It was such a calm tone that I doubted my ears for a moment.
Daisy, who was crying just a minute ago, was taking out her handkerchief and wiping away the tears from her eyes.


“You've done a great job being my best friend.
It was pretty fun seeing you working hard as my underling.”


“D, Daisy…?”


Why is Daisy doing this all of a sudden? Daisy laughed as I looked at her with a confused face.


Now that I'm higher than you.
You're only a Countess, and I'm a Duchess.
I'm more successful than you are.
Isn't that right?”


Without caring for my suffering, Daisy was simply chattering merrily.


“This is why people should be greedy.
If I had been in your state, I wouldn't be able to live.”


I couldn't understand this absurd situation at all.
Did I do something that would make Daisy hate me? No, absolutely not.
I don't think Daisy and I ever had any discordance between us.
Daisy was always kind, and I tried to please her all the time.


…Cough! Now……I don't know what you're talking about…….”


There was no reason for her to hate me.
We've been good friends for so long.


Perhaps shocked by her rubbish, my eyes have been shaking, and I was gasping for breath.
I waited for her words as my breathing was barely holding on.


Daisy, who had a subtle look, narrowed her eyes and pulled a radiant smile.
It was her signature smile that I knew.


Yet what she said was something I never thought I'd hear from her.


“Pardon me.
You look quite surprised.
I assumed you were leaving soon, so it was so easy for me to say it…”


My mouth was wide open at that remark, but no words came out.
Daisy, who I knew, was not the type to say this.
I thought Daisy would keep my last days with a broken heart.


I couldn't keep my mouth shut while incredulously staring at Daisy.
I couldn't utter a single word, much less cry tears. 


“And yet you'd been holding out for a long time.
I don't think I could have lived if I were you.
No money, no honor……where did the Count go?”


She clicked her tongue when I remained silent.
Shaking her head, her gaze filled with pity. Daisy continued, with a now cold expression.


“I know that you're not capable of anything, but you're still a woman….how can you get abandoned by such a human being?”


I knew too well that I'm abandoned, but I always sort of denied it.
When the confirmation came out from her mouth, the pain that I locked deep down inside burst out, adding to the pain I felt of my friend's betrayal.
The inability to refute all her words filled me with anger.


“Your husband, his ears were too thin.
It would be a waste for such a person to do business.
A wife who acts like a brute, a spineless husband.
It's a perfect match.”




“You don't know what I'm talking about, do you? That diamond mine from five years ago, it was an information spread from our House.”


What are you talking about? I looked at Daisy with furrowed brows.


“Do you remember what you told me? 'I already have a lot of debt, but I'm worried because my husband wants to expand his business.
You said your husband was looking to make a big investment?'.”


I've asked her that before.
I told Daisy that I was worried that my husband's business would be in jeopardy.


“I told my brother about it instead, and he immediately spread the word in the industry secretly.
And then my brother lent the money to your husband after he took the bait.
You made it too easy for us because your husband was so stupid.”


Ugh, Cough!”


My coughing fit suddenly interrupted on what I wanted to say.
I covered my mouth and coughed violently.
My eyes opened with difficulty and glared at Daisy. 


How can you be looking so peaceful after saying such shocking things! This wretch even seemed quite amused.


“It was so easy to break off friendships as well.
I merely asked the other ladies if they were going to get infected by your coughing, yet everyone changed their attitude at once.
Well, I know you couldn't help it, but……but you really don't get it, do you?”


“Ugh! Cough! Cough!”


Instead of answering, I crouched down and coughed violently.
Oh, how I wanted to hurl curses at her, but rather my cough exploded in full swing.


I coughed facing the ceiling, and the blood splattered on my face.
I hurriedly closed my mouth with my hands.




Daisy stood up.
The ache in my chest had gotten worse.


It's so unfair that I've been fooled by someone like this who I've thought was my friend.
This is so outrageous!




I can't remember anything after that one last cough.
I could feel it instinctively that this is my last breath.

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