Chapter 36

The one who spoke was a charming young lady in a yellow dress.
She was currently looking at the snow-white cat in excitement.
“How much are you selling this cat for? I want it!”

“Miss, this cat already has an owner…” The black-robed man’s expression appeared to be of indifference.

When she heard that the cat had an owner and saw how the old man looked at the lady dressed in blue, Shui Yuer understood that the so-called owner was the person standing in front of her.

Shui Yuer was the Shui Family’s sole daughter.

The head of the family’s wife had consecutively given birth to three sons and it was only after that did he gain a daughter.
Therefore, he indulged her at an early age.
Precisely due to this, her personality was extremely arrogant.
The moment she decided on something, she would never give up until it belonged to her.

She stepped forward and said, “Hey, how much are you paying for it? Give this cat to me, I’ll pay you double!”

Her mannerism was very arrogant as she held her head up high, acting as if she was in the right.

The moment she was about to turn around she saw the cat’s blue eyes, which appeared somewhat glossy, looking at her.
It seemed to be begging her.

After she realized her own thoughts, Feng Chuge was slightly surprised.

That’s right, this cat seemed to be able to understand what was going on!

“Hey, did you hear me? I want this cat!” Shui Yuer continued to speak up when she saw Feng Chuge ignoring her.

Feng Chuge turned over, and her pair of cold eyes glanced at Shui Yuer along with the man beside her.
She flared her brows and said, “It’s mine…”

Her cold gaze caused Shui Yuer to be startled.

What was even more impactful was Feng Chuge’s appearance.

Shui Yuer was confident that her appearance was one of the best.
However, her appearance was not even a tenth compared to the young lady before her!

It was not only Shui Yuer who was surprised, even Shui Wuji, who tagged along with Shui Yuer, looked at Feng Chuge with an expression of amazement.

Feng Chuge ignored their gazes and took a step forward.
“Old man, I want this cat.”

“Haha… Yes.” The black-robed old man lightly chuckled, opened the cage, and carried the cat.
“In the future, please do treat it kindly… It is indeed fated with you.”

“Rest assured, I will treat it well.” While she said that, Feng Chuge reached out to take the snow-white cat that looked like a meatball.

The moment the cat was in contact with Feng Chuge’s hands, it pounced into her embrace.

Shui Yuer looked on helplessly as the cat she liked jumped into someone else’s embrace.
She was instantly enraged.

She stomped her foot and shouted at Feng Chuge, “Hey, did you hear what I said? I want this cat! I’m paying double, so give it to me!”

Her sharp voice pierced through Feng Chuge’s eardrums.

“I’m not selling.” Feng Chuge raised her foot with the intention to leave.

Zilan and the rest also followed along.

“Why can’t you tell what’s good or bad for you?” When she saw Feng Chuge ignoring her, Shui Yuer was truly angered.

“Brother! I want this cat!” Shui Yuer looked at the man beside her.

Shui Wuji understood his younger sister’s personality.
If she did not obtain someone she fancied, she would most likely cause a huge ruckus.

Out of helplessness, he could only summon up courage and step forward.
“Miss… I understand that my request is rather rude, but my younger sister has taken a fancy to this cat.
How about this, we’ll double the offer, which is four times the money as long as you are willing to sell it to us.”

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