sn’t lady Grint once doubted it?”

“It is because lady Grint is not interested in what lord Grint does.”

It’s not that the siblings weren’t on good terms, but it’s just Chloe wasn’t a delicate sister enough to ask about it.
Moreover, unlike me, Heidi didn’t have any strange rumours circulating about her, so Chloe didn’t seem to be deeply interested in her love life either.

Come to think of it, rumours spread after a month I’d met with Logan.
Heidi was amazing! How could she have had a secret love affair for such a long time?

Then, it took me less than a minute to realise the answer.
I met him too openly. Oh right…

Heidi spoke to me in a hesitant voice.

“Percy-, no, lord Grint and I have been talking.
We still don’t know how to deal with this situation yet…”

This marriage case should be resolved.
The fact that Daisy was the Duchess of Grint before my return was also worrisome, but more than anything, I didn’t want to see Heidi and Percy get heartbroken.

And here I thought she would be happy with the person she loves in this life…I looked at the gloomy Heidi with a mixture of sadness and pity.

“It’ll be all right.
Don’t be so depressed, lady Coventry.”

Then, as a sign of comfort, I hugged Heidi.
Heidi also quietly embraced me.

Sometimes, silence was the greatest comfort.

I stood by Heidi’s side for a while as she let out a long sigh.

When we returned to the banquet hall, the atmosphere was quite different.
Before, everyone sat at the same table chatting and eating with each other, now it’s a little more lively and noisy.

Chloe, who had just handed a maid an empty plate, looked at us and spoke.

“Where have you two been?”

“We just came back here after a little walk in the garden.”

“Why a walk on such a cold day? If there’s something you need to talk about, you should do it here.”

I casually said yes and leaned back against the back of my chair.

Come to think of it, I couldn’t talk to Logan today.
I turned my gaze to where Logan was supposed to be, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Where is he? When I turned my head to the right, I saw him standing on one side and being greeted by the nobles.

He was surrounded by all kinds of aristocrats, such as nobles who brought along a young lady (probably to introduce to him), young gentlemen, and so on.

I stared at his figure.
I thought I could understand why the nobles were so unwilling to let him go.
He didn’t usually come to social gatherings like this after all.

Previously, when I went to Count Beth’s ball, he only danced with me once and then disappeared, so their effort of getting his attention got even more intense.

What on earth are they talking about? Is he trying to answer all the questions they ask? Logan’s expression seemed to be getting worse and worse.

At that moment, I heard the voice of lady Roberts calling me.

“Lady Nelson? What are you-…”

“Let’s leave lady Nelson alone and we can have a chat for a moment.”

Chloe quickly intercepted lady Roberts’ words.

What was that all about? I gave them a puzzled look and then turned my gaze back to Logan.

At that moment our eyes met.
I greeted him with a smile.

Logan looked at me and nodded slightly.

In response, I smiled and pointed outside with my finger.
Before long, I got up to go out first.

“I will be back after a while.”

“You’re going out again?”

I smiled at lady Cruz’s question and exit the banquet hall.

After a while, Logan appeared.
I had felt it from afar, but he still looked tired.

“You came today.
I thought you wouldn’t be able to come because you’re busy.”

“Fortunately, I have the time to come.”

Logan smiled faintly and fiddled with the cravat around his neck.
He then returned to being expressionless and gazed intently at me.

Is there something on my face…? I tilted my head and touched my mouth.
Seconds later,  he parted his lips.

“Today… you look very beautiful.”

“Pardon me?”

My eyes widened in surprise.

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