Chapter 10

“What are you thinking? That child will be fine.” When she noticed their expressions, Feng Chuge raised her eyebrows.

“Woman, I’m not a child…” a voice sounded from not far away.

Even though a young and tender voice sounded, it revealed a coldness and matureness that did not belong to a child.

Moreover, the child wearing a black gilded robe was standing near them.

Feng Chuge swore that she had never seen such a lovely child before.

His face was slightly rounded and still had some baby fat.
His small face was inlaid with a pair of round eyes.

With long eyelashes that gently drooped down, it made his eyes appear bigger and rounder in contrast.

However, even though his eyes appeared child-like, they revealed a matureness that exceeded his age.

He crossed his arms, leaned on one side, and his long black robe hung askew.

His appearance was as if a child had stolen an adult’s clothes to wear.
It was supposed to be incredibly funny, but his position and slightly slanted eyes gave off a feeling that he carried a unique aura, seemingly looking down on the world.

Feng Chuge was not the only one who was instantly stunned.
Even the trio looked at each other in confusion.

Feng Chuge could not endure it as she started laughing out loud.

“Whose child are you? Your acting skills are so good.” While she spoke, Feng Chuge pinched his little face.
“Aiya, and this face of yours is really so adorable.”

Feng Chuge had zero resistance to children.
Even though she was a killer in her previous life, she couldn’t help herself.

The child before her was too comical.
He was clearly a little kid and yet, he pretended to be an adult.

His pretense made her incapable of resisting.
She lowered her head and gave him a smooch.

“Come here, let sister kiss you~~”

The expression of the child in her arms constantly changed.
From white to red, then from red to black.

“Woman, release me!”

“No, no, no… Call me sister.” Feng Chuge laughed.

The child’s expression was extremely dark.
“Stinky woman, release me! Hurry up and release me! Your saliva is filthy!”

“Don’t call me by that name, call me sister!”

“No!” The little boy turned his darkened face away.

“Kid, you’re so rude! Rude kids ought to be hit!” Having said that, she lightly smacked him on his butt.

The little boy’s expression changed once again…

Feng Chuge was amused once again when she saw the little boy’s expression.

This child was too fun to tease…

“Baby, what’s your name?”

“Hmph!” He turned away and ignored her.

“Quick, tell me your name.
I’ll buy you candies.”

“Those are things children eat.
I don’t want them.” The little boy continued to look away.

“You say that as if you’re not a child.
It’s not good for a child to be so mature…” Feng Chuge lightly shook her head.

“I’ve already said it, I’m not a child!”

“Alright then, tell me what your name is, where you live, and what your parent’s names are.
I’ll send you back.”

The little boy suddenly turned silent.
His surroundings seem to radiate sadness.

Feng Chuge was familiar with that loneliness.

When she entered Feng Chuge’s body in the beginning, her body was filled with that emotion.

She then thought about how she found the child in the wilderness, Feng Chuge assumed that the child had been abandoned by his family.

She reached out and hugged him.
“Don’t worry, no one can bully you in the future.
Sister’s here, there’s no need to be afraid.”

Another flash of purple light flashed past his eyes as the little boy was held in Feng Chuge’s arms…

My name is Chen…”

“Then I’ll call you Ah Chen in the future.”

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