med by the adorable little cat.
He covered his mouth, laughing foolishly, which earned him a light tail flick on the back of his head from the small dragon on his neck.


Master Kongming stroked his long beard and said slowly, “This cat is called Luo Xue.
Its twin brother went out to play and hasn't returned yet, so we can only bring Luo Xue for now.”


As he spoke, he nudged Luo Xue toward Yun Zhao.
“It had been in its animal form for a long time, and I often traveled.
The young servants in the mountains couldn't take care of it properly, so I trouble you to look after this child.”


Yun Zhao gladly accepted the task and handed over a document.
“Master, here's the invoice for our kindergarten.
Please take a look.”


Kongming received it and opened it up, revealing a long list of items—basic care fee of 20,000 spirit stones per month, a food expense of 5,000, toy usage fee of 5,000…
Any damages would require compensation at the original price…


Kongming felt a headache, while the young man before him continued to smile.
“Would you find the cost of providing a warm and comfortable environment for your divine beast expensive?”


Luo Xue opened its round eyes and lightly tapped Master Kongming's hand with its small paw.


“Of course, of course…” Kongming cleared his throat and took out thirty thousand spirit stones from his storage bag, handing them over to Yun Zhao.
The smile on Yun Zhao's face visibly grew wider.


Bai Ze, who was munching on melon seeds beside them, looked on in awe.
So, this was the power of three sentences that made a man pay three thousand spirit stones for?


After paying the money, Kongming casually skimmed through the contract that Yun Zhao handed over and prepared to leave.


He truly didn't have the energy to take care of this timid little cub and had only hoped that someone would look after it in his absence.


As Kongming's and Luo Xue's names were recorded on the pale golden contract, Yun Zhao's system beeped in his mind.


System: [Congratulations to the host for obtaining the first cub in the Divine Beast Kindergarten! You will receive a reward of 500 immortal stones and a divine beast handbook! Please check it out!]


While Bai Ze saw Kongming off, the system thoughtfully opened the divine beast handbook for Yun Zhao.
[Luo Xue, a divine beast of the Spirit Cat Clan, 150 years old, in the cub phase, enjoys eating fish, shrimp, and seafood.]


Yun Zhao was delighted.
This cub would be easy to feed, considering that Yuming Mountain was never short of seafood.


Upon returning to his room, Luo Xue indeed displayed shyness and introversion, curling up into a ball and not making a sound.


Yun Zhao placed Luo Xue on a cushion and reached out to gently pat the furry little head in his arms.
Luo Xue looked up in confusion, and its watery eyes met Yun Zhao's gaze—




Kitten, hungry, food!


Yun Zhao pondered for a moment and then scooped up the cub and tucked it into his arms.
Startled, Luo Xue shrank back and only peeked its head out from the collar after a while.


The warmth from the young man's body seeped through the fabric, and as Luo Xue smelled the warm scent emanating from him, it gradually relaxed.
Blinking its big eyes, it followed Yun Zhao into the kitchen.


Yun Zhao fetched a few squids and rinsed off the mucus from their bodies.
Then, with a small knife, he skillfully peeled and removed the suckers, all in one go, leaving Luo Xue wide-eyed in astonishment.


There were some seasonings in his storage bag, so Yun Zhao took some and spread it on the scored squids.


Knowing that Luo Xue was timid, Yun Zhao engaged in idle chatter with the cat while handling the squids.
He slowed down his speech and asked, “Did you think these patterns are nice? Should I use more or less cumin?”


At first, the little white cat kept its head tucked in and didn't dare to respond.
But seeing that Yun Zhao continued to look at it with a smile, it involuntarily flexed its front paws and tentatively meowed.


Almost imperceptibly, Yun Zhao heard a faint response that sounded particularly pleasing to his ears.
Encouraged by the acknowledgment, he hastened his movements.


Having seasoned the squid, Yun Zhao skewered them and placed them on the charcoal grill, flipping them back and forth with one hand while brushing oil on them with the other.


The sizzling sound filled the air, and the rich aroma of the squid attracted Bai Ze's attention.


“It smells so good,” Bai Ze sighed, his eyes fixed on the squid.


Yun Zhao chuckled and handed him a perfectly grilled skewer.
He then peeled another squid and gave it to Ao Yu and Luo Xue.


Ao Yu glanced at it and was about to dig in.
However, he caught sight of Yun Zhao blowing on the torn squid to cool it down before offering it to the little white cat.


“Tsk.” Ao Yu disdainfully played with the squid on his plate with his paw.


In the past, the young boys in the mountains would only throw a fish at him and walk away.
It was the first time Luo Xue had tasted such delicacy, and it was the first time someone had patiently fed it.


Luo Xue savored the squid, taking small bites and relishing the salty, tender, and flavorful taste as it rolled around in its mouth.
The meaty aroma filled its senses, making it lick its lips in satisfaction.


“Meow, meow!” Emboldened by the delicious meal, Luo Xue rubbed against Yun Zhao's head, its voice soft and filled with dependence.


Naturally, Yun Zhao obliged and even provided a belly rub to aid digestion, leaving Luo Xue feeling comfortable and content, purring with delight.



The joyous time continued until nightfall.
Yun Zhao intended to take the lone seedling to see the bedroom he had prepared.
However, as soon as he stepped out, he saw a young boy descending slowly in the courtyard on a white crane.


Impatiently, the boy saluted and said, “Sir, I have to take Luo Xue back.”


Yun Zhao was surprised.
“Aren't you staying here overnight?”


Hearing Yun Zhao's question, the boy looked at him strangely and replied, “The spiritual energy on Yuming Mountain is so thin.
The Master doesn't intend for him to stay long-term.
It's just for someone to take care of him during the day.”


Having said that, the boy carried Luo Xue in his arms.


Luo Xue, the whole cat, instantly deflated, and the boy didn't bother to comfort it.
He simply took Luo Xue and left.


The boy's words lacked politeness but held truth.


Yun Zhao watched their retreating figures and felt an unexpected sense of loss.
It seemed that keeping a divine beast was not as easy as he had initially thought.


Through the window, Ao Yu observed the young man, who had been filled with joy all day, enter the room with a dejected expression and lie down on the bed.


A sigh seemed to echo in the room, and Yun Zhao suddenly found a furry dragon tail in his hand.


With delight in his eyes, Yun Zhao gazed at the small dragon that had approached unnoticed.
However, Ao Yu extinguished the candle before anything else.


“I'm exhausted.
I need some sleep,” Yun Zhao chuckled and pulled the blanket over himself.


After a tiring day, Yun Zhao had hoped to sleep until morning, but to his surprise, there was a knock on his door before dawn.


“Yun Zhao! Yun Zhao!”


Yun Zhao rubbed his eyes and emerged from his room to find Master Kongming standing in the courtyard, holding a small white cat that seemed on the verge of fainting.


Master Kongming was visibly distressed, perspiration glistening on his forehead.
“I apologize.
My disciple spoke out of turn! I would like Luo Xue to stay with you overnight as well! I am willing to pay any amount of spirit stones!”

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