It was just that her voice had yet to fade when a wooden bird suddenly flew into the warden office ’s main hall and landed on the table.

Zheng Chong was startled and quickly retrieved the letter.
After taking a look, his expression changed drastically, ”Your Excellency, it ’s a note from the Divine Capital ’s Heavenly Imperial Institution. ”

The woman turned around and frowned.
Taking the note, she opened it and took a look, and muttered rather incredulously, ”Why has this matter blown up in the Divine Capital too? ”

Zheng Chong was shocked and was just about to speak when another wooden bird flew into the main hall too and landed on the table.

Zheng Chong forcibly reined in his shock and went to take down the letter on that wooden bird.
It was a note too.
But this time, when Zheng Chong opened it and saw the signature, he was already completely stupefied.

”Which government office sent the note? ”

Seeing Zheng Chong like this, the woman hurriedly asked.

”It ’s…
Warden, His Excellency! ”

There could be countless Warden Lis in this Great Liang Dynasty, but there could only be one Warden.

That man who ruled countless wardens in the entire Great Liang Dynasty not only held great authority, but he was also an existence akin to a god in the hearts of the martial artists under the heavens.
It was likely that in the Great Liang Dynasty, other than a certain Great General in the northern frontier, no one else could rival that Lord Warden in terms of martial arts realm.

”What does it say? ”

The woman spread out the Heavenly Imperial Institution ’s note.
The meaning of it was very clear: the imperial court already knew what happened in Tianqing County and ordered the Wei Prefecture ’s Heavenly Imperial Institution to cooperate with the warden office to escort Chen Chao to the Divine Capital for trial.

Furthermore, at the same time this note was sent out, the Divine Capital already sent a powerhouse to Wei Prefecture.

Zheng Chong opened the note sent by that Divine Capital’s Warden Office at the same time and the meaning was also the same.

Furthermore, the warden office had also sent someone to Wei Prefecture.

The meaning of the two offices was very clear, that was that no matter what, they had to bring that youth to the Divine Capital.
It seemed like they were not even afraid to offend those few foreign sects in order to bring that youth to the Divine Capital.

When had the Great Liang Dynasty ever acted like this?

This matter had completely blown up.

This was the woman and Zheng Chong ’s thoughts at this moment.

These two government offices were the Great Liang Dynasty offices that had the most dealings with foreign cultivators.
And now, before things were clear, they actually jointly sent out posts.
It could be imagined what this meant.

The woman drew a deep breath and leaned on the table.
At this point, she who was still somewhat in disbelief muttered to herself, ”Could it be that there ’s really some remarkable existence standing behind this youth? ”

But how could that be?

If there was really this layer of relationship, how could he possibly be a measly little Tianqing County ’s warden?



The horse carriage returned to the bank of South Lake from the Xie Family ’s manor.

When it entered the academy, the students did not pay attention to the horse carriage.
There were clamoring voices on both sides of the road.
What sounded out were all voices of discussion.

”Have you heard? A warden killed four immortal cultivators in Wei Prefecture. ”

”Wei Prefecture? That ’s so far away, how did it spread to the Divine Capital? ”

”I ’m not sure, but it seems like there must be a reason for it.
According to Great Liang ’s law, that warden must come to the Divine Capital to stand trial. ”

”Then what about the foreign land sects? They are used to being arrogant and overbearing, could it be that they will let the warden office bring him back? ”

”You don ’t get it, if we didn ’t know about this matter, then if he was taken away, that would have been it.
Haven ’t similar things happened to our Great Liang Dynasty before? But now that even we know about it, if he still gets taken away by those cultivators, where will the Great Liang Dynasty ’s face go? What about His Majesty ’s face? ”

”It ’s just that even so, it probably won ’t be easy either, right? Isn’t the rights and wrongs still decided by those big shots? Even if that warden is innocent, could it be that the imperial court would be willing to offend those few cultivation sects for his sake? ”

The horse carriage slowly drove across the road.
The young girl in the cabin listened to these noisy voices very calmly.
Now that even the academy was discussing this incident, it proved that it was known everywhere in the Divine Capital.

Because the Divine Capital knew about it, he would have a chance of survival.

It was just that everything was still unknown.

Whether or not he could arrive in the Divine Capital.
After arriving in the Divine Capital, could he survive or not?

Her thoughts were complicated.
Then, she lowered her head and took a look at that sweet potato beside her that had already turned cold and said softly, ”At present, I can only do so much. ”

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