Chapter 78

Enoch’s eyes widened in surprise at her words.

“Why all of a sudden…”

He muttered in disbelief, and Filina said in a calm voice:

“Not all of a sudden.
I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

“…… Before?”

“Yes, to be precise, since you gave me the sword.”

The academy instructors explained to the knight every time how much the sword meant to him.

Whenever that happened, Philina couldn’t help but think of Enoch naturally.

Still, receiving his sword solidified my desire to do something in return.

The knight said that when I give up my sword, which is like my life, it often means respect.

So most of them offered their swords to their masters or to their loved ones, vowing to “protect you with all my life.”

Of course, Enoch didn’t mean much when he gave me the sword.

But he knew that it wasn’t easy to give away something he cared about to someone else.

So Philina decided to give Enoch a gift as soon as she was given a vacation.

But Enoch had a somewhat undesirable face.

“I didn’t give you my sword because I wanted something like this.”

“I know.
You gave it to me because you were worried about me.”

Philina continued, smiling sweetly.

“I’m giving it to you because I’m grateful.
So don’t feel pressured to take it.”

Despite the sweet tone of her voice, Enoch did not easily answer.
Then the master looked at him and told him the price.

The intention was to sell her goods quickly.

With a relaxed gesture, Filina tried to pay the host.
But Enoch stopped her hand, and Philina stopped moving and looked at him.

“I’ll just take it, Philina.”

At his polite voice, Filina frowned.

In fact, I think this is a small amount, but I don’t think you’ll get it, so I’m just buying you what you need.”

“It’s such an undeserved gift for me.”

“What’s wrong with this? It’s just a sword and a piece of armor.”


When Enoch tried to resist to the end, Philina pursed her lips and groaned

“Show me what I’m really undeserved?”

“…… Yes?”

Enoch asked in bewilderment at her words.
Then Philina pointed with her hand to all the items in the store.

“Do you want me to buy all of this for you? So let’s be honest.
I’m going to rob you of everything here, as well as everything else.”

At Philina’s words, Enoch blinked in bewilderment.

I said I wouldn’t get swords and armor, and my room was going to be covered with stuff from here.

As she looked at the owner, ready to buy everything in the store, Enoch hastily squeezed Philina’s hand.

“Then I’ll take only one sword.
I’d rather use the armor for you.”

At his words, Filina sighed lowly.

“Enoch, this is how I want to thank you.
Don’t disregard my sincerity anymore.”

Enoch prevented him from answering, and continued to say something she had not yet finished.

“If you say no here one more time, it means that you don’t have enough sincerity in just two.”

He looked at her dumbfounded by Philina’s plain threat.
Enoch’s answer was fixed.

He nodded helplessly, and the corners of her mouth raised haughtily.

“Then will you let me go of this hand? I have to finish the calculations.”

Filina said, chinking her hand.

It was then that Enoch realized that his large palm was completely wrapped around her hand.

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

He stepped back quickly and muttered in an embarrassed voice.
Enoch’s palm, which had wrapped around her hand, naturally moved away.

Filina paid the master as if it were insignificant.

Enoch stared at her silently, then turned his gaze to look at the long sword and armor on the table.

As if boasting a high price, the luxurious exterior caught my eye.

His gaze shifted again to look at Filina.

When she had finished her calculations, she glanced at the long sword and armor she had chosen with a proud face.

Enoch lowered his head to look at my hand as it clasped Philina’s.
Her warmth still seemed to hover in the palm of her hand.

He cautiously clasped his hand in the air.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

Back at the mansion, Filina was walking past the hall to her bedroom.

That’s when I saw Ariel coming out of the room.

She smiled brightly at something in her hand, and then she looked upset when she spotted Filina.

She hastily hid the object she was holding in her hand behind my back.

As she was about to go up the stairs, Filina paused and looked back at Ariel.

Her insensitive gaze created a serene stillness.

“Uh, sister…….
Are you going out and coming back?”

Ariel rolled her eyes and opened her mouth cautiously.
Philina, who had been staring at her intently, tilted her head slightly and asked:

“What did you hide behind the scenes?”

At her question, Ariel asked, shaking his shoulders and curling his lips.

“Oh, nothing…”

“It’s nothing, why hide it?”

Philina frowned and walked over to where she stood.

Then Ariel rolled his eyes with a puzzled expression.

“Why can’t you show me? Did you steal anything?”

“No, it’s not!”

At the sound of Philina’s muffled voice, Ariel shouted in chagrin.

Filina just stared at her dryly.

It wasn’t that she was forced to make up something she wouldn’t have done.

He hadn’t seen any signs of that yet, but in his previous life, Ariel had easily touched Philina’s things.

When Filina got angry about this, the family beat her up, saying how much Ariel would have wanted it and steal it.

They wanted to be a great big sister to Philina every time, and Ariel wanted to use it to get everything she wanted.

So it wasn’t too much to see her screaming with a face of resentment right now.

Ariel held out the object she had hidden behind her as if she couldn’t help it.
Philina lowered her gaze to look at what was on top of her hand.

It was a brooch made in the shape of a rose.

A small smile slipped between Philina’s lips.

“To say that you didn’t steal it, my things are very similar to the rose brooch you carried.”

“I didn’t steal it.”

Ariel’s red eyes looked directly at Philina.

He had rolled his eyes timidly a moment ago, and now his gaze was sharp as he stared straight at her.

Filina muttered, with a small laugh.

“…… I didn’t steal this brooch.”

At the sound of her voice, Ariel bit his bottom lip and then spat out with a solid face.

“It was a gift from my mother.”

“…… Is your mother?”

Filina asked, frowning slightly.
Then Ariel looked straight at her and spoke in a calm voice.

“I said I wanted a brooch, and my mother picked one out of the jewelry box in my sister’s room.”

Ariel’s lips naturally drew an arc as she said that.
Philina, who had been staring at the corners of her mouth, said dryly:

“Knowing full well that you have taken a brooch from my jewelry box, you reply that it is a gift from your mother.”

Filina asked, her lips curling up.

“What do you call someone who shamelessly takes something that its owner doesn’t even allow and makes a fuss about it as if it were mine?”

Philina bent her hips in front of Ariel, and two pairs of red pupils touched.
Philina looked down at her and murmured in a noble voice.



“Robbers, crooks, pickpockets, night guests.”

Philina straightened her hips and tilted her head as she rested her index finger on her chin.

“What other words are there?”

She added, looking at Ariel.

“A word that suits you.”

Ariel’s eyes had a cold chill in his eyes.

Philina, who had been staring at her gaze, opened her mouth with a short sneer.

“What are you looking at so scary? I just told you the words that would suit you.
Oh, are you afraid I’m going to take that brooch back?”

She shrugged and continued.

“Don’t worry.
I never recycle anything that someone else has used.”

With that, Philina smiled softly and turned to go back to her bedroom.

But Ariel’s voice grabbed her again.

“Don’t be angry with me.”

Ariel continued, glaring fiercely at Philina.

“You’re angry with me right now.
My mother gave me her sister’s things.”

Philina turned her head to look at Ariel.
Her cream-colored hair drifted softly.
His temper was fierce, revealing beneath his slender frame.

“Isn’t this the reason why my sister hates me? I’m jealous because my mother cares more about that Ariel Debussy, who doesn’t have a drop of blood, than she does about her own daughter, Philina or her sister.”

Ariel’s eyes scanned Philina fiercely.

“Am I wrong?”

Filina was looking down at her with a pale expression.

He said sorry to Ariel, but he didn’t feel any emotional stir.
Because what she was saying was a line she had already heard many times in her previous life.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with the words that pierced my heart, and I remember feeling like an idiot.

There was a time when I was lonely and desperately needed my family’s attention.

But not now.

There was no reason to get carried away by her words.
He doesn’t love his family enough to make Ariel jealous.

Philina stared at Ariel with a blank face.

“Actually, I don’t hate you very much.”

At her words, Ariel’s eyes widened.
A dull air surrounded them.

“You have to have a certain amount of emotion to hate people, right?”

She smiled softly and continued calmly.

“But I don’t care that much about you, Ariel.”

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