Chapter 15

The sun slowly descended.

A silhouette flashed across the skies of the Feng Residence and went straight for the Linshui Pavilion, until it landed within one of the rooms.

“Miss, what orders do you have?” Qinglian was dressed in black clothing and she looked at the halfway burnt Fengyue incense.

It was a type of incense Feng Chuge had developed.
As long as this incense was lit, members of the Fengyue House would detect it hundreds of miles away and rush to her location.

Feng Chuge took a list and passed it to Qinglian.

“Inquire about the medicinal ingredients listed here on my behalf.
If there are any findings, notify me immediately.”

Qinglian took the list.
When she glimpsed at the medicinal ingredients listed, she was surprised.

“Miss, these items aren’t easily found…”

“I’m aware.
Just do your best in finding them.” This was Ah Chen’s wish.
It was rare for a young child to want something like this, so she would try her best to satisfy him.
Even though it was indeed unrealistic to rely on these medicinal ingredients to grow up, she did not want to disappoint Ah Chen.

“By the way, according to our scouts, the Treasure Pavilion will be auctioning off some rare medicinal ingredients.
Perhaps Miss can make a trip down and take a look.”

“Treasure Pavilion…” Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes and said, “Alright, I understand.”

Early the next morning, the entire Feng Family was particularly lively.

Just as Feng Chuge woke up, Biluo and the rest came along…

“Miss, guess what’s going on outside?”

“What’s the matter?”

“The Yun Family is here to put pressure on the marriage.
That idiot from the Yun Family is dying soon and they have insisted the Feng Family marry their daughter over to them tomorrow.”

“So soon?” Feng Chuge curled her lips.

“That’s right, it’s causing a ruckus outside right now.” Zilan sighed and continued, “Say, now that things have progressed to this extent, I believe those from the Feng Family will not make things difficult for you anymore… Earlier, Feng Chaoyang claimed that you were not part of the Feng Family and asked you to get lost.
Right now, I doubt he has the pride to come back and pester you anymore.”

“It’s hard to say.” Feng Chuge merely curled her lips and smiled.

It was indeed hard to say.
Feng Chaoyang was capable of everything and who knew what tricks he would use!

Luzhu slightly moved her eyes.
“Miss, I’ll go out and take a look.
Perhaps I can obtain some information.
On the way here, I saw Feng Qianxue headed towards Feng Chaoyang’s courtyard.”

“Quick, Luzhu.
Hurry and head over there.
I’ll also check things out at Feng Qingwan’s place.” Zilan waved her hands as she beckoned for Luzhu to leave at once.

After the duo met gazes, they retreated and headed towards their target’s direction.

Similar to what Luzhu mentioned, Feng Chaoyang had summoned Feng Qianxue the moment the Yun Family came to pressure them.

That day, they had a falling out with Feng Chuge and it was evident that the current Feng Chuge was no longer a coward who was as easily controlled as before.
It was simply impossible for her to agree to marry that idiot.


The reason why the Yun Family’s Second Young Master, that idiot, fell ill was due to the Feng Family.
Feng Chaoyang’s only son, Feng Yuanhang, had accidentally pushed him into the river during a banquet.

After he was fished out of the water, he faced a lifetime of sickness.

Even though he was an idiot, his mother was the first wife of the Yun Family.
Moreover, she was a Great Spiritual Ancestor, and naturally, her position in the Yun Family was very high.

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