Chapter 82

As Philina and Huey entered their dorm rooms, only a quiet silence reverberated through the wide corridors.

Henry, who was smiling with a twisted mouth as he stared at the tightly closed door, pushed through my door, which had not yet been properly closed, and then locked it completely.
Then he took one cold look at Huey’s room, then turned and walked away.

My stomach twisted over and over again.
I felt like a heavy rebar was sinking deep into my chest.

I couldn’t understand why I felt this way.

What’s wrong with Sir Debussy going into someone else’s room…….

Before he descended the stairs of the dorm, he paused and took another quick glance at Huey’s room, which he had already passed.

I just had to go by as casually as usual, and I didn’t know why my feet weren’t falling off like this.

With a small sigh, Henry brought his gaze back to the front and pulled his feet away.

He was headed to none other than the Oval Office, where Carmen was.

As soon as he returned to the academy, he ran into Carmen, whom he had met by chance, and asked him to come to the Oval Office for a brief interview.

As he walked out of the dormitory building, Henry’s face looked very bored.
Then he glanced at the hall where the cadets were gathered, and muttered lowly:

“…… It’s noisy.”

Seniors who did not have good results in the promotion examination were taking classes together.

It was a rather simple discipline in the form of expelling the mana that had been condensed out of one’s body.

Of course, from Henry’s level, it was as simple as that.

Unleashing the power of my body, at least for the cadets, was the greatest challenge and the task to be solved before graduation.

“That’s a terrible skill.”

Henry, who had already been a genius at mana from an early age, found it funny to see those who had entered the swordsmanship academy earlier than him struggle with just one mana.

Henry, who had glanced at the barracks, quickly withdrew his gaze with a look of curiosity.

He knocked on the door of the Oval Office and entered, and Carmen greeted Henry with a smile.

“Sit down this way, Lord Argeni.”

He led Henry to the couch in one corner.

In the Oval Office, Carmen sat alone.
Lawrence’s desk had also been cleared, and he seemed to be completely empty.

“General Manager Weaver and Deputy General Manager Lawrence have been away from the Oval Office for a short time due to outside schedules.”

Reading Henry’s gaze, Carmen picked up the kettle on the table and poured tea into a teacup.
He brought it in front of Henry and spoke again.

“Apparently the other cadets have not returned to school yet, but Lord Argeny has returned quickly.”

Carmen brought the same teacup in front of her, the same one she had held out to Henry.

Henry reflexively thought of Philina and Huey.

Carmen didn’t seem to see them.

“What does Lord Argeny intend to do when he graduates from the Swordsmanship Academy?”

He braided his legs to one side and leisurely brought the mug to his mouth.
Henry looked at Carmen with an expressionless face.

Carmen, who had placed her teacup on the table, added another word.

“It’s not a common answer to be a good knight like everyone else, or to take over a title, but to ask if you have a more explicit and specific goal.”

Carmen’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Henry.

His gaze, relentlessly trying to penetrate the other’s head, shone sharply.
It looked like a black viper looking for its prey.

Henry, who had been staring at Carmen in silence, smiled sheepishly.

“When you hear my goals, do you think you can handle them?”

Henry tilted his head to one side and said dryly.

“What if I make a dangerous statement?”

The corners of his eyes drew a small arc as he said so.

Carmen, who was looking at him, was silent for a moment at the terribly sterile air that emanated from Henry.
Then he smiled with an interesting expression.

“You never know.”

Carmen looked at Henry and murmured.

“Maybe I’ll be willing to help Lord Argeny with his goals.”

He buried his back deep in the couch and looked at Henry with an amused face.

“I hate being half-hearted.
It’s the same when it comes to setting goals.
I think it’s much better to desire the highest goal, true to your instincts, than to rational thinking.”

Carmen rested one arm on the back of the couch and groaned with a relaxed face.

“From the first time I saw Lord Argeni, I felt that he was very similar to me.
So I didn’t expect to be here with any halfway goal.”

Henry, who had been listening to him quietly, replied dryly:

“I’m sorry I didn’t live up to expectations, but my goal is not related to the Swordsmanship Academy.”

Carmen replied with a wry smile.

“It doesn’t matter what.
All I have to do is remember that I can help Lord Argeny at any time.”

He stood up and walked over to the window.
Henry’s eyes naturally followed Carmen’s backside.

“The swordsmanship academy is very obscure in many ways.
If I had taken over the position of general manager, I would have raised people to a higher level than I do now.
Pick the best instructors so that only the most skilled cadets can be admitted.”

Carmen turned and made eye contact with Henry, who was looking at her.

“If Sir Argeni helps me, he will be a very strong support.
And I, too, will give Lord Argeny the help he deserves.
Of course, I can guarantee you the full rank of rank and file officer at the Swordsmanship Academy.”

Carmen’s haughty voice echoed far and wide into the quiet office.

Henry’s gaze, which had been staring at him with a blank face, went down, and a smooth line was drawn over his lips.

-ˏˋ ━━━━━━ ʚɞ ━━━━━━ˊˎ-

Huey sat down in the chair in front of his desk and looked at Philina.

She sat down on Huey’s bed, staring at him curiously.

“Do you know what I was originally going to pay you for the potion?”

Huey looked at Philina and asked in a light voice.

I remembered that he had made me a potion and told me that he would accept a wish in exchange for money.

I didn’t unintentionally get the potion in time because the ingredients weren’t filled, but it was a good thing because it was a body that didn’t even have magic anyway.

On the other hand, the sudden collapse of the promise would not have been very pleasant to him.

“What were you going to get?”

Filina asked, puzzled.
If he could do it, he was willing to do it in a reasonable way.

For example, if it is a material price, such as money.

“In fact, I had a drug that I was secretly asked for a while ago.”


“Yes, but the ingredients in the drug are a bit dangerous, so the wizard has to experiment to see if the quality is okay.”

Philina, who had been listening quietly to Huey, asked, her expression contorted.

“No way…, did you want to experiment with that material on me?”

At her question, Huey nodded, folding his eyes in half.
Then Philina said coldly, with a delightful face.

“Why did you want to experiment with dangerous materials? And if anything happens to me, how are you going to take responsibility for it?”

“The material itself is not dangerous.
However, it can only be manufactured if it works properly.
Rather, it’s the failed drugs that are really dangerous.
What’s more, I thought you were a good match for me, so if you don’t have any aftereffects, you can feel the effects of the ingredients in more detail.”

“So why don’t you experiment with it yourself? Why are you trying to attract Ammon people?”

“When I check the ingredients, I have to see if it blends well with my blood, but what if it goes into my stomach? The blood was already in my body.
Obviously, the blood mixed with the ingredients disappears like water, and the ingredients are swallowed.”

“So how have you been experimenting so far? Did you feed it to someone else like you tried to make me do it?”

Filina looked at Huey like she’s looking at garbage.

“No, I can’t.
It doesn’t work with me, so the aftereffects will be huge.
So most of them are apprentice wizards.”

He said, chinking at the half-potion on Philina’s waist.

“I did the same when I was making your potion.
One of my apprentices suffered from the aftereffects and couldn’t get out of bed for over a month.”

Huey rested his chin on his hand and blurted out.

“Anyway, now that I know you don’t take drugs, this promise has come to naught.”


“And if you said no in the first place, I didn’t mean to force you.
I guess I told you that at first?”

As he furrowed one eyebrow, Filina remembered the day Huey came to the Duke’s residence.

‘I’m not going to make a strange wish.
You can listen to it later, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel it right away.’

…… I think that’s what was said.

Filina pursed her lips and looked at Huey.
Then he opened his mouth with a small smile.

“That’s why I came to school.
to find the materials needed for that commission.”

“You mean the material is in the military academy? So what is the person you were trying to meet?”

Philina asked with a puzzled face, and Huey, who had leaned back in his chair and looked at her quietly, replied in a nonchalant voice.

“He’s what I’ve been looking for.”

At what he said, Filina was silent for a moment.

There was a brief silence between the two.

Her eyes blinked a few times as she looked at Huey, and then a deep wrinkle crept between her brows.

“Is that the person you were trying to find?”

Filina asked, puzzled, looking still incomprehensible.
Then Huey nodded, folding his eyes into a half-moon shape.

“yes, that’s why I’m trying to meet you.”

“…… Does that mean he has the ingredients? Like, a pocket?”

At what she said, Huey frowned, asking what he meant.

“Wen pocket?”

“…… Or do you have the ingredients in your hands?”

At Philina’s words, he furrowed his eyebrows in frustration.

“What are you talking about? He’s my stuff.”

Philina’s expression, staring blankly at Huey, slowly turned into astonishment.

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