Chapter 20: Three Days' Time


The almost interrogative tone made Yun Zhao hesitate, and Chang Xiao stepped forward to stop the movements of the clansmen who were carrying things.


Chang Xiao met the elder's eyes directly and said, “Elder Qi, these are the food I bought for the patrol brothers out of my own pocket.
Where do you want them to be taken?”


Elder Qi snorted and glanced at those golden bunny-shaped bread, seemingly disdainful, “Naturally, they should be discarded.”


After speaking, Elder Qi waved his hand and ordered the others to continue moving.


The clansmen exchanged glances, unable to help but swallow their saliva as they looked at the soft bread.
The rich aroma caused everyone to involuntarily slow down their actions.


Seeing this, Elder Qi couldn't help but raise his voice and scold, “What are you doing, being so slow! Quickly take them all and throw them away!”


Chang Xiao was about to step forward with a stern face but was stopped by someone.


“Hold on!”


Everyone turned their heads in response, only to find it was the good-looking young man who had spoken.


Yun Zhao was also a little displeased at this point.
This food was made by him and the rabbits with great effort.
How could they allow it to be so wasted and mistreated?


He walked a few steps forward, facing the sharp gaze of the elder, and asked, “May I ask, Elder, why do you want to throw away the food I made?”


Yun Zhao pointed to the patrol guard who was staring intently at the bread and said, “I heard from Chang Xiao that these clansmen patrol day and night for the celebration.
The meals sent by the kitchen don't suit their taste, so Chang Xiao used his own money to buy food to reward his brothers.
Isn't it inappropriate to waste it like this?”


“That's right! Just look at what the kitchen sent…”


“After working so hard for so many days, we're not allowed to eat something we like.”


“Those elders would never eat the same things as us.
They don't care how the people below live!”


As soon as Yun Zhao finished speaking, the people around began to discuss, expressing their discontent. 


Hearing the increasingly loud discussions, Elder Qi's face turned red.
In a fit of anger and shame, he waved his sleeves and scolded, “You insolent brat!”


Pointing at Yun Zhao, his eyes filled with anger, he said, “Where did you come from, peddler? Acting so audaciously! The celebration is approaching, who knows if your stuff is clean or not.
If there are any issues that delay the important matters, how will you take responsibility?”


“Moreover,” Elder Qi squinted his eyes and sneered, “these are all low-quality foods that can't be presented on the table.
Starting tomorrow, there will be other immortal clans coming, and it would be embarrassing if they saw such things!”


Yun Zhao was taken aback and immediately understood.


He turned to Chang Xiao and asked, “So, does that mean you won't need to send bread anymore starting tomorrow?”


Chang Xiao, facing the young man's puzzled eyes, inexplicably felt a bit nervous.


He avoided Yun Zhao's gaze and murmured, barely audible, “Um.”


As soon as he responded, Chang Xiao regretted it.


Sure enough, he saw a hint of disappointment in Yun Zhao's eyes.


Chang Xiao quickly waved his hands and stuttered, “I-I didn't mean that.
I just didn't want those annoying old men to see…
Uh, your bread is really delicious, and the jam is also to everyone's taste…
Others like it too, right?”


The other guards nodded repeatedly, afraid that this young boss would simply turn his back and refuse to sell them food.


Yun Zhao shook his head.
“Whether it's bread or rice buns, you indeed think they are not presentable, so you're afraid of being discovered by the elders.”


Chang Xiao was momentarily speechless.
He did have that thought, which was why he planned to stop buying snacks from Yun Zhao during the celebration.


“Enough! Since you know, then leave!” Elder Qi waved his hand and let the others continue moving, but Yun Zhao intercepted him once again.


Elder Qi's patience ran out, and he angrily said, “You're being insolent!”


“It's you who's being insolent!”


Wu Mu in Yun Zhao's arms couldn't bear it anymore and jumped out, transforming into a black-clothed child upon landing.


He tucked his hands into his sleeves and pretended to be courteous, bowing slightly, “Wu Mu, under the guidance of the Floating Island's Supreme Sage, pays respects to this elder.”


Wu Mu carried a cold air and stood proudly in front of Yun Zhao, his eyes full of arrogance.
Although his words sounded polite, there was not much respect in his tone.


Elder Qi frowned and scrutinized the black-clothed child in front of him.


Supreme Sage Kongming possessed formidable immortal power, and his spirit cat, especially this black-furred one, was known for being obedient on the surface but extremely vengeful in secret.


Now it was unexpectedly standing up for this young man with a small stature…


Elder Qi reexamined Yun Zhao.


How could Wu Mu not know what this old man was thinking? He decided to speak directly, “Thanks to Kongming sending me to Yun Zhao's kindergarten, I've witnessed the wolf clan's barbaric side.”


Elder Qi was taken aback by his words.
He looked at the displeased face of Yun Zhao and then glanced at Chang Xiao, who was whistling and gloating beside him.


He cursed inwardly: This young man is actually Ao Yu's new spouse!


Elder Qi's gaze fell on Chang Xiao, who remained calm and unruffled, making him even angrier.


This little wolf cub clearly knew about it!


He couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy, but if he were to lower his head and smile, it would damage his reputation in front of the clan members.


Just as Elder Qi was organizing his thoughts to find a response, he heard Yun Zhao speak.


Yun Zhao spoke calmly, “Since the elder doesn't appreciate the food I make, then let's forget about it.
However, please accept today's bread that I have brought.”


“Very well.” Elder Qi felt relieved when he heard that Yun Zhao wasn't going to make trouble.
He immediately instructed his subordinates to return all the boxes to the patrol guards.


Seeing this, Yun Zhao also had no intention of staying any longer.


Chang Xiao leaned over, touched his nose, and apologized in a low voice, “Sorry, can I still order these snacks in the future?”


Although Yun Zhao felt a little uncomfortable, he couldn't change everyone's perception of food, and besides, he did need spiritual stones.


Seeing Yun Zhao nod, Chang Xiao was overjoyed and eagerly helped him bring the spiritual steed over.


Wu Mu rolled his eyes, turned back into a small cat, and leaped onto the back of the spiritual steed.
Just as he was about to tell Yun Zhao to leave quickly, he heard a voice behind him, “Lord Yun Zhao, please wait!”


Everyone turned their heads to see a woman dressed in gorgeous attire approaching with a gentle smile.


Chang Xiao was startled, along with the guards, and stepped back, bowing, “Greetings, Madam.”


Wu Mu leaned close to Yun Zhao's ear and muttered softly, “This is Madam Xian Yue, the wife of the wolf clan leader.”


Yun Zhao was puzzled, “Madam, what can I do for you?”


Madam Xian Yue slightly bowed to Yun Zhao and lowered her voice, “The immortal clan's celebration occurs only once every hundred years.
On that occasion, not only will various clans participate, but many divine beings and celestial immortals will also attend.
The wolf clan is hosting for the first time, and the people under me are inevitably anxious.
I hope you won't hold it against them.”


“People have already been offended, what's the use of saying these nice things now…” Wu Mu muttered disdainfully, infuriating Elder Qi, who was standing nearby, turning his face as red as a pig's liver.


Yun Zhao awkwardly patted Wu Mu's head, asking him to keep quiet.
Wu Mu huffed and turned his little butt, facing away from Yun Zhao.


Yun Zhao sighed helplessly and said to Madam Xian Yue, “It's alright, if there's nothing else, I'll take my leave.”


“Please wait a moment.”


Yun Zhao was about to turn around but was stopped again.
He could only say, “Madam, please speak.”


Madam Xian Yue took a few steps forward and smiled bitterly, “I'm not afraid to embarrass myself.
The wolf clan has never been good at cooking.
This time, for the celebration, we need to prepare exquisite dishes for the divine beings attending, but the kitchen is in chaos, and they have prepared…
things that don't taste quite right.”


Yun Zhao raised an eyebrow, slightly surprised, and tentatively asked, “Madam, are you suggesting…”


Madam Xian Yue nodded, “Please help us prepare the dishes for the banquet.”


“Madam, you can't!” Elder Qi hurriedly rushed over and gestured with his hands in the air, “His food tastes good, but can it be presented well?”


Yun Zhao touched his nose.
Apart from the small bread, the rest did indeed have a rough appearance.


Madam Xian Yue furrowed her brows, clearly annoyed.
“How dare you! Are you saying the things prepared by the kitchen can be presented well?”


“This…” Elder Qi was speechless, unable to find a reason to refute.


Yun Zhao pondered for a moment, rubbing his chin.
If he took charge of the banquet for the celebration, it would be an opportunity to attract customers.


So, he said to Madam Xian Yue, “Since that's the case, if you trust me, let me take care of it.”


“No, no…” Elder Qi wanted to wave his hand, but Yun Zhao interrupted him.


Yun Zhao raised an eyebrow, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
“I will create a menu for you to taste.
If Madam finds it suitable, we can then sign a contract.”


Madam Xian Yue looked straight at the young man in front of her.
He was slim and weak, yet exuded an elegant and pure charm like a green bamboo.


She nodded, “Alright, time is running out.
I'll trouble you to come again in three days.
As long as the dishes are suitable, the reward will be satisfactory to you.”


After confirming the time, Yun Zhao didn't delay any longer.
He got on his small wooden cart and had the spiritual steed start the journey back.


The young man and his cart gradually moved further away, disappearing from the sight of the crowd.


The smile in Madam Xuan Yues eyes disappeared completely.
Her gaze swept over Elder Qi, and the arrogant old man lost his previously domineering demeanor.


“Someone, this old man has a bad memory and can't recognize important people.
Take him to the Cold Pool,” she commanded.


“Madam!” Elder Qi fell to his knees, begging for mercy.


Ignoring him as if she hadn't heard, Madam Xuan Yue walked away, her magnificent skirt brushing against the back of the old man's hand, causing him to feel a sharp pain as if cut by fine gold threads.


Watching the woman's figure fade into the distance, he suddenly remembered that the wolf clan had also followed that divine lord on a campaign into the abyss.


The downfall of a deity did not mean that everyone had forgotten his achievements.
It was his own foolishness…



In the mountains and forests, thunder resounded in the sky, followed by the patter of raindrops falling.
The rain began to pour down, and the crystal-clear droplets slid down the veins of the huge green leaves.


“Oh dear, I lingered for too long; otherwise, I wouldn't be caught in the rain!” Yun Zhao plucked a large green leaf from the roadside and used it as an umbrella over his head.


Yue Xue and Wu Mu were held in his arms, and the two little cats poked their heads out, listening to the sound of raindrops hitting the leaves.




The rainwater made the soil damp and muddy.
The spiritual steed stepped into a small puddle, and Yun Zhao worried that it might twist its leg.
He handed the leaf to Wu Mu and got off the cart to check.


Fortunately, it was a false alarm.
Yun Zhao helped the steed pull its leg out of the mud, and the steed nuzzled affectionately against him.


He wiped the rainwater off his face and stood up, noticing Wu Mu holding the green leaf with his front paws, while the usually delicate little white cat was busy using its paw pad to dry the wet seat on the cart.


“Stop wiping, anyway, I'm already wet.”


Yun Zhao rubbed Luo Xue's head and lifted him up.
Suddenly, he heard Wu Mu exclaim, “Yun Zhao, someone is coming!”


Yun Zhao looked towards the voice, through the misty rain, and saw a person holding an umbrella, their slender figure partially hidden among the shadows of the bamboo forest.

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