“But didn’t lady Moore just say she is proud of you?”

That’s exactly why I was speechless.
I almost laughed out loud, but I quickly corrected my expression and regain my calm.

“I thought I had to put out the fire, even if I would not get invited to the next ball…”

I looked at the Countess this time.

“I’m sorry, I was in a hurry, so I used some precious fossil stones of yours.
I will compensate for that.”

“Oh, no need for that…”

Countess Parker waved her hand. 

“That can’t be called making a fuss.
You stopped a big fire, didn’t you?”

I glanced at Daisy.
She wasn’t looking at me.
Her head was down and she was blinking rapidly, probably from nerves.
What was she thinking?

Seeing this, Chloe asked her with a little frustration mixed in her voice.

“Lady Moore, what happened? Why didn’t you tell anyone about this?… Say something.”

Daisy remained silent for a while, and all I could hear was the stir among the nobles.

I was dying to hear what Daisy had to say.
Still, I waited patiently for her to speak.

And after a while, Daisy opened her mouth with a pitiful expression.

“I-… If the smoke spreads, I thought today’s ball would be in chaos.
It’s been so long since a ball this grand was last held.”

“Is the ball supposed to go on even if there is a fire and people might die?”

Chloe asked as if all she heard was absurdity.
Then Daisy slowly shook her head with a contemplative look on her face.

“I never meant that! I couldn’t think of anything.
I was scared and panicked.
I have never seen a fire this big before.
My mind went blank and I didn’t know what to do.”


I called her calmly as she laid out her excuses.

“I saw it for the first time too.
I was terrified just like you.
At least you could have called someone…”

The door could be closed.
But not calling someone was the same as telling me to die.

Was she thinking of killing me?

People chattered, looking at Daisy and me alternately.
Daisy’s eyes shook anxiously and made a face like she was about to cry.

The Countess, of course, did not look that good.
She opened her mouth to Daisy with a complex face.

“Your behavior is a bit disappointing, lady Moore.”

When Daisy kept silent, the Countess spoke again.

“No one would want to enjoy the ball in this situation.
And of course, I think so too.
So, can you go back for today?”


Daisy quickly raised her head.
She looked incredulous.

Despite her bewildered look, the Countess did not change her words.

“I will call you again next time.”

It was a very clear order, meant for the guest to be kicked out.
Daisy didn’t say anything to her, she just burst out in tears.

Daisy covered her mouth with her hand as she hurriedly turned around and headed for the exit.

Her sudden leave caused a stir.

She must be quite shocked, huh? This was the first time she had been treated like that.

But Daisy, this isn’t the end of it.
I suppressed the smile of victory as I looked at Daisy’s back growing further.


Daisy came to me a week later.
We didn’t contact each other until she came to find me.
It was a given since I would never be the one to bend over (to yield first) in this situation.

I understood her feelings, and I had no intention of going easy on Daisy by comforting her.

Her face was haggard.
It’s like she had not eaten properly for the past week.
It must have been quite a shock to her at the time.

She said to me helplessly.

“Looks like you’re doing well.”

Thanks to you. But I hid my thought and placed the slice of cake in front of her.

“Why are you so slimy? Eat this.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Daisy smiled faintly and shook her head.

Since she didn’t want to eat it, I wouldn’t bother to suggest it again then.
I leaned back leisurely on the backrest.

Before long, Daisy offered me an invitation.

“It’s an invitation to a masquerade.”

“A masquerade?”

This time, it is held at the Pent Viscounty.
I wanted to go with you, so I even prepared yours.”


I received nothing like this before my regression.
Before I got married, Daisy took good care of me.
She always took me with her wherever she went, even at those gatherings that I was not invited to.
She asked for their understanding and accompanied me.

That’s why I thought Daisy was being sincere.
I even thought no one would take me along like that if it was not Daisy.

But Daisy said it with her own mouth.
I was just her sidekick.
She must have thought that keeping me by her side would make her shine brighter than ever.

The reason why she didn’t accompany me to the masquerade in the past was obvious.
Because she had to put on a mask to hide her face.

“I’m sorry.
Even if it wasn’t intentional, it’s true that I put you in danger.”

Daisy smiled weakly, but I was sure that those words of apology were false.
She hated me even when I didn’t do anything, but this time she had no choice but to reluctantly invite me.
I asked with a grim face.

“You don’t blame me?”

“No way.
I know to admit my mistakes when I’m wrong.”

Oh, really? When she still had that straight face on her back at the Marquisate? I clearly remembered my ‘only friend’ who did me nothing good in front of Logan.

But somehow, today’s Daisy only showed her weak side.
She smiled and asked me.

“Won’t you go with me? It’s a sign of my sincerity.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this.” 


I calmly threw my blunt answer at her.

“I already got it from someone else.”

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