2nd Order.

Moreover, there were Henry and Leon in the 1st Order.
As she joined the group, the number of times they meet would inevitably increase.

“Sir Filina’s skill was much better than mine.
If it wasn’t for Sir Filina, more cadets might have failed the exam than they did.”

Bessie smiled sweetly and opened her mouth.

The monster Filina fought with had already caused many cadets to fail their exams.

Fortunately, Filina cut the turn, and the remaining cadets were able to successfully test against other monsters.

Bessie was also very nervous, so she was very grateful for Filina’s performance.
So, she thought, this result was a very deserving treatment for Filina.

“I’ll be moving up to the 1st Order soon, so I’m waiting, Sir Filina.”

At Bessie’s words, Filina laughed reluctantly.

“Still, I’m glad that our dormitory is the same.
The only person I feel comfortable with is Sir Bessie.”

Bessie smiled at her words and nodded her head.

“Me too.”

Filina made eye contact with Bessie quietly, then turned her head.
The test result sheet on the door of the dorm caught her eye again.
Leon, Hugh, and Henry maintained the 1st Order as they were.

There were some others in the 1st Order, but none of the names she knew.

She’s bound to bump into them after all.

With people she didn’t really want to associate with……

Was this the inevitable flow of the story?

Filina’s soft sigh escaped between her lips.


The next day, the swordsmanship academy was busy.

Normally, cadets were to be given leave after the promotion exam was over, but it was postponed until tomorrow because of an invitation from the Imperial Palace.

Today was the coming-of-age ceremony of Crown Prince Ian of the Alvar Empire.

To commemorate this, a party was held at the Imperial Palace, and invitations arrived saying that they would also celebrate the coming-of-age ceremony of others.

And the military academy decided to select cadets with excellent swordsmanship and perform simple martial arts at the coming-of-age ball.

Most of them were prepared by seniors with rank 5.

Filina went out after a long time and found a salon in the downtown area.
She was with several other cadets.
They were all celebrating coming of age this year.

There was Leon who was the same age as Filina.

She was sitting in front of the dressing table getting her face decorated before she picked out her clothes.
Filina looked at Leon through the mirror.

Leon was now very awkward about this situation.
His rigid body was capturing his emotions.
(*why would Leon in the salon?)

The corners of Filina’s lips curled up slightly as she watched him.

At that moment, Leon glanced at Filina, who was already wearing makeup.
She naturally shifted her gaze and looked in the mirror.

The makeup was already in the final stage.
As the skin texture that she had never done before became finer, it brought a cleaner image.

Even if she didn’t have to put on heavy makeup, her beautiful features were clearly revealed.

The makeup was finished by applying a red-toned lipstick over her lips.
And straight away, Filina went to get her hair done.

Her rosy hair cascading lusciously over her waist.

As she was being touched by the gentle touch of the Madame, she closed her eyes of her own accord.

Sleepiness poured out.

While she slept for a moment, her hair was finished in no time.
Her red hair was beautifully wavy.

Through the mirror, she could see the cadets were all ready.
But Filina now had to choose a dress.

The party hadn’t even started yet, but she was already tired.

What Madame had chosen was a dress embroidered with bright red roses.

It was designed in a see-through shape from her shoulder to her arm, giving it a sophisticated feel, and it was a costume that revealed the outline of her slender body.

When Filina came out wearing her dress, the reaction of the cadets was quite warm.
Leon also couldn’t take his eyes off her easily.

But Filina was more concerned about how she would get to the imperial palace in this heavy dress than their reaction.

And it was none other than the huge carriage that arrived in front of the salon that eased all her worries.

“I heard that the carriage was sent from the Imperial Palace, but it seems that it has arrived.
The Imperial Palace paid special attention to the cadets who are celebrating their coming-of-age ceremony this time.”

Listening to what the madame said, Filina quietly looked at the carriage in front of her.

“Meet me in the rose garden, Filina.”

Ian’s words flashed through her mind.

According to the original story, today was a day with an important scene.

Cecilia received an invitation from the Imperial Palace and went to celebrate Ian’s coming-of-age ceremony.

Of course, she kept avoiding him to postpone the engagement.

Unable to ignore the invitation from the imperial palace, she had no choice but to come to the banquet hall, and Ian smiled happily as if he knew Cecilia was coming.

She rushed out of the banquet hall to avoid him, but she eventually got caught by Ian’s hand… 

Under the night sky with a pretty crescent moon, the two talked.

That place was the rose garden.

Filina let out a small sigh as she looked at the carriage in front of her.
Her head hurt.

She still hadn’t decided if she should follow Ian’s promise.
He said that at the meeting today, he would make sure of his relationship with Filina.

Although it was a relationship that she had been fighting alone from the beginning, the fact that only Ian had the right to make the decision was funny.

If she met him and told him honestly about her feelings, wouldn’t he bother her any more? 

Just thinking like that, she took a step forward.

As she tried to climb onto the carriage, someone suddenly reached out from her side.

“Sir Debussy, may I escort you, if it’s okay with you?”

He was a cadet who trained together with Filina in the 2nd Order.
Although they had never had a proper conversation, he was friendly.

Filina looked at the cadet with a sullen face.
She had a reluctant face.

With a formal smile, she replied briefly.

“It’s okay.”

It meant that she didn’t want to hold the hand of a stranger.
Filina turned her head to look at Leon, who was standing behind her.

“Sir Leon, can you help me?”

Leon’s black eyes widened at Filina’s words.
Filina said discontentedly, clutching her hand at the puffy dress she was wearing.

“As you can see, it’s hard to move alone.”

At Filina’s words, Leon  moved his steps.
The male cadet, who was waiting, retreated with embarrassment.

Filina naturally grabbed Leon’s  hand and entered the carriage.

There were two carriages that were sent from the Imperial Palace.
One was for the ladies who were coming of age, and the other was for the male cadets.

The number of people who could ride the female carriage was limited because the dresses they wore were so grandiose.

Fortunately, there was an available seat, so there was room for one more person to ride.

Filina called Leon from outside as the carriage door was about to close.

“Let’s ride together.”

Leon  looked at Filina with a slightly startled face.
Filina smoothed her lips and spoke her words.

“Everyone rides together, but I feel lonely if I am alone.
I don’t want to sit with someone I don’t know.”

Behind Leon, there were already quite a few burdensome eyes trying to take a seat next to Filina.

If she didn’t ask her right away, it seemed like someone would come in.

Reading Filina’s uncomfortable expression,  Leon  immediately opened the door and entered the carriage.

The empty space was filled in an instant with just his presence.

After a while, the sound of the carriage moving was heard.
Filina turned her head and looked out the window.

There were probably quite a few people she knew were invited to this party.

Cecilia and her own (Filina’s) family will be at the Imperial Palace… 

Filina’s eyes staring out the window went dry.

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