even more once we stopped.

Logan, who stopped walking, stayed silent for a moment then said.

“I’m not really a commoner.”

It was a funny situation.
Since he already appeared as Duke Harrison.
Still, I couldn’t laugh.

“…I was really surprised.”

As I pretended to be ignorant, Logan put on a somber look.

“…I did not intend to continue deceiving lady Nelson.
My apology for I am only telling you now.”

Logan bowed deep and apologised to me.

No, you don’t have to bow your head like that.

I cried out in panic.

“No, you don’t have to apologise like that! The Duke didn’t do anything wrong.”

Was my reaction unexpected? Logan looked at me with a complicated face.

“You’re not angry.”

“It’s nothing to be angry about.
I have absolutely no reason to be mad.”

He remained silent for a while before parting his lips.

“I will tell you the truth.
About why I lied about my identity.”


Let’s not deceive her anymore. Fabian came to the ball with this determination.

Chloe, who visited Duke Harrison’s residence that day, said.

“Deliver a sincere apology to lady Nelson.
And have a natural encounter with her as a duke on a particular occasion.
That’s where you convey your heart.”

And that’s exactly what he was going to do.

It was also Chloe who informed Fabian that Sienna was attending the ball and made him plan for the day.

Now that he has revealed his identity to save her from the rumour, it’s time to tell her the truth.

“At first, I heard that there was a magic fountain in the Marquisate, so I went to see it in person.
However, since I am not married yet, if I had gone to the magic fountain as a duke, I would suffer from rumours.
Therefore, I went to visit the Marquisate, lying about my identity.”

“…I see.”

“The reason I couldn’t tell you earlier… is because I thought that if I returned to the capital and revealed my identity, the lady would be very surprised.”

Fabian observed Sienna’s expression as he spoke.

“I wanted to say thank you to milady, but I thought that if I met you as a duke, it would be considered unusual by both families.
Since it’s a meeting between a duke and a marquis’ daughter….”

“It’d probably seem so.”

Sienna nodded as if she agreed with Fabian.
Fabian was relieved to hear her friendly reaction and continued.

“So I was looking for a way to meet you again, and I ended up waiting for you on the street.

Fabian paused for a moment.

“I felt sorry every time I witnessed milady going through hardships because of me.
I should have told you before this happened… But as time passed, I was afraid that the young lady would be disappointed, so I could not tell you.
I once again apologise to you, milady.”

“You don’t have to be so sorry about it.
It’s not like I don’t understand the Duke’s intention.”

Sienna accepted his apology more easily than he thought.
It wasn’t a bad reaction.

If so, all that remained was to continue meeting with her.
So he could gradually build a liking toward himself within her.

It was then that Sienna said something astounding.

“Actually, so was I.
When I came back to Cardiff, I kept thinking about the Duke.
I was wondering about when we would be able to meet again…”

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