Chapter 13: Lone Wolf (1)


The love of the wolfman race is thicker and heavier than any other race…


They were a race that did not easily forget love between lovers, love between families, and friendship between friends.


In a twisted tale, it was also a story that the one who breaks that love could never be forgiven for a lifetime.


Because of that instinct, Ner grew up suffering throughout her life.


Ner, who was a late child, was cursed with an inseparable curse from the moment she was born.


She took away the life of her mother, Syllin Blackwood, along with her birth.


On the day Ner was born, it was said that there were no congratulations or laughter in the Blackwood family.


Only tears and mourning resounded.


Until she turned eight years old, Ner didn't realize that she was being hated.


She thought the sharp reactions and dry responses from her five older sisters and brothers were natural.


Sometimes she wondered if it was because the color of her tail fur was slightly different.


Her siblings had glossy gray tails, but Ner's tail was white, devoid of any color.


However, as she grew little by little, Ner felt that her siblings only treated her differently.


Ner's siblings bloomed like flowers when they were together.


But when she appeared, everyone would turn cold.




Ner thought for a while that that was her name.
Because her older sisters and brothers, who had a significant age difference, called her that.


But thanks to her grandmother's tireless and constant efforts to treat her warmly, Ner realized belatedly that her name wasn't *Paelyun-a.


However, her doubt continued.
She wondered why she couldn't blend in with her other siblings.
She wondered why when only she appears, their laughter dies down, and everything scatters.


From some point on, this doubt grew so much that Ner asked her grandmother.


“Grandma, it feels like my sisters and brothers are avoiding Ner.”




“…Is it because of my tail? If I turned it like them and approach them, will they like Ner? I'm a little sad because my tail has a different color…”


Ner's grandmother gave her a compassionate smile and stroked her head.


“Your tail is beautiful, Ner.”


“Then why is everyone avoiding me…?”


“It’s because they still don’t know how adorable and cute my Ner is.”


“…But why they don't know? Why can't I be with them?”


After pondering for a while, her grandmother gave a difficult answer.


“…Did I tell you about your mother?”




“It's because your siblings loved your mother so much.
As time goes by, they will realize how adorable you are, so just wait a little longer.”


“How much longer?”


“…Just a little bit.
Just a little more.”


As time passed, Ner's desire to blend in with her siblings grew stronger and stronger.
It might have been an instinct engraved in her race.


Although she had never experienced warmth, she yearned for it.


It was inevitable for the werewolf tribe, who traveled in packs.


She wanted to be a part of the laughter that everyone enjoyed.


So Ner believed only in her grandmother's words and worked hard.


She tried being cute, running errands, and giving gifts.


She even relied on her father's feeble intervention.


However, her siblings always found Ner annoying and detestable.


She even had to hear her eldest sister telling her to disappear.


Nevertheless, Ner never gave up.


She believed that someday she would be able to intervene among her siblings, just as her grandmother had said.


However, sometimes, while making such efforts, tears would flow.




She was embarrassed to shed tears for no reason.
These tears were often shed when she saw her siblings getting along well without her.


It became even worse when she saw her siblings smiling brightly when she wasn't with them.


Every time this happened, Ner would wipe away her tears bravely and think of ways to approach her older sisters and brothers.


However, it didn't take a long time for her efforts to be shattered.


One day she thought that if she make what her sibling liked most, they would like her.


That was why she went into the kitchen and worked with the maids all day to make honey pies.


Thinking this time her sisters and brothers would be delighted, she approached the gathering of her siblings with the pie in her small hands, enjoying the sunshine.


“T-This… This is made by Ner.
Let’s eat together…”


Summoning her courage, she presented her heartfelt offering.


But the reaction she received was once again cold.




“I told you to disappear!”


With a shout, her pie was knocked out of her hand and flew high into the sky.


As the pie, made with so much effort, fell to the ground without entering anyone's mouth and crumbled, Ner finally burst into tears that she had held back her whole life in that very spot.


She was full of sadness that she couldn’t share it with anyone.


“Ahhhhh…! aaa…!”


Even then, no one comforted her.
Everyone left, leaving only Ner behind crying.


Ner stood there for hours, shedding tears of sorrow.


It was also the day she gave up on her siblings' love.


Only when night fell did her grandmother, who had heard the news, came to her.


Her grandmother warmly embraced her, and tightly wrapped her in a blanket, as she put her on the bed.




“…I have come here after scolding the kids, Ner.”


“Sob…Sisters and brothers…Sob…It’s too much…”




won't make any more efforts…




Ner freed herself from the blanket and instantly embraced her grandmother's arms.


Her grandmother hugged her tightly and patted her back.


Feeling the warmth of her grandmother, Ner released the stifling feeling in her chest.


“Grandma, why did you lie to Ner? Sniff…”


She even weakly hit her grandmother with her little fist.




Everyone hates Ner…
No matter how hard I try, it's no use…”




“I hate you…
If you hadn't said such things…
Ner wouldn't have made pies…”


Ner felt her grandmother let out a long sigh.


“…I've been too harsh…
I'm sorry.”


Hugging her tightly, Ner found solace in the strength of her grandmother's embrace.
Ner didn't ask for much.
Just being held like this was enough to comfort her.


And on that day, as her grandmother held Ner for a long time, she quietly asked a question as if she had made up her mind.


“…Ner, you know that this grandmother of yours is a famous fortune-teller, right?”




“Shall I take a look at my granddaughter's fortune?”


“…What's the point of looking?”


In response to Ner's curt answer, her grandmother gave her a response that would make her happy.


“We can find out who will be by Ner's side in the future.”




Ner immediately perked up her ears and looked up at her grandmother.
Somehow, the tip of her tail started swaying on its own.


Seeing that, her grandmother smiled kindly and wiped the tears from Ner's eyes.


“Let’s see…”


Her grandmother closed her eyes tightly, and soon, flickering orange lights like fireflies began to appear around her.




Ner was captivated by the beautiful sight.
And while that was happening, a glimmer appeared in her grandmother's eyes.




Her grandmother chuckled lightly.


“…Grandma, why?”


“Our Ner will grow up really pretty.”


“…Don’t say that.
Yes… who…who will be on Ner's side?””


“Of course, there will be someone.
It's only natural.
No one can ignore my cute and adorable Ner.”


Ner focused deeply on the words of hope that flowed from her grandmother's mouth.


“There's a child who matches you perfectly.
Brave, warm, and kind.
A man who will be loved by many women.
Even so, he will fall deeply for you.
And you will naturally fall for him too.”




“No matter who came after you, he will be on your side.
He will protect you more than anyone else.”


“Even from older sisters…brothers?”


“He will protect you from even more frightening people.
Even if the world turns against you, he will be by your side.
Enough to live happily even if only the two of you were left in the whole world? Even Grandma is surprised by that.”




Ner thought it was truly a wonderful story.


“Um…A man who saves many people…? Whoa…How cool! Men like this are rare?”


“Save many people…? Is he like a hero?”


“…Maybe, maybe not…”


“What do you mean, Grandma?”


“Some things are ambiguous, Ner.
And nobles…Yes, he is noble.
In any case, there will be no problems with our family.”


“…A noble…”


Ner accepted all the stories about her future companion for the first time.


The wounds she received from her siblings were slowly fading away and being forgotten.


“When…when can I meet him?”


“I can't know that.


Grandmother's expression grew somewhat dark.




The lights surrounding the grandmother disappeared.


In the dim room once again, the grandmother looked directly at Ner.


After hesitating for a moment, she asked.


“…If this child shows up, can you be nice to him?”


“O-Of course.
I'll make the pie for him every day.”


“Can you be really nice to him? He looks like a child with some scars, just like you.”


“Yes…! Ner will get rid of all the pain! I’ll even lick his wounds…! And make his pain go away! I will treat him really nice!”


Then I have no worries.
Ner, I don't want to say this, but…”




“Don't let go of that child.”


Grandmother's warning stuck in Ner's mind stronger than any other memory.


Perhaps it was because she swallowed her fear a little.


“If you let go of this man…
you'll be so heartbroken.
 There may be no one you will love more than this boy.
You know that the werewolves tribe only loves one mate, right?”


I love that story so much.”


“That's right…”




The grandmother made a subtle expression for a moment, then smiled.


Once again, she comforted Ner and patted her back.


“Alright, the fortune-telling is done.
Ner, even if your father is cold to you, it will be difficult, but you have to understand.
He loved your mother very much.”


My dad doesn't hurt me.”


“Someday, there will come a day when he treats you warmly.
Just hold on a little longer.”




From then on, Ner could gather her determination.


It was possible when she thought about her future mate who would appear someday.


The indifference of her siblings no longer hurt as much as before.


If her mate appeared, the love of her siblings would become unnecessary, that much was certain.


Now the loneliness had become easier to endure.


Her grandmother’s prophecy gave her a lot of strength.


Somewhere out there, he existed.


She would meet him someday.


Like a princess locked in a tower, waiting for her prince, Ner could endure, dreaming of that hopeful day.


After that day, whenever she faced difficult times, Ner would speak to the man through the moon.


Somewhere, her destined mate was surely looking at the moon.


It was the only thing she could have in common with her mate who didn’t come looking for her.


“…It’s a little difficult for Ner.
I hope you show up soon.”


Holding her tail tightly, she sniffled and spoke.


“If you show up, Ner will be really nice to you.
So come quickly and be on Ner’s side.”


Even as she grew older, it remained the same.


No matter how many years passed, she waited for her fated partner.


She spent many days looking at the moon.


As if praying to God, she ended each day gazing at the silent moon.


“…Today was even harder.”


She confided her worries and revealed her pain.


“How much longer do I have to wait for you to appear? A month? A year?”


She longed for him, whom she had never met.


It felt like she had made a friend.


His existence became her armor.


Knowing that there was a happy future waiting, she gradually became unshakable.


Even when her older sister and brothers became openly cruel.


Even when she was ridiculed for the color of her tail.


Even when rumors circulated in the realm that she was cursed due to her other extroverted traits.


Even when she sensed the bitterness in her father's eyes as he looked at her.


…Even when her grandmother passed away.


Even when her tribe was trampled by monsters.


Ner endured everything.
Waiting for happiness to come someday.


…Waiting for her destined mate to appear someday.








But all of that crumbled one day with her father's decree.




Ner was twenty-one years old at that time.


“I said you must marry, Ner.
It's for the sake of the tribe.”


Ner opened her mouth, but no words came out.


It felt like her foundation was shaking under immense shock.


“The other person is a human, a mercenary.”


Her grandmother said she would fall in love with him naturally.
The opponent was said to be a nobleman.


However, the sudden marriage proposed by her father did not match anything.


It was a marriage that shattered all the dreams and hopes she had cherished for a long time.

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