Chapter 6

They found the two sisters displeasing to the eye.

Since they dared to spread rumors that their Miss was ugly, they wanted to turn them into real ugly monsters in return!

Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue threw themselves onto the Second Madam in tears.

The Second Madam felt heartache when she saw what her two precious daughters went through.

“You have to be the judge for them… The moment Feng Chuge returned, she caused such a huge incident.
It can be imagined how she’ll be in the future.”

While the Second Madam said this to Feng Chaoyang, she fiercely glared at Feng Chuge.

In her opinion.
Feng Chuge was similar to a fishbone stuck in her throat, which slowly tortured her.

The underlying reason was because Feng Chuge was borne by Princess Jiande, and was publicly recognized as the first wife’s eldest daughter.
Thus, her existence had constantly reminded the Second Madam that she was merely a concubine, and the daughters she gave birth to were born in disgrace.

Back then, Princess Jiande was bestowed to Feng Chaoyang by the Emperor and due to this, he could not promote the Second Madam to his first wife even after the death of the princess.

Even if she was the only wife in the entire estate, the Second Madam would only be a concubine.

The more she thought about it, the more she hated Feng Chuge to the core.

All these years, the Second Madam had tried all means to end her life, but she continuously escaped all these pursuits!

The Second Madam looked at her children’s appearance and tearfully said, “Lord… take a look.
If Qingwan were to end up with a permanent mark on her beautiful face, what should she do? Right now the Third Prince has set his heart on Qingwan and what if things get delayed due to some other reasons?”

Feng Chaoyan’s gaze turned chilly.

“Feng Chuge, you have two choices.
Either you head back to your courtyard, or get lost from my Feng Residence!” The courtyard Feng Chaoyang referred to was the abandoned, and remote courtyard which he had ordered that maid to lead her to!

“Master Feng, aren’t I inside my own courtyard?” Feng Chuge crossed her arms, leaning against a pillar as she casually said.

“Your courtyard? Don’t forget that you were exiled from my Feng Family six years ago!”

“There’s no need for your reminder.
However… This courtyard was something my mother left behind for me.
You’ve occupied it for long enough and it’s time for me to take it back.”

Having said that, the Second Madam’s and the other’s expressions changed.
Feng Chaoyang never imagined that the once timid girl, who would not utter a single retaliation before, would become so courageous!

“Feng Chuge, it seems like you’ve become quite outspoken, huh!? You even dare to go against my orders!?” Feng Chaoyang angrily exclaimed.

“I have no such intentions, I’m merely taking back everything that belonged to me.
As you have mentioned, I’ve long been chased out of the family.
Since I’m no longer a member, there’s no need for the Feng Family to safeguard my belongings on my behalf.” Having said that, she turned and looked at the pavilion, with a slight curl on her lips.
“This pavilion was something my mother left behind for me.
Other than this, you should also prepare those dowries she had in the past.
I’ll be taking those away with me later…”

While Feng Chuge spoke, her line of sight landed on the Second Madam’s wrists.

Wasn’t that glittering and translucent bracelet something Princess Jiande brought along with her from the palace?

A trace of light flashed past her eyes and Feng Chuge suddenly leaped forward.

“AH—” the Second Madam cried out in surprise and looked at her hands in disbelief.

She felt a twinge of pain on her hand.
The moment she looked down, she discovered that her favorite bracelet was gone.

Moreover, Feng Chuge was currently playing around with the bracelet in her own hands.

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