Chapter 5

When Feng Chuge walked out, the fight was very intense.

As expected of Zilan and the rest.
It was either they remained passive, or they would definitely beat their opponents to a pulp.

Currently, at the moment, Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue no longer had their previous graceful bearing.

Their clothes were torn apart while their hair was scattered all around, appearing to be in a mess.

Zilan and the rest were in no rush to deal a killing blow.
They played around with them slowly, like how a cat played with a mouse.

Feng Chuge leaned on a side while she looked at Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue.
She curled her lips and smiled.

Feng Qingwan, Feng Qingxue, this is just the beginning!

The intensity of bullying you have inflicted on this body is far from what you’ve suffered.

Not far away, there was a sudden rush of footsteps.

It was rather loud and evidently, there was more than one person.

Feng Chuge stood straight with a mocking expression on her face while she looked in the direction where the footsteps came from.

Very soon, a few silhouettes appeared in her line of sight, and they were led by a man and a woman.

The middle-aged man was dressed in a green robe and his square face gave off the feeling of seriousness.

The middle-aged woman standing beside him was wearing resplendent clothes.
Even though she had aged, the beauty she had since her youth could not be concealed.

When they saw the messy scene, Feng Chaoyang and the Second Madam were shocked.

“Stop! All of you, stop! What are you doing?” Feng Chaoyang thundered in rage when he saw the mess his two daughters were in.

However, the only person Zilan and the rest listened to was Feng Chuge’s commands.

Thus, the fight before them had intensified.

Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue’s appearance became increasingly shabby.

Feng Chaoyang finally recalled what the maid had reported to him.
He surveyed the surroundings and his gaze landed on the young lady in white robes.

“Feng Chuge!! What are you doing? Why have you caused so much trouble upon your return? If you don’t want to return, get lost!”

Feng Chaoyang was so angry to the extent his beard straightened.
His hands pointed at Feng Chuge in a tremble and it could be seen how angry he was.

Feng Chuge’s eyelids were slightly lowered before and after hearing his shouts, she finally widened her eyes.

“Master Feng… you’re right about something.
It’s true that I didn’t want to return.”

Her pure and limpid eyes looked up and met straight on with Feng Chaoyang’s gaze.

The chilly intent that surfaced from the depths of her eyes gave Feng Chaoyang a big fright!

He had not managed to check her out earlier and after he got a clear view of Feng Chuge’s appearance, he was deeply shocked.

He never imagined that the ugly wastrel from back then would grow up to be so stunning!

If he knew she would transform as such, he would not have promised Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue to marry her to that idiot.
With her current appearance, her value was estimated to be higher than marrying her to that dying fool from the Yun Family!

Feng Chuge was unaware of Feng Chaoyang’s thoughts, but when she saw his eyes that flickered with a glint from time to time, she knew he was not having the best of intentions.

While the fight continued, Feng Chuge raised her lips and softly muttered, “Stop.”

Zilan and the rest wanted to continue the fight, but they could only stop when they heard Feng Chuge’s orders.

“Father, you must be the judge! That wastrel dared to do this to us and she even intends to chase us out of the Linshui Pavilion.
You must teach her a good lesson!” Feng Qingwan came forward as she cried.
Due to the earlier fight, her face was swollen on both sides.

That’s right, Zilan and the rest did it deliberately.

Feng Chuge had given an order not to kill them, and thus, they aimed for the duo’s faces persistently.

It was a common saying to avoid the face when fighting, but they did the opposite!

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