Chapter 33

“Do you know why he had no response?” Feng Chuge glanced at Zilan.


“Because in his opinion, your Miss is a super ugly woman.” Feng Chuge curled her lips and laughed.

“How could that be possible!? If you are ugly, then no one in this world would be considered good-looking! Not to mention the Feng Family, even throughout the entire Tianqi Continent, or the Yuntian Continent, there is no woman prettier than you!”

While Zilan was speaking, she suddenly paused and came to a realization.
“I finally understand, the Fifth Prince must have heard of the rumors and honestly thought that you were an ugly woman.
Just before, I was thinking that the Fifth Prince was different from the others and was a good man.
Unexpectedly, he’s the same as others!”

The more she spoke, the more resentful she was.
“Hmph! In three days, I shall help you dress up and blind those people with your beauty! We’ll let them open their eyes wide and see what real beauty is!”

Feng Chuge laughed at the agitated Zilan.
“Alright, calm down.
Help me fetch some water for my bath.
I’ll be heading out once again to source medicinal ingredients shortly.
Qinglian sent a letter stating that she found an underground trading place that sells plenty of rare treasures.
I’ll be heading there and perhaps I can find some special medicinal ingredients.”

“Why are you still looking for medicinal ingredients? I thought you successfully refined the pill?”

“I was indeed successful, but I only produced a single pill.
Ah Chen wants several.”

“Miss, you’re treating Ah Chen, that little brat, so kindly…” Zilan was somewhat jealous.
“You have only known him for a short while…”

“Ah Chen is a pitiful child.” Feng Chuge sighed.
“Alright, go on now.
If you continue to delay, the skies will turn dark.”

Feng Chuge changed into dry clothing after she took a bath.

She had a special preference for light-colored clothes and she was currently wearing a light blue dress.

The dress design was very simple and was practically a single colored tone without any excessive embellishments.
There was only a same-colored belt tied up at her waist.

As usual, half of her long hair was tied up with a simple hairpin while the rest hung freely over her shoulders.
It made her appear spiritual.

Zilan and the rest could not help but sigh at Feng Chuge’s appearance.
“Miss, you’re getting increasingly beautiful.”

At the same time, they were aggrieved on her behalf.

It was extremely aggravating that such a beautiful person had been thought of as an ugly woman by others!

“We should quickly depart now that the skies are still bright.
Otherwise, it’ll be dark when we return.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

The underground trading area did indeed sell rare treasures that were hard to come by.
Of course, the prices were also high.

Feng Chuge and the trio followed the directions given to them by Qinglan and finally arrived at their destination.

The so-called underground trading ground was naturally a shady place.

On the surface, the place appeared to be a brothel.
But in fact, there was an underground passage beneath the shop.

It was this particular underground trading area where countless transactions were done every day.

The place they arrived at was a three-story house.

The three gold-plated characters: ‘Drunken Dream Pavilion’ appeared particularly conspicuous under the sunlight.

Feng Chuge stood outside and narrowed her eyes at those customers who walked in and out, along with the beautifully dressed women who were soliciting for customers.

“Miss, this is a brothel and those who enter are all men.
Are we really going to enter?” Luzhu looked at those men and frowned.

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