a while to construct a set for a drama!”

Seheon, who remembered FD’s scream, pulled on his tie frustratedly.

Seriously, those insane guys. 

It was universal knowledge that gates aren’t able to open in buildings with mana stones.
Therefore, even if it was for a simple construction, mana stones were an item that must be retained.

But, to think that there were still some humans that began construction without a mana stone because they thought that it’ll be fine.

“Those b*stards’ insensitivity to safety.”

They must have thought ‘Would a gate form so easily in the middle of Yeouido?’ As long as he can get out of here, he’ll find out who’s in charge of the construction and just…


He sighed.
Can he even get out?

There weren’t any signs of movement around.
He thought of the civil servant that grabbed him by the collar again.

“If only there was a Hunter.”

Rather than the ordinary person, Seheon, someone that has received education about dungeons frequently would be much more familiar with it, right? 

Much more familiar… 


‘How would she be familiar with it?’

Thanks to his coverage on dungeons, he was also well-informed about Hunters. 

He was well aware of how vulnerable E-class civil servants hunters were in dungeon matters.
Additionally, if she’s an E-class, she was just a little bit different from him, from an ordinary person. 

‘It’s better that I’m alone.’

Seheon pondered over it for a while, but the conclusion that he reached was the same.
Anyways, it was a million times better for him to fall in by himself.
Wouldn’t it be better to have one death less in a dungeon at least?

He took off his suit jacket and stuffed it under a rock.
If this was a forest type, there would be numerous animal-type monsters, and they might discover his traces through scent.
He took off his tie and rolled up his sleeves.

“Let’s go.”

He spoke resolutely.
He was also human, so he couldn’t help but feel fear.
However, it’s not like he could remain in the middle of the forest foolishly like this.

At that moment.

Rustle, rustle—

Seheon flinched.
That sound came all too clearly from the dark forest, where not a single sound of leaves rustling could be heard.

Was it a monster? Did it come over because it heard what he had just said?

In the meantime, he kept hearing something moving towards him.
Seheon slowly backed away.
It’s because he thought that he should hide inside the crevice he’d discovered earlier.

Just as he was trying his best to reduce the sound of his footsteps, so as not to provoke an unknown opponent.


Seheon’s eyes widened.
It’s because a person appeared through the trees.
It was the civil servant that he had been looking for a moment ago.
Although it was his first time meeting her, he’d even felt glad to see her reflexively.

“Oh my, you’ve woken up?”

And it seemed like the other party was also as glad as he was.
The next moment, Seheon lapsed back into thoughts like he was trash-like again.
He had thought that it would be much better that one more person will live. 

“D*mn it, you stupid a**hole.
You embroiled another person’s life again.”

Seheon couldn’t help but murmur as he rubbed his face roughly.
It was spoken in a voice soft enough that the woman couldn’t hear.

The glasses-wearing woman raised an eyebrow and approached him, asking, “Are you alright?”

Seheon’s expression changed immediately. 

“I’m fine.
How about you?”

“Oh, I’m fine, too.
You aren’t injured anywhere, are you?”


The woman explained that she woke up much earlier than him and surveyed their surroundings.
Her strangely restless attitude was probably due to fear.
Seheon felt awkward.

“I was lucky, so I didn’t break anything or get any injuries.
You are…”

“Me too.”

Her condition was similar to his.
Other than the slight tear in the knees of her black slacks. 

Seheon hurried on.

“Did you get drawn in here because of me?”

“Uh, uh…”

The woman averted her eyes.
She seemed to be choosing her words.
He thought that she would grab him by the collar, saying, “I fell in here because of you!” Seheon quickly bowed his head.

“Thank you.”

“Oh, yes…… it isn’t something that’s worth being thankful for……”

The civil servant rambled on.

“You should leave this place if you want to be thankful, but we haven’t left here yet…”

That was true.
Seheon opened and closed his mouth.

“I don’t necessarily have to thank you only after saving my life.”


He wanted to ask whether she was drawn in while trying to save him, but shook his head instead.
Rather than exchanging such words of gratitude, right now it was more important to survive together.

“Is there anywhere to hide around?”

“Uh, no.”

She seemed to have surveyed the surroundings in order to locate a hiding place. 

“I couldn’t travel too far away.”

Perhaps it’s because of him.

“I also looked around briefly, and at least we can hide in there if all else fails.” 

Seheon pointed towards the crevice between the rocks.
It seemed difficult to accommodate two people, but he thought that he just had to make himself as small as possible somehow.

The woman hesitated before opening her mouth.

“By the way…”

“Please go ahead.”

She seemed to be a little awkward.

‘Perhaps she doesn’t want to go in there?’

It was understandable.
It’s because today was their first time meeting.
It might be uncomfortable to be in close quarters with a man she’s never met before and enter the crevice. 

But right now, their lives were at stake.
Just as he was about to persuade her with that.

“I’m sorry, but your name is…” 

In the middle of a dungeon? All of a sudden?

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