After having a conversation that was neither deep nor shallow with Xie Nandu, it was close to noon too.
Counting the days, today was the date.
Grabbing an oiled paper umbrella, Chen Chao led Xie Nandu out of the door.

Xie Nandu put down the sweet potato that only had the skin left.
Receiving the oiled paper umbrella, she casually asked, ”Where are we going? ”

Chen Chao did not hide it either and said casually, ”Black market. ”

Hearing this, Xie Nandu clearly got excited.
When she was in White Deer Prefecture, she often heard her family talk about the black market.
She knew that it was the place where cultivators carried out transactions.
In foreign lands, there were cultivation sects that specialized in this business.
But within the borders of the Great Liang Dynasty, there would be government-established venues in the provincial capital of the prefecture for cultivators to carry out transactions.
But, this kind of official venue would often deduct part of the skygold currency from both sides of the transaction.
Under such circumstances, black markets were born as the times required, becoming the platform for cultivators to transact on their own.

Tianqing County was too out-of-the-way and the Great Liang Dynasty did not set up any marketplaces.
If one wanted to get any spirit medicines and cultivation aspect materials, there was only the black market.

And because it was too remote, Tianqing County ’s black market only opened for one day a month.
Today just happened to be the day it was open.

The demon beads that Chen Chao accumulated over this one month, he originally planned to exchange all of them for skygold currency today to purchase the spirit medicines that he needed to temper his body next month.

However, Chen Chao was clear in his heart that he could barely cope with things these few months.
The days in the future would definitely get worse and worse.

He glanced at Xie Nandu without leaving any traces.
At that time, how the rest of his days would be would depend on whether or not she found her conscience and send him a large sum of spirit medicines after she arrived at the Divine Capital.
Or even directly deliver those spirit medicines to him.

Walking on the streets, there were only a few pedestrians as usual.
Chen Chao seemed a bit pleased.

When he passed by the county office, the underling at the entrance gave Chen Chao a somewhat respectful glance.
Chen Chao just nodded his head slightly and did not say anything.

He only knew about it earlier.
Turns out that last night, Mi Ke and a group of court underlings guarded Changyuan Street all night.
In the end, this Lord Mi Ke caught a cold.
He heard that he was still lying in bed now.
After learning about this, Chen Chao quietly remembered that he had forgotten to give Mi Ke a heads-up previously.
He sat in front of a fire all night under his porch, but Mi Ke suffered a night of heavy snow and wind.

How sinful.

But he heard that after Mi Ke fell ill, Registrar Zhang bustled around, inviting physicians and brewed medicines with a look of worry.

Lord Mi had a good subordinate!

Walking down the county office street, the two people turned into Willow Leaf Alley to the east and walked to the end before arriving at a relatively spacious street market.

There were many stalls set up on this street.
Many stalls were littered with various kinds of spirit medicines that gave off luster and magic artifacts.

But, these were all small-scale shops.
The truly powerful sellers would have a storefront on this street that belonged to them.

This was Tianqing County ’s black market.

The Great Liang Dynasty turned a blind eye to these places that did not have government-established venues.
Plus, Tianqing County ’s security was surprisingly good.
Hence, the scale of the black market was not small.
In the course of time, the black market here already became the largest one outside of the provincial capital there.
Whenever this day came, martial artists from several nearby counties would come to Tianqing County to buy some spirit medicines.

But it was all odds and ends; not some big purchase.

”Warden Chen! ”

”Warden Chen, you came here? ”

”Warden Chen is here! Everyone move aside! ”

”Warden Chen, I have a fine blood ginseng here! High quality and inexpensive! ”

”Warden Chen, my Seven Leaves Grass is absolutely top-grade! ”

”Warden Chen, this is my younger sister… ”

When Chen Chao heard that, he looked at the vendor with some surprise.

That vendor hurriedly added, ”This is the spirit medicine that my younger sister picked. ”

But after saying this, he continued again, ”It just so happens that my younger sister hasn ’t married yet.
If Warden Chen wants to… ”

”No need! ”



The moment Chen Chao appeared here, those stall owners became excited.
They could not be blamed for losing composure, it was truly because Chen Chao had already become the biggest customer of this black market in these two years.
Every time he came, regardless of whether was it the number of demon beads sold or the number of spirit medicines purchased, it could not be compared to ordinary martial artists.

Those martial artists were at most on a small scale.
But, Chen Chao made huge business deals each time.

Everyone ’s eyes were on Chen Chao.
Instead, Xie Nandu who was on the side was ignored.

Chen Chao clasped his hands toward everyone and did not talk nonsense either, bringing Xie Nandu and dashing into a shop called Longevity Pavilion that was facing the street.

The shop was quaint.
At this moment, there was only an old man with white hair sitting behind the counter and napping.
However, just as Chen Chao walked in, this old man opened his eyes.
Both eyes which were full of cloudiness instantly regained clarity.

”Warden Chen, you ’re indeed punctual. ”

The old man squinted his eyes and was all smiles.
In such a small place, the young warden in front of him was their biggest patron.
Naturally, he should maintain his enthusiasm.

”And this girl is…? ” The old man took a look at Xie Nandu and furrowed his brows imperceptibly.
By relying on his many years of judging people, he naturally knew that this young girl had an extraordinary background and was definitely not simple.

”A friend. ”

Chen Chao took out a heavy black-cloth bag.
Passing it to the old man, he said, ”Calculate the price. ”

The old man nodded his head.
After taking the bag, he took out a tray that was the size of a grinding disc from under the country.
Only after placing it on the counter, did he pour out all the demon beads in the bag.

For some time, a series of crisp sounds echoed here.
The noise varied in loudness and the sound of collision sounded as pleasant as mountain spring water landing on rocks.

Large and small beads landed on the jade tray.

Martial practitioners did not need to use demon beads.
But, other cultivators had use for this item.
So every time after obtaining demon beads, Chen Chao would sell them.
Then he would go and buy the spirit medicines that he needed.

Most of those spirit medicines were planted by foreign cultivators in their own sect ’s medicine garden.
A small quantity was found deep in the mountains and in old forests.
Some cultivators specialized in this profession and were called herb pickers.

The old man chuckled as he counted the demon beads.
Only after categorizing the demon beads based on the condition and effect, did he say, ”The quantity is fewer than last time.
I assume that there aren ’t many demons nearby anymore. ”

He seemed to be casually chatting.
But in reality, he was reminding Chen Chao that if he still did not think of other methods, it would be hard to follow up.

Chen Chao was shrewd too, saying straightforwardly, ”I killed a blood demon a few days ago. ”

”Blood demon? ” !

The old man ’s slightly narrowed eyes suddenly snapped open.
He could not believe it.

Among the demons in Great Liang Dynasty that had not taken human form, blood demons were extremely terrifying existences.
After ordinary cultivators encountered it, forget about killing it, even wanting to retreat unscathed was a luxury.

”Where ’s the demon bead? Let this old man take a look. ” The old man became excited too.
The demon bead of a blood demon was definitely good stuff.

Chen Chao did not hesitate either, taking that blood-colored demon bead out.
After placing it in the tray, he looked at the old man calmly.

”Ah… ” The old man wiped his hands and gently picked up that blood bead.
Sizing it up for a moment, he muttered, ”High-grade. ”

The quality of this demon bead was undoubtedly excellent.
The blood vitality inside was even plentiful.
Most likely, that blood demon was at least a demon of the Spirit Platform Realm already.
It should have been only a step away from stepping into the Divine Trove Realm.

But, such a demon was still killed by Chen Chao.

The old man looked at Chen Chao.
Just what realm was this young warden?

Six firmaments of cultivation.
The second realm was Spirit Platform and Divine Trove was already the third realm.

If he was Divine Trove Realm at this age, it meant that the young man in front of him was absolutely a real genius!

Such a genius was only working as a warden in a measly little county town?

The old man was somewhat in a trance.
But very soon, he heard someone knocking on the counter.

When he returned to his senses, the youth in black in front of him also retracted his hand.

”State your price. ”

Chen Chao did not want to waste too much time here.

The old man mused for a moment and quickly said, ”These demon beads.
a total of 2,000 skygold currency.
This blood demon ’s demon bead, I ’ll give you 5,000 coins! ”

This price was not low.
But, Chen Chao still immediately said, ”10,000! ”

The old man ’s expression suddenly became ugly, as if there was some anger.
But, it was still hidden very well by him.
He squeezed a few words out from the crevices between his teeth, ”10,000 is too much! At most 6,000! ”

The price of those ordinary demon beads was transparent long ago.
They were only talking about this blood demon ’s demon bead.

I believe that you can still sell it for more. ” Chen Chao smiled and said, ”The next time I have good stuff, I ’ll still come and find you. ”

The old man had a helpless look as he said, ”Warden Chen, this price is really impossible. ”

Chen Chao smiled slightly and said, ”It definitely works. ”

The old man shook his head and still insisted on his view.

Chen Chao did not speak.
Putting away the demon bead, he turned around to leave.

The old man did not react.
He just let out a sigh with some disappointment.

It was just that when Chen Chao already had one foot out of the shop, the old man gritted his teeth and seemed to have made up his mind.
He yelled, ”7,000! It ’s only worth this price! ”

Chen Chao turned around and said with a slight smile, ”8,000. ”

Hearing this, the old man sat down like he was deflated and nodded his head somewhat dejectedly.

But Chen Chao did not show any emotion.
He returned to the counter and casually placed the demon bead on the counter, waiting for the manservant in the back to get the money.
However, he still casually asked about how much the demon bead of that demon he killed last night was worth.

”This demon bead isn ’t common.
But, it ’s not very useful for cultivation.
Only those noblewomen in the provincial capital might pay a high price.
I ’ll take it for 1,000. ”

The old shopkeeper knocked on the counter, his eyes narrowed.

Chen Chao shook his head.
He did not plan on selling it just yet.
The price of this thing in a small place was definitely less than one-tenth of those provincial capitals.

The old shopkeeper also knew Chen Chao ’s disposition.
Hence, he did not say much.
He just casually talked about the method of using this thing.

After getting the skygold currency and walking out of the shop, Chen Chao massaged his head.
He was quite satisfied.

If he took that blood demon ’s demon bead to sell elsewhere, it would naturally not be that price.
It was just that it would be too much trouble.
He did not like that.

As for why he did not take out the items that he found on that young man yesterday night, it was in order to avoid causing new problems.
Chen Chao naturally would not be so stupid.

Xie Nandu suddenly said, ”Putting on an act, the human heart is complicated. ”

Chen Chao did not refute it.
He just said coolly, ”You ’ve definitely never experienced it.
But, there ’s nothing special about haggling over the price.
As long as he ’s willing to buy, he definitely won ’t lose money.
And no matter how I sell it, it will be a loss.
I ’m merely reducing my losses to a minimum. ”

”You really make people unable to see through you at times.
When it feels like you ’re worldly-wise, you also seem to have your own perseverance in other aspects.

Xie Nandu was somewhat emotional.
Up till now, she felt that Chen Chao rejecting her help to get him an academy examination spot was a very crazy thing.

Chen Chao himself had difficulties that he could not explain, so he could only stand upright on his own.

Chen Chao did not say anything.
Afterward, he walked back and forth along this street and went in and out of many shops.
He bought quite a few spirit medicines that could be used to temper the body.
With the skygold currency from selling that blood demon ’s demon bead, Chen Chao bought an extra month ’s share when he was buying spirit medicines.
As for why he did not spend it all at once, he vaguely felt that he would not continue to stay in this realm for too long.

Above Spirit Platform was Divine Trove.

Several years of training already let Chen Chao touch the threshold of that realm.
Presumably, he would step into that realm before long and become a Divine Trove martial artist.

And that would be the most difficult realm for martial artists.
Many martial artists were unable to cross this realm for the rest of their lives.

Reaching that realm also meant that he needed even more spirit medicines.

That meant a huge sum of skygold currency.

Chen Chao heaved a sigh, knowing that he would have the biggest headache when the time comes.

Returning to his senses, he was about to leave this place.

But after taking a few steps and having just reached the street corner, a black figure suddenly dashed out of the side alley.
Chen Chao turned his body sideways slightly and dodged the hand that was going to grab him.
Then, he saw that black shadow ’s true face.
It was a dark and skinny youth.
He wore a gray-colored cotton robe that was full of patches.
After seeing that teenager clearly, there was an additional hint of a smile on Chen Chao ’s face.

He reached his hand out and pressed on the dark, skinny teenager ’s shoulder.
The other party could not move anymore.

When the dark, skinny teenager saw this, he had a helpless look, ”Big Brother Chen, can ’t you let me win once? ”

Chen Chao grinned and said, ”Next time for sure. ”

The corners of the dark, skinny teenager ’s mouth twitched.
Then, he noticed Xie Nandu who was behind Chen Chao very quickly.
He quickly retracted his line of sight and asked, ”Big Brother Chen, who is this elder sister? ”

Chen Chao said calmly, ”A friend. ”

”I pay respects to sister-in-law! ” The dark, skinny teenager chuckled.
Scratching his head, he looked a little silly.

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