Chapter 32

The thought that Ah Chen might have become this way due to some past experiences, Feng Chuge’s heart could not help but ache.

She turned around and took another look at Ah Chen and sighed.
“Ah Chen, don’t worry.
No one will bully you if you stay here.
You can treat this as your home.”

Having said that, she went out of the room.

After Feng Chuge left, Ah Chen sat up, looked towards the direction which she had left and a purple glint surfaced in his eyes.

“Miss, you’re finally here.
Someone from the Palace has come: this is the Fifth Prince.
He’s here to pass down an imperial edict.” Zilan immediately went up to welcome her and pointed towards Helian Zixuan.

Following the direction where Zilan had pointed to, Feng Chuge nodded at him.
“Fifth Prince? Thanks for your hard work…”

“It’s nothing, no worries.
Cousin, I didn’t expect that you would be an alchemist.
It is really a pleasant surprise.”

Cousin? Feng Chuge’s eyebrows twitched.

Oh right, her mother was the Emperor’s biological younger sister.

“May I know the purpose of your visit today?” Feng Chuge did not entertain any formalities and got straight to the topic.

“My Imperial Father heard that you have returned and wanted to hold a reception for your return.
Three days from now, there will be a banquet in the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Father asked me to give this special invitation,” Helian Zixuan said without the slightest change or any odd emotions on his face.

He would never tell others the real reason he came personally to deliver the imperial edict.
It was because he had heard of her name on a frequent basis these past few days and therefore, he wanted to be the first to check out his cousin’s true appearance!

Helian Zixuan looked at Feng Chuge and lightly sighed.

The Heavens were actually fair.
For example, even though Feng Chuge was incapable of cultivating and had an ugly appearance, she was an alchemist, the rarest profession and most highly sought after in the entire continent.

With her profession as an alchemist, there was no need for her to worry about the rest of her life.

It had to be known that alchemists were a profession that any family, including the Imperial Families, would try to rope in at any cost.

At the present moment, Feng Chuge’s face was covered in a layer of dust as she had been refining a pill earlier.
Therefore, her real appearance could not be seen.

Helian Zixuan honestly thought that Feng Chuge was as ugly as the rumors that were circulating outside.

Feng Chuge did not overlook the expression in his eyes.
She did not comment on anything else, but merely quirked her brow.
“To think that the Emperor is so polite?”

“That’s right… In any case, the Imperial Father is your uncle and after he heard of your return, he was very happy.”

Feng Chuge laughed deep down at his words.


When she was chased out of the Feng Family six years ago, why didn’t that dear uncle of hers step out to object?

If the Tianqi Emperor was willing to step out and casually speak out on her behalf, the fate of this body would not have been as such!

It seemed that the recent events with the Feng Family are what concerned him.

“Cousin, what are your thoughts about this?” Helian Zixuan only saw a strange look on Feng Chuge’s face.
Her expression seemed to be of disdain and yet, did not completely appear to be so.

Feng Chuge looked up, concealed her expression, and nodded in response.
I’ll be there.
Since Uncle has held a welcome banquet on my behalf, how could I possibly turn it away?”

“Then that’s great.
Cousin, I still have some matters to attend to, so I must be on my way.
See you in three day’s time.”

“Sure, see you in three days.”

Zilan screamed aloud after Helian Zixuan’s departure.
“Oh my god, Miss, what are you covered in? I imagine the Fifth Prince was frightened by your appearance!”

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