ll of a sudden, he recalled something and sneered.
“Feng Chuge, don’t think that you can arouse my attention with such a method.
I’ll tell you, it’s useless.
I will never marry a wastrel like you!”

Feng Chuge honestly felt helpless.

Suddenly, her line of sight swept across Ah Chen who was standing by the door.

She turned around and pulled him from behind the doors.

“Dear Prince, you can rest assured.
Even if I were to marry him, I’d never marry you.
Stop worrying about these useless things.
Be careful of shortening your lifespan due to excessive worrying.”

Her words made her intentions extremely clear.

There was a big change in Helian Jinyu’s expression.

He looked at Feng Chuge in surprise.

She doesn’t recognize me?

How is that possible?

They used to play together when they were children.
Logically speaking, Feng Chuge was his cousin.
His mother and her aunt, Princess Jiande, had arranged their marriage while they were children.

Feng Chuge was indeed adorable as a kid, but after Princess Jiande’s death, she became increasingly weak.
Even until the age of ten, she could not gather spiritual force, and alas, she had been driven out by the Feng Family.

Towards her plight, Helian Jinyu merely felt sorry for her…

Feng Chuge turned sixteen this year, a marriageable age.
It was also the year where their mothers had agreed for them to get married.

Therefore, after he heard the news of Feng Chuge’s return along with Feng Qingwan’s injury, Helian Jinyu drew the connections all at once.

However, he never expected that she wouldn’t even remember who he was…

For a moment, Helian Jinyu felt somewhat lost in the depths of his heart.

Without care of Helian Jinyu’s mentality, Feng Chuge merely said with indifference, “Dear Prince, it seems like you’re here on Feng Qingwan’s behalf.
Do you honestly believe… that a wastrel like me could harm her?”

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