Chapter 27

“Is that so? Then what a pity it is… I’ve calculated the total value of all the items and it amounts to 38 million tales of silver.”

“38 million!?” Feng Chuge suddenly raised his head and exclaimed.

“You can take a look at it yourself.
I’ve even subtracted the interest rate for you on the account that I previously stayed in the Feng Family for a period in the past.
If the interest was counted, it would amount to 40 million tales of silver.
Right now, you only have to pay 38 million…”

“How could I possibly have that much money?”

Just yesterday, due to Feng Qianxue frightening the Yun Family’s Second Young Master to death, they came to the Feng Family to pay them a hefty compensation.

Due to the Yun Family’s status, they dared not offend them and could only compensate their family 22 million.

That amount of money practically emptied the entire Feng Family accounts.
How could they possibly be able to fork out any more?

“You can’t afford the compensation? That’s none of my business.
You utilized my mother’s dowry without permission and this is disrespectful to her.
All those items in her dowry belong to the Imperial Family and yet, you lost them? This is inappropriate care of the Imperial Family’s belongings and I believe no matter what crime is imposed on you, you will have to suffer!”

“Feng Chuge, what is it that you want? Will you only be satisfied when you see the Feng Family collapse?”

“Patriarch Feng, your paranoia is too severe.
I will not bother to cause harm to your Feng Family.
I’m sticking to what I said earlier: I only want to take back my belongings, I don’t care about the rest of you!”

She wanted to retrieve what belonged to this body’s original owner and make up for the pain she had suffered all those years.

What was wrong with that?

“Patriarch Feng, 38 million tales of silver is non-negotiable! If you refuse to pay, I can only look for the Emperor.”

Feng Chaoyang never expected Feng Chuge to be so ruthless.

He raised his head and was met with Feng Chuge’s emotionless, cold eyes.

No matter how unwilling he felt, he had no other choice but to compromise.

If this were to escalate to the Imperial Family, he would be in grave trouble.

Moreover, the Feng Family no longer had any mysterious force behind them, not to mention financial support.
They were already in a decline.

In the past, the Imperial Family still had to show some respect to the former Feng Family.
However, Feng Chaoyang understood very well that the current Feng Family had completely lost its power.

He lowered his eyes.
In the end, he looked up.

“This residence should be worth 38 million tales of silver.
I’ll use this as compensation for the time being.”

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes.
She never expected there would be a day where Feng Chaoyang would be so straightforward.

“Ok! Patriarch Feng, please write the mortgage clause yourself, lest outsiders gossip about what I have done.”

When the brush and ink were prepared, Feng Chaoyang wrote down the following words, ‘Mortgaging of debts with the Feng Family’s Residence’.

That was to say, from today on, before Feng Chaoyang could repay the 38 million tales of silver, this residence would not belong to him, but to Feng Chuge.

“Patriarch Feng, since this residence is mine, I shall ask that you and your family not stay here any longer.” Feng Chuge smiled brilliantly, but her words stunned Feng Chaoyang and the rest.

Once Feng Chuge made a decision, it was rare for outsiders to be able to change her mind.

Out of helplessness, Feng Chaoyang could only pack his belongings and move out of the Feng Residence together with the Second Madam and Feng Qingwan whose face was still wrapped in gauze.

It could be considered that they completely hated Feng Chuge to the core.

Before the Second Madam left, she was constantly glaring at Feng Chuge.

Feng Chaoyang saw that the Second Madam was reluctant to leave, so he said, “Wife, let’s go.
This is no longer our house.”

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