As Heidi was staring blankly at Logan, I called her to divert her attention.

“Lady Coventry?”


She turned to me, startled.
Then she looked back at Logan and smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry.
Was I staring too much?”

It seemed she was aware.
Heidi looked away from him and asked me.

“Are you heading this way?”

I just arrived.”

“I see.
If you’re not busy, how about having tea together? It’s so nice to meet you here.”

Nonetheless, I couldn’t take her offer right away.
Of course, I was glad I met her by chance here of all places.
Besides, we were even on the brink of death together once.

Still, Logan was with me.
From experience, Logan was not the type to welcome being with strangers.
Most of all, Heidi’s attitude a while ago was unsettling.

With that, I was about to say no.
But Heidi spoke to Logan again.

“Logan? Won’t you come with us?”

It seemed that even Logan couldn’t refuse since she asked so kindly.
He took a while to consider it then looked at me and nodded.

“It’s fine with me.
Let’s all go together.”

And so the tea time between the three of us began.
We went to a nearby tea house, sat down, and ordered drinks.

I and Heidi sat side by side, while Logan sat across from us.

“I missed you, lady Nelson.”

Heidi said in a voice full of affection.
She, who had never talked to me before the masquerade, became close to me after the last fire accident at Count Parker’s ball.

“Lady Nelson is my lifesaver.”

How embarrassing when she put it that way.
Wasn’t ‘lifesaver’ too big of a deal?

“I was so sad I could not see you last time.”

“The same went for me, because lady Coventry was the only one didn’t come.”

A few days ago, Chloe had prepared a small tea party, but Heidi could not make it that day.

I only found out later that Heidi had the lowest attendance rate among Chloe’s group of friends.

Chloe often teased Heidi that she was a busy woman.
She asked why Heidi did not show up all the time, and wondered if she had gotten herself a man.

I think I know why Heidi is busy.

She must have met with Grint Duchy’s young lord.
Heidi’s friend, Chloe, did not know this, so their relationship seemed to be a secret.

Now that it’s mentioned, I had come across a lot of secrets here and there recently.
Duke Harrison’s double life, even the future duke of Grint’s secret love affair…

Heidi smiled sweetly and chatted with me.
Logan seemed to have lost interest.

Logan was silently listening to our conversation.
Was it too boring? After a while, Heidi spoke to him as well.

“Is Logan originally from Cardiff?”

I have been living in the capital.”

“I see.
Well, Cardiff has good land routes everywhere, so it’s good for traveling.”

As expected of Logan.
He was only answering faithfully.
Still, his answers were not short.
Had the answers ended with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it would have been difficult for Heidi.

Fortunately, Logan’s response was blunt but sincere, and Heidi made the conversation go smoothly.
Unlike anyone else, no matter how noble or prestigious of a family he came from, he did not get cocky or wanted to stand out.

Our conversation, which we had only thought of catching up for a while, took longer than expected.
Then Logan suddenly stood up.

“I’m going to get some fresh air.”

Heidi lowered her voice right after Logan left.

“Lady Nelson.”

She turned around to make sure Logan was completely out, she then asked me.

“Are you sure he is a commoner?”

It was only then that I understood Heidi’s reaction a while back.
She did not believe that Logan was a commoner.

She was the first to doubt this.
The restaurant I went to with Logan, the tea house, and the small garden at the library.
How many times had we met outside? And wherever we went, the nobility was always there.

But Logan’s face was not well known, so no one suspected him as a duke.

However, no matter how much Logan dressed like a commoner and claimed to be one, he was still a noble.

Whenever he said that he would treat me to a meal, he took me to restaurants that ordinary people would never dream of setting foot in.
Additionally, he used the tableware and utensils in an elegant manner.
Logan’s disguise was too sloppy.

And above all, wasn’t his attitude too bold? If I was strict about status like Daisy, it would definitely bother me.
Even now, he was not intimidated by Heidi at all.
No wonder Heidi doubted him.

But I pretended not to know because I was determined to keep his secret.

Definitely a commoner.
Is there something wrong?”

“There is something noble about him.
It made me feel like I shouldn’t act carelessly around him.”

Heidi’s intuition was quite sharp.

“Is he though? Maybe it’s just because he is good-looking.”

“I don’t mean that, rather…”

“What were you talking about?”

All of a sudden, we heard Logan’s voice from behind.
We almost had a heart attack.
Heidi was so startled that she immediately yanked herself away from me.

No, Heidi.
I think you don’t have to be that far away from me … Isn’t that even more suspicious?

“Nothing much.
We were just talking about lady Chloe’s salon.”

I answered.
Heidi was busy looking at Logan so it might be difficult to expect a proper answer from her.

Certain enough, there was a limit to Logan’s disguise.
I parted with Heidi and made my way back to the library with Logan.
I fell into deep thought along the way.

Would Heidi be the only one who doubts whether he really is a commoner?

He was so unique from the way he looked, how could he not be noticed? Had Heidi memorised the genealogy perfectly, or had she remembered that Duke Harrison’s eyes were red, he might have been caught for real.
Because red was the characteristic colour of the Harrison.

Just as I thought so, I noticed that the eyes of a passerby were also red.
Yes, it was rare, but it was definitely a colour present among commoners as well.
Still, this external shell, wasn’t it too insecure and lacking in many ways?

It couldn’t stay like this.
Something had to be done.

“What are you thinking about?”

Seeing I was silent, Logan, who was walking next to me, asked.
I stumbled over my words.

“I was just…I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

“It’s just like when we saw the rain.”


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