The wild beating of my heart did not stop for a long time.
Even now, five days later, I still remembered the situation at that time vividly, like it just happened yesterday.

Why did Logan say that to me in that situation? I did say thank you after that, but I was really embarrassed.

To give me anything I want.
Why did Logan treat me so intimately? It sounded as if we had become more than just friends.

What was even stranger was I didn’t know why my heart was thumping at the thought of him.

With Logan appearing like that, is there any woman who wouldn’t be swayed? Those eyes and those words… weren’t they too easy to be misunderstood?

It was the same at the year-end party too.
Logan kept making me blush.

Now is not the time for me to be like this! Thinking of Heidi and Percy, I pulled myself together.

And on that very day, Logan contacted me to let me know that he had found them.


Logan always sent me a letter whenever he contacted me.
Today, however, his knight came to the drawing room of the marquis’ residence.
Not a servant, but a knight.

He greeted me and got straight to the point.

“His Grace wants to let you know that he has found them.”

Even though no specific object was mentioned, the meaning was fully conveyed.
Didn’t that clearly mean he found Heidi and Percy?

I asked back in astonishment.

“Where are they?”

“It has been confirmed that they are in Ridge.
Among the mercenaries dispatched throughout the kingdom, a reply came from the mercenaries in Ridge.”

Ridge was a small town not far from the capital.
If it’s that place, it was closer than I thought.

I thought they had fled to a faraway land or something, but much to my surprise, that wasn’t the case.

“His Excellency said he would get there today, and asked Lady Nelson to come with him.”

I checked the clock in the living room.
The time was 12 noon.

“How long will it take to get to the Ridge?”

“If the horses run at full speed, it will take about three hours.”

Then, if I hurried, I should be able to meet them within today.
I got up from my seat without hesitation.

“I’m going too.
Shall we leave right away?”

I told Nancy that I would be back by evening, and then followed the knight.

When I left the mansion, a familiar carriage was waiting at the front.
It was the brown carriage that Logan sent on our every appointment.
The knight opened the door to the carriage with no crest for me.

And right at that moment, I saw an unexpected face.


“Did you wait for long?”

He said he would go see them today… It looked like he came to pick me up.

Logan, who was sitting by the door, held out his hand to me and helped me into the carriage.
I sat down across from him and nodded.

“Yes, quite.”

At my words, Logan smiled bitterly and then spoke to me in a soft tone.

“I’m sorry.
I should have contacted you sooner… it was delayed because I had to deal with an urgent matter.”

Honestly, being able to find them in 5 days was already faster than I thought.
But to say that he wanted to contact me sooner, it seemed that he was in a hurry because we had to find them before Duke Grint.

I replied with a smile.

“The Duke seems to have been waiting for a long time, too.”

He nodded as if acknowledging my words.

Since I missed you (him)…a lot…”

T/n: there’s no subject in this sentence.
Fabian meant he missed Sienna, but she thought he was talking about Percy :))

To that extent?! Logan seemed to care more about Percy than I thought.

I smiled silently at those words.
And as I leaned against the backrest, his red ears caught my eye.


The horses ran so fast that the carriage reached Ridge in less than three hours.

We followed the mercenary who had come to pick us up and headed to Heidi’s place.
It was a small house with a small garden.

There was a pedestal by the window of the house made of red bricks, and Heidi was just putting a flower pot on it.

Heidi, who was turning around after cleaning up the pot, looked baffled at our presence.

“Lady Nelson? How…”

Heidi looked wary of us.

There were three knights beside Logan and me, so she must have thought that we came to take her back.

“Don’t worry.
I came here because I’m worried about how Lady Coventry is doing.
The Duke and the Baron don’t know we’ve come here.
Of course, the same goes for Lady Grint.”


Looking at the wavering purple eyes, I nodded.

“You can trust us.
His Grace here helped me find you.”

“…Oh, please come inside first.”

Heidi led us into the house.
The interior of the modestly built two-story house was tidy.
It wasn’t glamorous, but it seemed like their life was not as rough as I had feared.

What a relief. My worry was eased and I could feel comfortable again.
I then spread my arms toward Heidi, who was standing timidly.

“So you’ve been doing well.
I was really worried, but I’m glad now.”

Heidi’s face contorted as I approached her with the intention of bringing her into a hug.
It was a face that seemingly held back tears.

After hesitating, she quickly came to me and hugged me.

“Lady Nelson!”

It had only been 5 days, but it was reality that she gave up everything and went against her parents’ wishes.
It must have been frightening for her.
She must have missed the people she left behind.

It almost seemed as if I could feel the various emotions she had gone through.
I patted Heidi in my arms for a while as a gesture to console her.

After sharing the joy of the reunion, I asked Heidi.

“By the way, where is Lord Grint?”


It was then that the door opened and Percy ran inside.


As soon as I separated from Heidi, he blocked Heidi as if protecting her.
He was holding an envelope in his hand.
Percy looked at me and Logan vigilantly.

“Tell my father, we are not going back.”

“Percy, it’s not like that.
They said they came because they’re worried about us.”

“That’s ridiculous.
Haven’t you seen the knights outside? They’re definitely here to catch us.”

Capricious will be on a 2-week break.
See you on Easter (9th April) !

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