the Wolf Tribe's dignity and solemnity.


The Flower Goddess stood up, her light skirt shimmering under the candlelight.


She walked towards the white jade screen, and the musicians and singers who had been performing bowed their heads and stepped back.


Her slender and delicate jade fingers lightly touched the screen, and cascading flower patterns bloomed at her fingertips.
The scattered red dots among the vast green mountains filled the air, as if vibrant colors were splashed and painted on the canvas of the screen, displaying the enchanting scenery of mountains and rivers to the immortals.


While the immortals were immersed in admiration, the Flower Goddess gathered a divine power in the palm of her hand and sent it into the screen.


The previously fallen flowers and green mountains disappeared with the flowing light and vanished within the brilliance.


Madam Xianyue seemed to sense something and stood up, walking down the jade steps.


Sure enough, someone shouted from below the elevated stage, “Look, there are so many flowers blooming in the mountains and forests!”


The crowd followed the voice and was attracted by the dazzling and vibrant scenery, forgetting to speak and silently enjoying the beautiful moment.


The Flower Goddess looked at Xianyue, who was filled with astonishment, and smiled lightly.
“As a return gift for the banquet, I shall present you with the scene of blooming flowers covering the mountains.”


Xianyue walked to the side of the Flower Goddess, withdrawing her gaze from the distant scenery, and softly said, “Thank you.”


After thousands of years, the once solitary and wild Wolf Tribe finally had a different hue.



“Elder brother, do you really know where Yun Zhao is?”


On the streets of the Wolf Tribe, two children, one black and one white, walked hand in hand, followed by a golden-haired spiritual dog that helped them navigate through the crowded crowd.


“I do know, you have to trust me!” Wu Mu stopped and pinched the cheek of Luo Xue.
He released his hand only when he saw his silly younger brother's expression, on the verge of crying but not crying.


After they woke up, they heard Bai Ze saying that Yun Zhao had gone to the Wolf Tribe, and Luo Xue started clamoring to go see him.


In the past half-month, Yun Zhao had mostly stayed in the kitchen, with limited time to play and frolic with them.
However, he always came without fail at night to groom them and remove the fallen fur from their bedsheets.


Seeing Luo Xue rarely acting coquettish towards him, Wu Mu took the initiative to suggest bringing him to find Yun Zhao.


Sun Yang also wanted to go, and after obtaining Ao Yu's permission, he happily followed behind the two little kittens.


Ao Yu showed no intention of going out.
Bai Ze originally wanted to go along, but the rabbits stopped him, insisting on going to the mountains to dig vegetables and pick mushrooms.


Seeing Bai Ze happily following the rabbits, Wumu rolled his eyes and led Luo Xue and Sun Yang down the mountain.


The streets were bustling, and the three little ones turned their heads left and right, searching anxiously, afraid of missing Yun Zhao.


“That's Yun Zhao's spiritual steed!” Luo Xue pointed sharply not far away.


Wu Mu looked closely and indeed saw the silly horse that only knew how to eat grass and stomp in mud puddles.


They approached and looked up, greeting the spiritual steed, “We're here to find Yun Zhao.
Where is he?”


The spiritual steed let out a loud snort and turned its head, softly neighing a few times in a certain direction.


“Is it over there?” Wu Mu turned his head and, pulling his brother forward a few steps, then they saw Yun Zhao being respectfully sent down from a high building by Chang Xiao.


Chang Xiao clasped his hands together, tears of gratitude streaming down his face.
“Thank you so much for your help.
It's because of you that the Wolf Tribe has its current prestige and splendor.”


Yun Zhao chuckled and waved his hand, looking towards the bustling street.
“If you say so, the tribe members who have been patrolling day and night to set up defenses will surely give you a beating.”


Zhang Xiao's smile grew even brighter as he handed over the remaining spiritual stones to Yun Zhao.
“Regardless, the celebration owes much to your contributions.
Please accept these.”


Yun Zhao didn't hesitate and as soon as he put the spiritual stones into his storage bag, he heard someone shout from behind, “Brother Yun Zhao!”


Yun Zhao turned around and saw Luo Xue rushing towards him like a little cannonball, throwing himself into Yun Zhao's arms.


Chang Xiao looked at Wu Mu and Sun Yang, who came right after, and couldn't help but laugh.
“You sure have won their affections.
If Ah Yan wasn't already grown up, I would have wanted to send him to you too.”


Yun Zhao thought of Ah Yan, that gluttonous little devil, and replied seriously, “Then you'll have to pay me double the food expenses.”


“Well, that's fair.”


Chang Xiao chuckled helplessly, then said, “I need to go attend to the guests.
I won't disturb you.
It's a good opportunity for you to take them around.”


Yun Zhao nodded.
“Go ahead and take care of your tasks.”


With that, Yun Zhao waved goodbye to Zhang Xiao, ruffled Sun Yang's head, and took them to the marketplace.


With a bulging wallet, they had the confidence to go shopping!


Chang Xiao watched the figure of the young man, smiled gently, and turned to head back towards the high building.


Qing Jiao stood by the redwood railing of the corridor on the high building, gazing downward.
When he saw a certain person, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he couldn't help but reach out and grasp the railing.


Just as Chang Xiao arrived on the floor, he happened to encounter this young master, so he approached and greeted him.
“Young Master Qing, what are you looking at?”


Qing Jiao turned back at the sound of his voice and smiled lightly.
“Just saw an acquaintance.”


“Oh?” Chang Xiaolooked down and asked, “Is it that celestial being?”


Qing Jiao pointed her finger at the young man in the moon-white robe.
“It's him.”


Chang Xiao immediately saw the person Qing Jiao was pointing at, and his mind recalled the previous practice of the Mountain Spirit Clan fulfilling marriage contracts, feeling somewhat awkward.


Qing Jiao could tell at a glance that Chang Xiao knew Yun Zhao.
He stared directly into his eyes, his voice carrying a hint of etherealness.
“Why is he here?”


Zhang Xiao's mind was in chaos, feeling as if the other person's voice was amplifying and echoing in his ears.
He couldn't help but open his mouth and reply, “He is a benefactor of the Wolf Tribe…
Lady Xianyue…
invited him to host a banquet…”


“I see…”


Qing Jiao shifted his gaze back to that familiar figure, his hand gripping the railing unconsciously, and a faint coldness appeared in his eyes.

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