It was Daisy.
I never thought I would run into her, the girl claimed to be busy, how ironic.
Her blue eyes alternately looked at us with a touch of amused.

“And with Logan? What in the world is going on here?”

It was the first time we crossed paths since Chloe’s salon.
She had not initiated a meeting between us ever since that incident either.

Maybe she was spending time with the other girls, just like at the moment, Daisy was with two girls, the lady of Viscount Watson family and the lady Viscount Thurman family.
Daisy, the Count’s daughter, clasped them on either side of her and occupied the center of them.

I never thought I would meet these three here.
Daisy took turns looking at me and Logan with interest as I gave them a light glance.
She then asked Logan.

“How did this happen? When did you come to Cardiff?”

She appeared quite astounded.
Logan glimpsed at both sides of Daisy and replied calmly.

“I’m back from my trip.
I have something to investigate.”

“I see.
I didn’t expect to see you here, but it’s good to see you.
But with Sienna, how come…?”

She was probably wondering how I was with Logan.
But why was she smiling so brightly? I replied with a sour face.

“I ran into him.”


Daisy introduced Logan to her party.

“Say hello ladies.
He is a traveller I met with Sienna on my way to Marquis Nelson’s estate.”

Lady Watson and Lady Thurman looked at Logan.
Logan, who had glanced at them earlier, stared straight at them.

The first person to say hello was lady Watson.

“Oh, hello there.”

Her voice was shaking.
There was no need for any further guess, I could just tell why she was so nervous at the first glance.
I too had never seen a more handsome man in my entire life, including my past one.

Lady Watson was not the only one who was excited about Logan’s appearance.
Lady Thurman’s face was also very hot.

“Did you say you met such a person on your trip?”

“That’s right.
We have made very special memories at Nelson’s estate.”

It was then that I realised why Daisy was smiling so earnestly today.

Lady Watson and Lady Thurman were with her, so she must have wanted to show off her friendship with Logan in front of them.
It was certainly a rare sight among nobles.

She was so eager that she did not even pay attention to Logan’s blunt answers.

Daisy and the two misses of Viscount households swarmed around Logan in a circle.
They left me out and the girls began to question Logan.

“Excuse me, but what family are you from?”

“I am not a noble.
I am a commoner.”

“Oh my, you are a commoner?”


Here we go again.
He was acting like a commoner.
I have got to say, he was being quite faithful to his answers.

Nonetheless, It was rather funny to see Daisy being ignored by him.
I grinned and stuck my hand in between Daisy and Thurman to grab Logan.

“Excuse me.”

Then I pulled Logan’s sleeve carefully.

“Oh gosh!”

“Daisy, we will be going first.
See you next time.”

I was the one who made the appointment with Logan, so why should I be left out? Daisy’s eyes widened when I pulled Logan out.

“We have just met, why are you leaving so soon? Logan, let’s have a cup of tea together.”

Said Daisy grinning at Logan.
I flatly rejected it.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to decline.”

It was not hard to have a cup of tea, but I hated it.
I was not feeling like witnessing anymore of Daisy’s nauseous acts, which had become even more pretentious today, the mere sight of her fake smile just now was already enough to ruin my mood.

Then Daisy grabbed my hand and pulled me.
What was with this power all of a sudden… Daisy dragged me a few steps away.
When we were some distance away from them, she whispered softly.

“How would you like to join us and chat together?”

This was another one of her ideas of friendship for show.
Even though she was acquainted with Logan and knew he was a commoner, she still wanted to show dominant superiority against him? This could not get any more ridiculous.

“Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Logan.
But where would he go to hang out with four noble girls?”

She was acting all serious as she rounded her eyes when she talked and with that high-pitch tone of hers emphasising every word she said.

That’s right, just keep ignoring him like that.
When I think about the future, there would be nothing bad coming at me, but rather the other way around.
She was clueless about what was going to happen in the future, and I somehow felt a sense of superiority.
I advised her with a stern look.

“You’d better not ignore him too much.
Logan will know how you see him.”

“Oh my, it looks like you two have become really close.
Why are you covering for him like that?”

Daisy asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Do you happen to like that man? It’s strange that you guys were alone…”

What did she mean? I did not know how taking his side a little can turn into having feelings for him.
I said with a frown.

“You really think I like him?”

“Hmm, isn’t that right? Still, you are the young miss of a Marquis family…”

How can you like a commoner? Daisy blurted out with that nuance.
There was no need for much deep thought to make out what a person who always judged people based on their ranking status such as herself truly meant to say.
Then she smiled softly.

“He was handsome.
It would have been really nice if he was a nobleman, but I’m very sorry.”

What if he was a noble? Was she going to leave George and marry him? Well, it would surely be amply profitable for Daisy to do that, but even nơ, Daisy had already tried to shorten her distance with Logan by acting all close to him several times.

Even if Daisy wanted it, he would refuse.
I took a step back from Daisy and said.

“Are you done talking? Then I’ll be on my way now.
Let’s talk about it later.”

“What? Wait a minute!”

I moved past them and beckoned Logan to come along.
Then Logan strode towards me and walked side by side with me.

Seeing that no sound was coming from behind, it seemed that Daisy and the others did not come after us.
Although it was brief, it was a disturbing meeting.
I looked up at Logan with a liberated smile.

“Shall we head to the library now?”

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