Chapter 46: A Blind Person…

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“This king is warning you.
If you dare to touch Wan ‘er again, this Icing will definitely not let you off!”Helian Jin Yu spoke, sneering.

“Your Highness, you really like to joke, who would want to touch Feng Qing Wan?”Feng Chu Ge’s lips twitched,” However, I think that you’ve hidden Feng Qing Wan well, right? Then there’s no need to worry about her being touched by others again…”

That indifferent look that had nothing to do with her made Helian Jin Yu fly into a rage out of humiliation.

Helian Jin Yu really didn’t know how this woman did it.
It seemed that no matter what he said, she wouldn’t anger him.

Thinking of this, Helian Jin Yu couldn’t help but feel a sense of defeat…

“Third Imperial Brother, you’ve already arrived.”Helian Zi Xuan’s voice came from behind.

“Third brother, you don’t look right.
What’s wrong? Why are you angry?” Helian Zi Xuan had just arrived and did not know what had just happened.

Helian Jin Yu restrained his expression, and finally, his long and narrow eyes swept across Feng Chu Ge.

“Feng Chu Ge, this is the last time I’m warning you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Helian Jin Yu flicked his sleeves and ignored Helian Zi Xuan, just walking straight to his seat at the side.

Watching Helian Jin Yu walk far away, Feng Chu Ge snorted lightly and looked up, only to see Helian Zi Xuan sizing her up as if he had seen a ghost…

“Fifth Prince…Your eyeballs are about to fall out.”

“You… Are you really Feng Chu Ge?”

“That’s right, is your highness very surprised?”

“Uh… No… No…” Helian Zi Xuan shook his head and smiled,” Miss Feng is really hiding her true colors…”

“People with poor eyesight can’t see clearly…” Feng Chu Ge smiled faintly.

Helian Zi Xuan was speechless.

That’s right, he had seen her once before.

Even though he had seen her before, he still thought that she was a super ugly woman.

Helian Zi Xuan curled his lips,” Cousin is actually such a heavenly beauty…”

That’s right, his brain must have been rusty before.
That was why he thought that Feng Chu Ge was an ugly girl.

One had to know that Feng Chuge’s mother, Princess Jiande, had once caused a sensation because of her beauty…

How could the daughter of Princess Jian De be any worse?

Helian Zi Xuan stared straight at Feng Chu Ge, his eyes burning with passion.

When Ah Chen, who was sitting beside Feng Chu Ge, saw this, his eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes…

“Wifey, I want to eat that…” Ah Chen suddenly leaned into Feng Chu Ge’s arms and pointed at the fruit plate beside Feng Chu Ge.
He raised his hand in the air and blocked Helian Zi Xuan’s line of sight.

Although the child-like voice was soft, it was very domineering and unquestionable.

Hearing this voice, Helian Zi Xuan also noticed the child sitting next to Feng Chu Ge.

With just one glance, he was shocked.

This child’s body was actually overflowing with killing intent!!


Wife? This child was called Lady Feng Chu Ge?

Helian Zi Xuan frowned slightly and looked at Ah Chen again, but his eyes met Ah Chen’s cold eyes.

With just one glance, Helian Zi Xuan felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, his entire body turning cold…

At once, Helian Zi Xuan was greatly shocked.

Ah Chen quickly lowered his head as if nothing had happened.
He just leaned into Feng Chuge’s arms and pestered him to eat grapes.
He wanted Feng Chuge to peel the skin for him personally.

Feng Chuge had always found it hard to resist Ah Chen’s requests.

The scene of the adult and child looked very heartwarming..

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