“That’s not–”

“What are you doing now?”

It was another man’s cry that stopped Daisy, who was at a loss for what to say.

We all turned to the direction the sound was coming from, and a middle-aged man was approaching us with Chloe, their arms locked together.

Duke Grint, I didn’t expect him to be here too.

Chloe asked Logan with a puzzled look.

“Your Grace! You are here too? Oh my, what brings you here?”

“Your Grace…?”

Daisy frowned.
Chloe, who came all the way to us, looked back at everyone and said as if declaring.

“I heard some strange noise and came to check it out… To see Duke Harrison!”

In split seconds, our surroundings fell into total turmoil.
It was bound to happen.
The person whom they thought to be a lowly commoner turned out to be a prestigious duke.

Duke Grint placed his hand on Logan’s arm and gave him a joyful welcome as his acquaintance.

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance if you were going to come?”

“It just happened.”

Even Duke Grint knew Logan.
This turned the unbelievably vague statement of him being Duke Harrison into certainty.

Daisy was struck with astonishment.
She muttered.

“Harrison, the duke…?”

This time, Count Beth and his wife rushed toward us.
It looked like they had never seen Logan’s face before.
Count Beth then greeted Logan politely.

“Logan,..is Duke Harrison…?”

Daisy’s powerless utters flew into the air and faded.
It was a silly mumble befitting her bewildered expression.

That’s right, you idiot.
How many times have I warned you not to ignore him? I didn’t know why but her shocked face was hilarious.

The orchestra’s performance had been stopped since the Count couple came this way.
The ball would go on as it was for most people, but it’s a different case for a duke who seldom showed up at social events.
Perhaps under the order of Count Beth, the performance was put to a halt.

“But everyone here was too much.”

Chloe looked at everyone and said reproachfully.

“I heard laughter when I came here.
Don’t tell me you all laughed at the Duke thinking he was some nobody?”

“Unfortunately, that is true.”

Deciding that I had kept silent enough, I opened my mouth.
Nonetheless, it did not mean I would admit I knew Logan’s true identity.
I meant to pretend to be completely clueless.

“I was very surprised, but… First of all, I want to apologise to the Duke.
For you were insulted because of me.
About how they said you were a commoner, that you don’t know the etiquette, and even questioning your audacity to come to this place…”

“No, but I didn’t know he was a duke…”

The baron, who clicked his tongue earlier, responded with a red face.
Hearing that, Duke Grint cut him off coldly.

“So you’re saying that one would suddenly seem to have excellent manners just because that person happens to be a duke? Shame on you! As a parent, your children would witness and learn to act the same way!”

He swept through the crowd surrounding Logan with a stern look.
At the centre of it was Daisy.

Come to think of it, wasn’t Daisy a member of the Grint in the past? However, the Duke of Grint before me was giving Daisy a cold look.

“No matter what, you should come to know one’s personality first.
What kind of courtesy is it to surround and ridicule people for thinking they are commoners?”

Everyone was rendered speechless.
Duke Grint spoke to them as if they were a pathetic bunch.

“I know your standard very well, but-”

“Please stop.
I don’t think there’s a need to get angry with these people anymore.”

Logan calmly stopped Duke Grint.

While all the young ladies who were criticised by Duke Grint were all bowing their heads, I noticed Daisy.
Since she had her head upright.
However, her eyelashes were trembling and her face was red, she seemed quite heated.

Who told her to mess with Logan? Daisy even made herself look hateful to Duke Grint because of today’s incident.
All the positions of a Duchess… It seemed like there was no chance left for her now.

What’s more, Daisy’s reputation would also go down.
I wished she could be completely alienated from this social world like how I used to be.

I was secretly laughing at Daisy inside when Logan’s voice was heard beside me.

“Lady Nelson.”

I turned to Logan and he was reaching out to me.

“Would you give me the honour to have a dance with you?”

“…with me, you say?”

When asked, he nodded with a tender smile on his face.

“I want my first dance to be with lady Nelson.”

Logan’s expression was calm and gentle.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to show off his dance skill properly in front of those who laughed at him. With that in mind, I put my hand over his palm.

“I’d love to.”

He pressed a light kiss on the back of my hand.
As if my words were a signal, the orchestra started playing again.

“Were you surprised?”

Logan asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
I put my other hand on his left shoulder.
We spun around and moved in a circle at the speed of the rhythm playing.
When other people moved out of the way, it was only the two of us in the circle.

I answered in a small voice.

“A little bit.”

I was truly taken aback when he showed up at the ball today.
But how could Logan know what I was thinking? I barely show any sign of confusion.

“I have something to say about that.
It’s hard to say it right now, so I’d like to have a private talk with you.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Everyone must have been curious.
About how I became friends with Logan.
They probably didn’t have time to ask because they were being rebuked earlier, but after this dance, tons of questions would be thrown at me.
How should I answer them?

While dancing, I got a glimpse of Daisy, standing there as if she had been nailed to the spot.

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