‘Only the lineage of the Baskevilles will be able to select this ‘Baalzebub’.’

The text mentions the last name of Baskeville and Devil’s first name.

“… … Was this an artifact found here?”

Vikir traced the shape of the sword with extremely fine beams of light from broken ruby shards.

A black awl with an elongated snout protruding from a three-bead-shaped knife stand, round and reddish like a ruby.

The rugged handle area is glistening green and looks like a large fly.

Vikir knew the identity of this artifact.

As a child in his previous life, he clearly remembers seeing it in an illustration on a page in a myth book.

‘Baalzebub, the gluttonous fly’

It is long to explain the origin of this sword.

To summarize briefly.

In the mythology of the distant past, there were demonic constellations called the ‘Seven Disasters’, unprecedented demonic beasts that invaded this continent, and all humans on the entire continent joined forces to defeat these demonic constellations.

And the remains of these seven demonic constellations were left in this world in any form, whether material or notional, and despite being in a position where they could no longer interfere with the law of cause and effect, they retained some of the power they had in life.

One of them was this sword, Baalzebub.

The heads of seven families, including the first head of the Baskeville family, each defeated one demon constellation.

For this reason, the remains of Baalzebub were kept in the Baskeville family’s estate, and the strong demonic energy emitted by this artifact drew powerful monsters nearby.
It is an old legend that few people believe in now.

‘But the legend was true, and later this sword would fall into the hands of the demons.’

This forgotten artifact suddenly appeared on the battlefield one day and drove countless humans to their deaths.

Even among the demons, the owner of this sword continued to change, and perhaps the number of demons far exceeded the number of people killed by this sword.

… But now the situation is a little different.

Baalzebub’s artifact came into Vikir’s hands.

In my previous life, I was robbed by demons and didn’t even know it was stolen, but that won’t be the case now.

buzz buzz buzz-

The sword began to resonate with the mana emitted by Vikir.
The sound of the wings of a fly is loud in my ears.

Vikir stretched out his hand and caressed it, and the sword, Beazelbub, began to be absorbed into the palm of his hand as if it were part of Vikir’s body.

… Pod!

As Vikir stretches out his hand for strength, black cracks from the artery side of his wrist.

Beazelbub would thus hide quietly inside Vikir’s body, and when he wanted, it would spring out and serve as a spare sword.


Beazelbub is a strange sword made from the corpse of a demon constellation.

This is not the end of this supernatural ability.

… growl!

As soon as Baalzebub settled inside Vikir’s suddenly felt very weak.

“… … what is this.”

Vikir was a little taken aback.

In my previous life, he was used to starving for a week and eating everything in one meal.

When he went out into the field, he often stayed in hiding drinking only water for a month.

A warrior that has been trained so harshly can endure things like this easily.

Even in a body of a child there was no way he would be this weak.

… growl!

Once more, his stomach twists as if in a fit of rage.

Vikir realized that this extreme hunger was not normal.

“Are you asking for something?”

That’s right.

Beelzebub agitated Vikir with the buzz of wings.


Perhaps his sense of smell has also become sensitive, and he smells delicious somewhere.

It’s the smell of demons.
An appetizing smell wafted from outside the dungeon.

Vikir crawled out of the dungeon and walked into the forest.

As he approached the border area and returns to where he came from, his smell grew stronger.

The first thing he encountered was the corpse of a hellhound.

Baalzebub didn’t even call, but he stuck out first.

As it should be, a hound that exposes its teeth without being ordered by its owner must be punished.

But Vikir made an exception this time.

Because the hunger he shared with it was so intense.

‘Looks like he’s starved for a long time.’

The corpse on which Baalzebub was embedded and the soil around it were very dry and twisted.

No, perhaps it is because of Baalzebub’s mad hunger that the entire Le Rogue Mountains are made up of dead trees and parched soil?

Then, how much food did he need to supply to appease this in the future?

“… … .”

Vikir shook his head and brushed away his thoughts.

Baalzebub’s power was enough to bear the price.


The Baalzebub that Vikir knew began to reveal its power.

gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp- gulp-

The Hellhound’s corpse, Baalzebub stuck in the neck, began to suck blood at an astounding rate.

Blood and gut juices enter Vikir through Baalzebub’s awl pipe.

The hungry was filled.

… sparkle!

Vikir noticed that one of Baalzebub’s three eyeballs glowed exceptionally red.

‘I got the skill.’

Vikir’s intuition is correct.

Baalzebub, a gluttonous fly, had the power to steal the other person’s unique characteristics or specialties while alive.

The width of absorption was close to infinity, and countless people were deprived of all the achievements they had made throughout their lives to Baalzebub and turned into incompetent people.

Unfortunately, this is harmful , so there is no such ripple effect.

Only 3 skills can be stolen from the opponent.

Vikir’s Baalzebub gained a skill by sucking the blood of a hellhound.

-1 slot: Bleeding – Hellhound (B+)

-2 slot: none

-3 slot: none

An ability that is only manifested by Vikir’s will.

Whoever is stung by this awl will feel the full mortal power of the hounds of hell.

In general, even shallow and minor wounds that do not bleed will always draw blood over time, and bleeding lasts much longer than normal wounds.


Jagged jagged-

Baalzebub sucked the hellhound’s corpse until it was almost mummified before it fell.

The skill was taken away right away, but it seemed that he was simply hungry.

Vikir also felt his hunger subside somewhat.

… growl!

But even so, he was still hungry.

The delicious smell that passed my nose was still wafting from far away.

Vikir hurriedly got out of the forest.

Eventually, a familiar boundary line appears.


You can see the space where the children of the Baskevilles take their exams.

When he crossed the border, he saw a hole he had dug under a rock in the distance.

Fortunately, it seems that the supervision of the guide dogs has not come yet.

Well, no matter how ‘cradle’ it is, the area is quite large.
The supervision of the guide dogs would not have reached all parts of the test site.

Furthermore, since he was just sitting in the pit for a long time, it is clear that Vikir was already classified as a safe surveillance target and his surveillance was neglected.

Vikir crossed the boundary and went down to the hideout and removed all the soil and fallen leaves that had been lightly covered.

Before long, an appetizing piece of meat appears.

It was spread out as it was when it died.

buzz buzz buzz-

Baalzebub, who smells the fat meat, is very fond of it and dies.

The sound of the wings of a fly grew louder.

Soon after, Baalzebub set his fangs into Cerberus’ corpse and began to gorge himself on meat and organs.

But Vikir stopped Baalzebub.

“Wah- Whoa- This is proof of practical evaluation.
If you damage it too much, it will be difficult to explain when you do an autopsy later.”

Still, Baalzebub doesn’t care and pushes in from the snout.

Vikir’s expression turned grim.



Vikir hit the back of his hand violently.

He hit the back of his own hand.

Keeing… …

Baalzebub finally noticed and removed the fangs from Cerberus’ corpse.

Vikir saw new blood and abilities running through the arteries on the back of his hand.

/ Awl

-1 slot: Burn (Fire) -Cerberus (A+)

-2 slot: Bleeding – Hellhound (B+)

-Slot 3: High-speed regeneration -Norbegicus the Rat (F)

Is it because Cerberus is a more powerful monster?

1 slot was occupied by the blood of Cerberus.

Hellhound pushed to 2 slots.

And absurdly, the 3rd slot had the blood of a rat.

Perhaps under Cerberus’ corpse, the bones and hides of a rat that had been eaten were strewn about.

‘Looks like I can delete the previous skill if I catch a stronger monster.’

Vikir laughed as he saw that among the three arteries that pulsated on his wrist, the artery where the rat’s blood flowed had shrunk in particular.

For now, Vikir decided to leave it alone, as it would be better to have something rather than leave it empty.

Above all, it was a great harvest to obtain the ‘Burn’ skill of Cerberus, the guardian of hell.

Now, the person stabbed by this will be burned that never heals naturally by the flames of the oil world possessed by the hell watcher Cerberus.

Once you get stabbed, you have to live with the burning pain until you die.

Considering that one of the worst pains that humans can feel is burning pain, it must have been much worse than the bleeding skill that a hellhound possessed.

“Now I have everything I can get on this mountain.”

There’s not much to do now.

Just relax like this until the end of the practical evaluation, submit the body of Cerberus to the guide dogs and receive first place evaluation, and that’s it.

And perhaps Vikir will be rewarded for this.

“… … .”

Vikir closed his eyes and checked his body.

As a wizard, he had already accumulated 4 mana circles.

The number of Baskeville teeth that can be drawn with his sword is three.
No, maybe four now.

This is the stage of looking at the beginning of a graduate from the highest level of sword expert.

‘If it is evaluated lightly, it is the highest level of expert, and if it is evaluated generously, it is a beginner level graduate.’

In practice, it is right to see it as an expert because it is half lower than my ability.

In his last life, no matter how much mana he accumulated and how skilled he was in combat, he couldn’t draw more than 4 teeth because of the limitations of the swordsmanship he had learned.

For reference, the current Hugo has 7 teeth, and the Hugo before returning knew a swordsmanship that could draw 9 teeth.

Baskeville Type 9.

This is a swordsmanship that only extends to the family head and his direct descendant, the eldest son who will succeed the family, and the bastard son who will assist him.

It was a noble and sophisticated swordsmanship that was on a different level from the 4th formula that Vikir had learned.

But now it’s different.

“… … 10 meals.”

Baskeville Type 10.
ten teeth.

The ultimate state that no Baskeville in this world could reach.

A legendary swordsmanship textbook that contained the teachings of the first head of the family who were said to have subdued the demonic constellation belonging to the Seven Disasters in the distant past.

Vikir knew where the treasure was.

‘I don’t have to go far.’

Unexpectedly, it is rotting in a very close place, among miscellaneous books that are so common and close that anyone can easily read them.

who will give it to you?

Hugo Le Baskevilles, the head of the Baskeville family.

He will hand it over to Vikir himself.

He couldn’t even imagine how much the value of the job book he handed over was.

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