y, such a huge commotion was published in newspapers.
I did not attend, but I read about it through the newspaper.

I also heard about the situation at that time from a witness at the scene.

“I was abruptly told to evacuate.
I was scared to death because of what was happening!”

It was from Daisy.
Of course, someone like Daisy would not miss a single ball or social gathering.
Her body was shaking as she said.

“Sienna, I’m so glad you didn’t attend it.
Otherwise, wouldn’t you be in big trouble too? How on earth did such a hazardous situation occur…?”

But the incident was going to repeat this time.
I had not even paid much mind about it until now, but I feel bad about the future that was to come.

How could one not care if somebody were to die? If my memory served me right, the person who died then was…

I could easily recall the victim’s identity.
How could I forget, it was a face I had met several times at tea parties.
As a matter of fact, I had just seen that person at the salon a few days ago.

The victim was none other than the young Baroness Coventry.

Her name is Heidi, and she’s the same age as me and one year younger than Chloe.
Considering that Baroness Coventry was a descendant of the Duke of Grint, it was only natural that Heidi was a relative of Chloe.

What should I do? I fell into agony for a while.
Was I supposed to just stand by and watch? Then Heidi would die.

How surprised I was when I first heard that she was dead.
As I returned to reality, I could not help but be shocked.
It was hard to accept that a person I had encountered multiple times would die in the upcoming event.
I did not want to go through that experience anymore.

It was then that it hit me. Could I perhaps…stop it?

I hardly exchanged any words with her, but it would be inhumane to pretend not to know and leave her life at stake.
I would definitely feel guilty afterwards if I were to let things proceed along the original timeline.


After much consideration, I finally made a life-changing decision, and it was not only for me…

Let’s save Heidi.

The cause was unknown, but I did know what time the fire started.
I also knew roughly where the fire started.
Let’s just go ahead and block the fire and save Heidi.
But as they said, it was easier said than done, so hopefully nothing would go wrong.

And I asked Daisy to join me at the ball, continuing with the act as her friend as naturally as possible.

I still had to pretend to be her friend to crush her with the sense of betrayal that I used to feel.
How painful would it be to get bitten by that one docile dog she thought to be taking advantage of?

Anyway, it would be much easier to read her innermost thoughts when she was around.

That was how I decided to attend this ball.



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