ur brothers on their feet.
For a

whopping 3 years!

Vikir raised his head.

What is the “task” they are talking about?

The question was soon resolved.

It was because I could see the writings engraved on the stone wall in the direction where the skeleton’s skull was facing.

[ One comes in, two come in, and one goes out.

It was a strange riddle.

Vikir looked at the notes again.

[ My brother and I pondered over this gloomy phrase for a long time.

However, considering that this dungeon has been passed down as a legend in the Baskeville

family, the meaning is clear.

We don’t know what it means only one of us can achieve what he wants from this dungeon?

We brothers who entered the dungeon.

They were originally one when they were conceived in their mother’s womb, but split into two

when they came out into the world.

And to get what they want out of this dungeon, they must become one again.

Realistically, the bodies of the twins could not be joined as one, so they had to kill each other to

remain as one.

It is the custom of the Baskeville family to instigate rivalry between siblings.

The two brothers started fighting each other for a long time, and the match ended with the death

of the younger brother.

“Then, does the younger brother here become ‘Abel’?”

Cain and Abel.

The older brother who had to kill his younger brother in order to be ‘chosen’.

Vikir thought as he looked at the skeletons scattered on the floor.

A skeleton that was almost weathered even in a windless stone chamber, no matter how long it had been dead.

However, the content of the manuscript was quite unexpected.

[ I killed my brother after a fierce battle.
Now, I am the only one left in this stone chamber.

However, despite this, there was no change in the stone chamber.

A handwriting that gradually becomes colored with madness.

The handwriting also became more and more crooked, and in the end, Vikir had to understand the meaning of the letters at an almost decipherable level.

[ Even though it was obviously two to one, I didn’t get anything!

You can’t get out without getting anything!

nothing! nothing!

However, as for the last handwriting, it was returned in a neat handwriting, probably written after

a long time had passed.

I’ll stop wasting time.

If there are brave descendants who will visit this place in the distant future, I would like to

you to give up.

get out of here right now

It is said that nothing can be obtained in this devil’s den, which only deceives and mocks people.

In the end, what he wanted to say was clear.

He passed through all the barriers and came here, but it was dog hair.

And latecomers are also encouraged to go back the way they came from without losing their strength.

… But Vikir thought differently.

“I’m not a twin.”

Despite the fact that Vikir is not a twin, the content of the assignment is still valid.

That means that Cain and Abel, who were here, misinterpreted the contents of the text.

“When I came in, I was one, but when you came in, there were two, so when you go out, you have to become one again?”

Baskeville looked at the cave behind him.

It was a jet black without a single strand of light.

And in front of it was a stone chamber where there was light.

Before long, Vikir turned his head to look at the skull.

What hangs over the end of the skull is its own shadow.

“… … Right.”

Vikir raised his fist.

Then he smashed the large ruby ore that lit up the stone chamber red with his fist and shattered it.


When the ruby shatters, the faint magic within it also disappears.

The inside of the stone chamber was plunged into darkness for an instant.



A strange thing happened.

The stone wall on one side of the stone chamber had collapsed.

The wall was so thick that the thickness alone could reach tens of meters.

It is so large that you would never think of it as a door.

Vikir nodded.

The answer to the riddle was simple ‘shadow’.

When you enter, you are completely alone in the passage of darkness, but the moment you enter the stone chamber illuminated by ruby light, the shadows separate.

And when the ruby is removed and complete darkness comes, the shadow returns to the body.

When they become one, the final stage of the stone chamber will be opened.

Vikir cautiously reached out in front of him.

Fortunately, the space beyond the stone wall was a flat, single road, and there were no traps.

Cain and Abel would have sorted out the swarming monsters long ago, so all that remains is to check the dungeon’s rewards.

Before long, something cold touched Vikir’s fingertips.

It’s the handle of a sword.

The sword was firmly stuck vertically into the rock, and an inscription was inscribed in front of it.

Vikir fumbled with his fingertips and read the words.

‘Only the blood of the Baskevilles is this ‘…’’Will I be able to pull out.’

The text mentions the last name Baskeville and Carl’s first name.

And the moment he learned the name of the knife, a shock like a thunderbolt hit Vikir.

“… …Was this an artifact that found here?”

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