Chapter 39

She angrily glared at her and coupled with her blood-stained face, she appeared extremely fierce.

The Madame retreated in fright.
“Miss Shui, this… What happened?”

“Who is that b*tch who just left?”

“Who are you referring to?”

“That b*tch wearing a blue dress!” Shui Yuer growled.

The Madame suddenly came to a realization.

“I don’t know either.
It was her first time here… Sigh… Is she the one who angered you, Miss Shui?”

Before the Madame finished talking, spiritual force surged from her palm and she struck her away to one side.
“It’s none of your business.”

Shui Yuer stood rooted in place and stomped her feet in anger.
“Brother, I will definitely find out who that b*tch is! But what should I do now? My face has ended up like this and if the Third Prince and Fifth Prince sees my appearance a day from now at the Palace, they will definitely dislike me!”

Shui Wuji could only comfort his younger sister.
“Yuer, there’s no need to worry.
Don’t we have the Healing Dew? It’s refined from an Intermediate Alchemist and your face will definitely recover after applying it.
It won’t affect you going to the Palace to attend the banquet.”

“For real?” Shui Yuer’s eyes became watery.

“Of course.”

Shui Yuer was slightly appeased.
“If I see that b*tch in the future, I won’t let her off.
Also, that little beast! I will definitely peel its skin!”

When Feng Chuge returned to the Feng Residence, Ah Chen was currently seated in the Linshui Pavilion’s living room, seemingly waiting for their return.

Ah Chen stepped forward at the sight of their return.

“Woman, weren’t you gone for too long?”

“Chenchen, I’ve only been gone for a short time, but you miss me already? You even specially came out to welcome us?”

Ah Chen rolled his eyes.
“Woman, don’t you feel that the residence is surprisingly quiet today?”

When he brought this up, Feng Chuge furrowed her brows.
“It seems… so…”

“Those people were frightened away by you and taking advantage of the fact that you went out today, they packed their belongings and escaped…”

Frightened away…

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched.

Was she so terrifying?

All of a sudden, a thunder-like sound could be heard.
Feng Chuge looked over and saw Ah Chen standing there awkwardly.
“Woman… I’m hungry…”

“So you’ve been seated there waiting for our return to prepare food for you?” Feng Chuge finally understood why.

Ah Chen continued to nod his head in awkwardness.

“Let’s go, we’ll go outside to eat..” Feng Chuge pulled Ah Chen’s arm.

“But… I want to eat your cooking…”

Feng Chuge was stunned.

Her cooking…

If she couldn’t cook, what could she do?

She turned her head and looked at Zilan, Biluo, and Luzhu.
However, what she got in return was a shake of their heads.

They too did not know how to cook.

Their duties in the Fengyue House were to serve Feng Chuge and accompany her in cultivating.
These chores, such as the washing of clothes and cooking, did not require their assistance.

Just as Feng Chuge was struggling with something, Ah Chen’s soft, yet cool-sounding voice could be heard, “Woman, could it be that you can’t cook?”

She couldn’t tell if he was teasing her or not, which greatly aroused Feng Chuge’s fighting spirit.

Feng Chuge stood up…

“Brat, sit here and wait for me!”

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