Chen Chao who returned home was silent for a long time.
He sat in the corridor and looked at the stove that was bought by a certain someone last winter and had been in the corridor all this while.
Then, he raised his head and saw that stray cat on the opposite roof.
At present, the winter snow had melted.
It was hard to avoid making noise when talking on the roof.

Chen Chao looked at it for a long time before taking out a piece of dried meat that was left over from last winter and threw it on the roof.

The stray cat picked up that dried meat that was the size of a palm and ran into the distance without any hesitation.
It soon disappeared.

Only after seeing the stray cat run away, did Chen Chao retract his gaze and recollected his thoughts anew.
Then, he went to get a letter and started writing under the porch.

Chen Chao rubbed his wrists.
Looking at the dusty oak platform, he reached out and wiped with his hands.
He wanted to fetch some water from the water vat in the courtyard, but upon looking up, he discovered that the water vat in the courtyard had long already been damaged in the last fight.
Lowering his head to look at the ground again, there were several deep pits and even more cracks on the ground.

Chen Chao laughed at himself, ”This is freaking perfect. ”

Getting up, Chen Chao went out again to buy a large vat.
He also invited some masons to have them repair the courtyard.

Sitting at one side, Chen Chao started grinding.
The ink fragrance gradually wafted up and he used the brush in his hand to dip a bit of ink.
Holding it in midair and looking at the slightly yellow paper, Chen Chao narrowed his eyes.
This scene was really familiar and also foreign.

Musing for a moment, he began writing.

After holding a saber for many years, suddenly holding a brush was really a little uncomfortable.

But along with the passage of time, he still finished writing that letter very quickly.

Waiting for the ink on it to dry, Chen Chao glanced at the masons who were currently repairing the courtyard over there.

Finally, he kept this letter and got up and left.



The newly appointed magistrate had already arrived.
Today was the day of Mi Ke ’s departure.

Two horse carriages were parked at the city entrance.
There were three to five guards riding on large horses next to the carriages.
They were precisely the guards who escorted the newly appointed magistrate here.
Now, they were going to escort Mi Ke away.

Although Tianqing County was peaceful, demons still roamed unrestrained in other parts of the Great Liang Dynasty.
There were tall mountains and long rivers along the way and the journey was long.
No one knew what they would encounter on the way.
With these few martial artists, it was at least considered some assurance.

Mi Ke was currently bidding farewell to his group of colleagues.

Finally taking a step forward after many years of lingering, Mi Ke ’s old face was full of smiles.

Except, the court underlings who had worked together with him for many years were not very happy.
As for that Registrar Zhang, his expression was even uglier, looking like he had eaten a dead mouse.

There were also some civilians in the distance who were silently sending him off.

Having bid farewell to his colleagues, Mi Ke still did not board the horse carriage but kept looking around at the city entrance.

Chen Chao previously said that he would be coming to send him off today.

After many years of interaction, Mi Ke was very clear about what kind of person Chen Chao was.
If he said that he was coming, then he would definitely come.
Mi Ke definitely would not doubt this.

A moment later, when he saw that black robe appear, he began to smile again.

Far away, when the few guards riding on horses saw that black shirt, they also clasped their hands to pay their respects.

It was not just because of the other party ’s warden identity, it was also because they no longer encountered demons after entering the borders of Tianqing County.

This was sufficient to prove the young warden ’s achievements.

Seeing Chen Chao show up, Mi Ke let out a long sigh of relief.
He lowered his voice and said, ”Younger Brother Chen, I really thought that you wouldn ’t come. ”

In Mi Ke ’s view, it was okay for everyone to not come, only Chen Chao could not.

Chen Chao nodded his head and glanced forward before getting straight to the point, ”There ’s a matter that I ’d like to trouble Elder Brother with. ”

Mi Ke saw that Chen Chao ’s expression was serious and he could not help furrowing his brows, ”Come, let ’s talk elsewhere. ”

There were many eyes here, although Mi Ke did not know what Chen Chao wanted to talk about, he was worried that information would leak.

The two people took a few steps to the side.
Standing under the city walls, Mi Ke nodded his head and Chen Chao slowly opened his mouth, ”Those few people that Elder Brother Mi saw previously have all already been killed by me. ”

”What?! ”

Mi Ke was stunned and opened his eyes wide.
Fortunately, this place was some distance away and no one could hear.
Even after realizing that he had lost composure, he still lowered his voice and asked hoarsely, ”You said that you killed those few immortal cultivators?! ”

This matter was even more terrifying than Chen Chao wanting to kill those demons.
When he interacted with them, Mi Ke was filled with trepidation because of those few people ’s cultivator identities.

But those immortal-like characters in his view were killed by Chen Chao now.

”They were all foreign lands ’ qi refiners who came to Tianqing County with ulterior motives.
Furthermore, that person called Guo Xi had once left behind something in Elder Brother ’s body.
It ’s an insidious technique of qi refiners that can make Elder Brother look like you died from an illness in half a year.
But in reality, it doesn ’t even give Elder Brother a chance to reincarnate. ” Chen Chao looked at Mi Ke and said in a solemn voice, ”It ’s just that in the wake of his death, these methods have evaporated into thin air and no longer exist. ”

Mi Ke opened his eyes wide.
He was an intellectual, but he had never cultivated.
Hence, he only had some superficial knowledge about these things.
Upon recalling that young man ’s behavior previously, Mi Ke was already deeply convinced of this, ”It ’s actually like that? I really have to thank Younger Brother Chen. ”

”Don ’t worry, with our friendship, it ’s impossible for me to tell others about this. ” Mi Ke had a resolute look in his eyes, ”Even if Younger Brother didn ’t remove this kind of insidious method for this official, Younger Brother Chen has done so many things for the people of Tianqing County these few years, it ’s worthy of this official keeping this secret for you. ”

Chen Chao shook his head, ”Elder Brother has misunderstood. ”

The matter of Guo Xi leaving behind his technique in Mi Ke ’s body was informed to Chen Chao by Zhou Gouqi who stayed opposite.
That technique was ordinary and closely linked to the cultivator who cast the spell.
If the cultivator died, that technique would naturally cease to exist as well.

Hence, it was true that Chen Chao killing Guo Xi also indirectly saved Mi Ke ’s life.

Mi Ke was taken aback.

Chen Chao continued, ”After those few people died, there were mysterious methods of informing their sects.
This matter can ’t be hidden. ”

Pausing for a bit, Chen Chao enunciated each word, ”What I ’d like to ask Elder Brother to do, is to go to Commandery Qingshan first before you arrive in Wanshan County.
Inform the warden government office about me killing these four qi refiners.
At the same time, I hope that Elder Brother can publicize this matter as much as possible! ”

”Why is that? ”

Mi Ke did not expect that not only was Chen Chao not asking him to keep the secret, he even wanted to publicize this matter.
He looked at Chen Chao with a puzzled face, unable to understand why Chen Chao wanted to do so.
One had to know, the imperial court ’s attitude towards foreign land cultivators had always been subservient.
If people learned that four qi refiners were killed by a warden under the imperial court, then it would definitely set of titanic waves.

”Younger Brother Chen, are you clear about the implications? If people know that you killed those few qi refiners, no matter the reason, you ’d probably find it hard to escape death.
Could it be that the imperial court will step forward for you, a measly little warden? ”

These words sounded a little cruel, but reality was so.
Mi Ke lowered his voice and was rather anxious and worried.
Since he knew that Chen Chao saved his life, then how could he watch Chen Chao die without caring?

Chen Chao shook his head, ”If this matter isn ’t publicized, I ’ll definitely die.
The greater the disturbance caused by this matter, the more I ’ll have a glimmer of hope. ”

Mi Ke mused for a moment and still did not quite understand the logic behind it.
He still wanted to speak but saw Chen Chao wave his hand.
Only then, did Mi Ke say in a solemn voice, ”Since Younger Brother is concealing your true intentions, this official won ’t ask anymore either.
I ’ll do as Younger Brother says. ”

Chen Chao instructed once more, ”Elder Brother Mi must let everyone in Commandery Qingshan know about this matter. ”

Mi Ke did not hesitate and nodded his head.

Chen Chao clasped his hands and bowed.
Everything else was left unsaid.

And then.

Mi Ke came to the horse carriage.
The guards who had been waiting asked, ”Lord Mi, can we set off? ”

Mi Ke nodded his head and boarded the carriage.
But he immediately said, ”Change course, go to Commandery Qingshan first. ”

The guard was stunned and said hesitantly, ”Isn ’t Your Excellency taking office in Wanshan County? ”

Mi Ke said calmly, ”Relax, this official isn ’t muddleheaded yet.
I know about Great Liang ’s laws too. ”

The guard said no more, he just silently clamped the horse ’s abdomen with his legs.

The horse carriage slowly departed.

Chen Chao stood in the distance and watched silently.

Before asking Mi Ke to go to Commandery Qingshan to spread this matter, he had already written a letter to inform that Warden Li.
But he did not know if that Warden Li dared to get involved in this matter.
What were his original intentions too? Did the imperial court know about the dragon vein?

Therefore, he had to make preparations too.

But he was very clear that whether was it Commandery Qingshan or Wei Prefecture, no matter how big a disturbance it caused, it needed something missing too.

Therefore, his other letter was sent elsewhere.

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