now? If they want to say, let them say.
In the future, you don ’t have to tell me about this sort of thing anymore either, I don ’t want to hear it. ”

Not that she did not dare and also not unwilling, she just did not want to.

Liu Ye gave an ’oh ’ and was about to apologize for the offense.

But the young girl shook her head.

Liu Ye had just wanted to speak when suddenly, there was some noise outside the courtyard door.

”I ’m Nanxing Huangzhi.
I ’ve admired Miss for a long time and wish to meet Miss. ”

Liu Ye lifted her head and opened her mouth as she said softly, ”It ’s him again. ”

Ever since entering the academy, there had actually been quite a number of academy students who came here to express their feelings of adoration to this Divine Capital ’s Xie Clan ’s girl.
A large portion of them was aimed at Xie Nandu ’s Xie Clan descendant identity.
There was also a portion who might be sincere.
This Huangzhi was the most diligent of them.

The young girl did not speak, she just looked at the sweet potato on the stove.

”Miss, we ’re schoolmates.
Putting other things aside, it ’s at least okay to study the literary works of sages together, right? ”

Outside the door, a young man who was dressed as a scholar was pacing outside the door.
He would glance inside the door from time to time.

It was just that the courtyard door never opened from start to end.

Inside the courtyard.

Liu Ye could not help but ask, ”Miss, since you don ’t want to meet him, why don ’t you tell him straight? Why do you allow him to yell freely here? ”

The girl laid back and closed her eyes as she said calmly, ”If I go out to see him, he ’ll definitely still have a lot to say.
I don ’t want to hear it. ”

It was still ”don ’t want ”.

Liu Ye probed, ”Then next time, I ’ll tell the family and have Eldest Uncle they all send people to stop him? ”

The young girl still shook her head.

Liu Ye was somewhat disheartened and mumbled, ”Just what in the world are you thinking, Miss? You have to tell me instead of making me guess all the time.
My brain isn ’t as smart as yours. ”

The young girl did not speak.

It was just that very soon, the young girl opened her eyes.

She lifted her head.

A wooden bird flew in from outside the courtyard.
This was something created by the Ministry of Works.
There were array formations engraved in it and it was extremely fast.
In the early days, it was used to deliver the imperial court ’s military intel.
Over the years, it had already been adopted for day-to-day use.
It was not easy to be intercepted by someone along the way when using this wooden bird to send letters.
It was just that the fees were not cheap.
It was very hard for ordinary folks to be able to afford such an expense.

Liu Ye hurriedly stood up and went to catch that wooden bird.
Then, she took out the letter inside.
Glancing at the letter, she said with some surprise, ”Miss, it ’s sent from Wei Prefecture. ”

The young girl stood up.
There was a slight smile on her face as she asked, ”Who signed off? ”

”Chen Chao. ”

”Give it to me. ”

The young girl took the letter.
Hearing the voice outside the door sound out again, she frowned and said, ”Go and chase him away. ”

As she said, the young girl headed indoors.

Liu Ye was taken aback, but nodded very quickly and walked towards the courtyard door.

After a while, Huangzhi left reluctantly and there was no more noise.

The young girl sat in front of the window.

Taking out the letter paper inside, she placed it on the table.

the writing looks pretty good.
Although it can ’t match up to mine.

The young girl smiled and began reading the letter seriously.

Very soon, her expression became solemn.

She originally thought that this letter was Chen Chao writing to ask for some spirit medicines.
But she did not expect that the letter did not mention such a thing at all, but an even more bigger matter.

”I killed people, they were a few qi refiners.
One is called Guo Xi, he was from Three Streams Manor.
Another was called Yan Ruoshui, from the South Heaven Sect.
I don ’t remember the other two.
Either way, they were all from the southern qi refiner lineage… ”

”Those few people were nothing impressive, they were all not my match.
I didn ’t even get injured when I killed them. ” ”But after killing the youngsters, the people behind them will definitely come and find trouble with me.
I can ’t handle it, so I ’ll have to trouble you to help me. ”

”I saved you more than once.
Now that I ’m asking you for help, you definitely won ’t make things difficult for me.
I know that I didn ’t misjudge you, you ’re the same as me: both warmhearted and compassionate people.
I ’ll be thanking you then.
You ’re so clever and also so beautiful, you ’re also so kindhearted… ”

Reading up to here, the corners of the girl ’s mouth curled slightly, seemingly recalling those days before.

When she returned to her senses, she continued reading.

”On the surface, they came to look for ores.
But, their true goal wasn ’t that.
However, I can only tell you the specifics in person.
Either way, I definitely killed them for a reason.
I ’m still a child, I don ’t want to die.
So you must help me… ”



The young girl read the letter quietly.
Only when she finished reading the last word, did her eyebrows ease up momentarily.
It was just that it furrowed again right away.
Holding it in for a moment, she still failed to hold herself back and said, ”You can really cause trouble. ”

She rubbed her forehead and put the letter paper down, letting out a long sigh.

Footsteps sounded out outside the door.

”Miss, it ’s done! ”

Liu Ye walked in holding a piping hot sweet potato in, her face full of excitement.

”Put it over there. ”

The girl ’s mind was currently not on this.
She was somewhat absent-minded.

Liu Ye did not know why her Miss did not even eat the sweet potato that was normally her favorite thing.
But it must be because of that letter.

She detested the person who wrote that letter for no reason.
If she saw him, she would definitely give him a beating.

Liu Ye thought sullenly.

”Come, let ’s go back home. ”

The young girl stood up and walked out of the house.

Liu Ye got another shock.

Miss had never returned home ever since she entered the academy.
She heard that there were several young masters in the family who disliked Miss greatly.
Therefore, Miss was not willing to be there either.
But since that was the case, why was she going home today?

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