aware of his identity and pretended not to know.

Nonetheless, it seemed true that he was interested in magic.
That’s why he came to the Marquisate.

But of all things, the magic fountain? I couldn’t help but feel sorry.
Even if the location selection was wrong, this was just way too off the track.
Isn’t the authenticity of the magic fountain’s enchantment questionable? Of all places, it had to be the Marquisate…

I said to Logan that I was waiting for a reunion in the capital.
At the time, I thought that the next time we met, I would have to find a place that had real magic in, out of guilt.

I felt like I was being too honest, but as long as I didn’t say that I had regressed, it’d be fine.

But isn’t it strange that we never came into contact in my previous life?

Logan, whom I had met so far was a much nicer person than I thought.
He seemed cold and blunt, but he was sweet.
Sincere, too.
Besides, wasn’t he a duke? He was already great regardless of his status, but it just added up to the perfection.

We agreed to continue meeting as before.
I had no reason to refuse someone who was eager to keep acquainted with me.

“Thank you… lady Nelson.”

“…? No.
I should be the more grateful one.”

But Logan liked it too much.
That was a bit strange.

I was puzzled for a moment, but then came to realise one crucial thing. Isn’t there one problem that cannot be overlooked?

“But what are we going to say to people? There are some who wonder why the Duke met me while disguised as a commoner.”

“Then… how about this?”

Logan spoke to me with a brighter face than ever before.
Even his voice sounded thrilled.

“Let’s say that I was interested in magic.
But I don’t like needless attention, so I secretly went to the Marquisate, and the young lady saved me from an accident there.
That’s how we became friends.”

“So you decide to tell the truth.”

It’s like revealing Logan’s secret interest, but since he said it’s fine…

‘We became friends because I saved His Grace.’

I had no issue with this reason.

And it couldn’t have been any better than that, as the rumour had subsided and Daisy got into trouble.

Afterwards, I chatted with Logan for another while in the garden.
Then he looked up in the sky and said sadly.

“It’s a pity that it’s already late, I don’t have much time left to see lady Nelson anymore.”

He turned his head to look at me.
His gaze was soft.
I smiled and answered.

“As long as the Duke is okay with it, I can meet with you any time.”

“Even tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

He smiled at my words.

“Then, I will formally request a meeting.”

Logan stepped out of the garden first.
I told him I had something to think about and would stay in the garden for a little longer.

Before leaving, he kissed the back of my hand once more.
As I stroked the spot where his lips had touched, I recalled what happened today.

Daisy, along with the other nobles, despised Logan.
I wondered what kind of adversity would Daisy face as a result of this incident.
After a moment in thought, I got up.

It’s cold.
No matter how thick the shawl was, it was not good to be in the cold wind for a long time.
The moment I was walking towards the exit of the garden to go back…

A hand suddenly came out from my side and pulled me back in.


“Let’s talk for a second.”

In an instant, my heart almost dropped.

Why is she here? I looked at Daisy standing in front of the tree with her hands crossed in front of her chest.

Could it be that she had been waiting for me to come out of there?

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